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Player: LeviticusCromwell
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Tank
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Mysticism (Enchanted Gear)
Personal Data
Real Name: Confidential
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Brazilian
Age: 21
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: Brazil
Occupation: Adventurer
Place of Birth: Brazil
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: In A Relationship
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Telekinesis, Acute Telepathic healing (self regeneration)
Known Abilities
Spokesperson for Bubblechew chewing gum


"Bubbleyum" is but a young tribal girl born and raised in Brazil. She discovered her telekinesis and acute telepathic healing during a raid on her village and after nearly being killed by a very powerful villain. Her villagers revere her as a goddess and being "the big fish in the little pond" turned her into the flashy, cocky, overzealous adventurer that she is today. She struck a deal with Bubblechew, a major chewing gum brand, to be its pretty face shortly after making an appearance in Millennium City. Though independent and insubordinate, Bubbleyum is actually a very powerful ally, able to hold her own which invariably helps out other Super Heroes when a powerful adversary presents itself.

Discovery of Powers

When Bubbleyum was just reaching her teenage years, her village was assaulted by a band of vigilantes. She cowered as her people were rounded up and the vigilantes began making their demands, but began to noticeably tremble uncontrollably. Through the feelings of anxiety, desperation, and helplessness, she inadvertently flung chunks of earth through latent telekinetic powers in a violent tempest at friend and foe alike. No one was injured, but it was enough to send the vigilantes fleeing back into the forests. The entire village stood in shock and could not begin to comprehend what they just witnessed. The sudden, massive expenditure of mental energy left Bubbleyum unconscious for a few days. Her parents kept her sheltered for months so that she could recover and attempt to rehearse her telekinesis in peace and quiet. She knew what she had done, just not exactly how. Her parents started her off by placing small, lightweight objects in front of her so she could try and move them with her mind. From simply sliding objects across a table to lifting them up, then tossing them, she steadily developed her telekinetic powers without having a backlash. It eventually came time for her to step outside into the village and show her people her powers.

Good Girl Gone Bad

Bubbleyum set foot outside to a very quiet, curious crowd. She started off lifting and tossing around rocks and tree branches. The people began to rally her on, and as the cheers and amazement grew louder and louder, she got more daring. She was soon lifting up just about anything without a solid foundation that wasn’t extremely heavy. The attention and praise was unlike anything she ever experienced or could have dreamed. The other children were constantly swarming her to play games. Pottery and statuettes were being crafted in her image by the village’s artisan potters. The stream of gifts and praise were endless. She felt like a queen and was soon adorned to look like royalty by skilled tailors. This was the icing on the cake for Bubbleyum. With her new found extreme confidence in herself came a really huge ego and a very strong self-centered attitude. The jealousy exhibited by the other village girls only fueled her fire. She would often purposely upset them by ogling the better looking teenage boys in the village. They were so enamored with Bubbleyum that it was as if the other girls didn't exist.

Just a Girl Having Fun

Bored with charming such easy bait and swimming in the tears of the village girls, Bubbleyum ventured out to put her telekinesis to use. She would visit areas in towns and places that no young, attractive, teenage girl had any business being in just to taunt the older and more dangerous testosterone into attacking her. Vandals; cutthroats; thugs; drug dealers;-she knew no fear. She would telekinetically rip the weapons from her assailants' hands and point them back in their faces. She tossed large, solid objects at them. She would chase them around in circles with large sticks and beat them about the head as they freaked out and fled. With each crook sent packing, Bubbleyum began to get more and more reckless. If a stunt would make innocent bystanders scream in amazement, she did it. She did, however, almost lose her life during one confrontation.


Bubbleyum earned her first defeat which almost ended in her death against a villain much more powerful than she was. She oversaw the evil-doer in the middle of a busy street tossing around police cars and pinning down law enforcement. Upon confronting him, she was confused as to what to do. He had no tangible weapons. He was at least 4 times her size, so mere sticks and stones wouldn't even phase him. He was also about ready to pounce on her and tear her apart. She focused all of the will she had and did her signature "Telekinetic Maelstrom". The villain merely deflected the rubble and blasted her with an energy bolt that slammed her into a building and left her unconscious. This diversion was long enough for specialized law enforcement units to move into position and subdue the villain before he could finish her off. At first, it all looked hopeless. Paramedics pulled her from the rubble and could barely get any vital signs. All attempts at resuscitation were failing as she slipped closer and closer to death. In what would appear to be her final moments, Bubbleyum’s life flashed before her eyes as she thought of her people and parents. A small spark of hope and confidence ignited within her which sprung her back to full consciousness. This large, sudden use of mental power left her feeling woozy. Her minor cuts and bruises were healing right before the eyes of the public and the paramedics. The cheers of people once again sent a surge of confidence through her and as she thought about her larger wounds they clotted and began to heal up.

Telekinesis As a Ranged Weapon

After discovering that she could dust herself off after a scuffle, Bubbleyum was even more determined to become flashier; more offensive. With no training in martial arts of any sort, she needed a way to make her very mind into a weapon, rather than relying on whatever inanimate objects are within her telekinetic reach. Thinking about the massive burst of energy she took that sent her sailing through the air, she wished to do the same to her opponents. Not only is it debilitating; it is also surprising. It isn’t often an organism gets tossed like a lightweight object through the air in front of hundreds of onlookers. Bubbleyum returned home to a very concerned community and very worried parents. She promised to never suddenly disappear again. She spoke of her many encounters and fights on her mischievous adventure, even admitting to her defeat. She then wished for the assistance of her entire village to help her turn her telekinesis into offensive power; into projections of energy. The whole process took several years and tons of support from her people. She started off merely pushing over small pots and urns from medium to long range. She would then blast them into tiny bits and pieces with telekinetic energy. The magnitude of her power came about accidentally one day during a practice session and demonstration. She got extremely riled up and projected a telekinetic cascade that not only obliterated some solid stone statuettes she was using as target practice, but leveled several huts in a line with one another some hundred feet from where she was standing. Collateral damage aside, everyone was in an uproar of amazement.

The Adventurer

Bubbleyum started to feel that her potential was going to waste putting on shows for her village. She felt that somewhere out there in the world, bigger and more pressing matters lied ahead to further test herself and build an even bigger fan base. She loved people; not necessarily interacting with them, but getting their attention. When all eyes were on Bubbleyum, she felt really good about herself. She informed her people that she was venturing out to see the world. She promised to return home “when her work was done.” She spent several years roaming around South and Central America, stopping crime in its tracks wherever she could. The publicity was amazing and she was not shy to be on camera or take pictures with the locals. Bubbleyum was finally earning a real name for herself.

“Brazil Doesn’t Even Have Bugs THIS Big!”

Flipping through international newspapers and TV channels, Bubbleyum learned of Millennium City and its history. Fascinated, she immediately booked a flight to the wondrous city. She was always eager to travel internationally, and a city as famed as Millennium City would be the perfect place to go. With tons of people and tons of crime, it was a chance to become internationally famous. Bubbleyum arrived shortly before the Quilarr Invasion. When it finally commenced, she was simply mind blown-villains as big as and bigger than the one that almost put her in a body bag. At first she stood by in shock and awe; she couldn’t believe the amount of people, Super Heroes, Quilarr, and explosions. She finally came to, thinking that “this was her chance.” She rushed headlong into the fray, causing a scene that could only be described as “The Grand Finale on Independence Day”. Her Telekinesis and Telepathy flowed naturally as she sent Quilarr soaring through the air like circus acrobats into buildings, cars, the occasional unfortunate innocent bystander, and street lamps. Pumped up on adrenaline and her own ego, Bubbleyum fought continuously for hours until the invasion was ended with the Ironclad Defense System. A Super Hero had to tap her on the shoulder to snap her out of her trance as she was giggling and plinking a defeated Quilarr upside the head with telekinetic “pokes”.

Super…Bubble Gum?

Bubbleyum was completely awe-struck by the experience. Never in her life, even when she discovered her super powers, did she think she would be a part of something this big. She instantly fell in love with Millennium City and its many opportunities. After the invasion, she traveled the streets, particularly in West Side, looking to knock around some misguided individuals where she could. At first what seemed like just another scuffle with some thugs turned into an opportunity that she never imagined. A small band of Foxbat Fanboys were holding up a Bubblechew truck and a salesman whom was scheduled to promote the product inside of a local grocery store. Bubbleyum was the first on the scene to discombobulate Foxbat’s goons. The salesman took note of the pinkish hue Bubbleyum’s powers gave off and the bubble-like explosions that happened upon impact of her projectiles. He also found it humorous how she would contain a villain inside of a “bubble” and either finish him off later, or fire upon the telekinetic field it was trapped in, causing concussive blasts that debilitated any goons around it. With his life owed to Bubbleyum, he pulled some strings with a phone call and made an off the wall offer to her: To meet with the company’s President and become the “pretty face” for Bubblechew bubble gum. Famous for its everlasting flavor and elasticity, Bubbleyum was sure to get the exposure that she always wanted. Bubbleyum gave an ear to ear grin and jumped at the offer. After several weeks, the deal was settled. Bubblechew had a brand new spokesperson; a young, attractive, energetic personality to simply smile, blow a bubble, and push its product’s sales way above its competitors. After a few studio shoots and advertisements, Bubbleyum had cash in her pocket that she had no idea what to do with. She had several outfits tailored with only the finest grades of leather and wool to match the varying flavors of Bubblechew. Every outfit is brightly and vividly colored; she can be seen from a mile away. Even her shoes match her outfits. She accessorizes herself in fine jewelry and other expensive trinkets. Now 21 years of age, Bubbleyum hangs out at the famous Club Caprice to relax, unwind, blow wads of cash on the most expensive drinks, and get hammered.

Dealing with Bubbleyum

She came up with her name after landing her deal with Bubblechew and reminiscing about all of the teenage boys that would give their all just to kiss her hand. She is fresh and delicious, with explosive personality and explosive powers. She will not tell her real name because she feels it’s ordinary and uninteresting. Other heroes in her age group or who simply have no tolerance for her personality type cannot stand her, and rightfully so. She is very outspoken, cocky, and self-centered. She’s very spontaneous and often reacts rather than thinking accordingly in a social atmosphere. In lieu with the fact that she’s often intoxicated when not fighting crime, from the outside looking in, it is very hard to see Bubbleyum as anything but the impression that she gives off. Anyone willing to listen to her earful when she’s intoxicated learns of her background and understands why she acts the way she does. She is the only one within her tribe to have super powers. She spent all of her time honing her powers and chasing crime, so she grew up without the experiences that every day teenagers deal with. Bubbleyum is, in the purest of sense, just a girl having fun. In combat she often tunnel visions on what she wants to do. While the other heroes are trying to dismantle a deadly bomb or trying to subdue the Mega-Destroid, Bubbleyum can be found playing games with the lesser henchmen and giggling at her own antics. On the other hand, when it is swarm of henchmen that need to be dealt with, she focuses on unleashing the most devastating of her powers on the really big guy as she works herself up into frenzy. The longer she’s left to get wrapped up in her own antics, the more devastating the powers she unleashes. All it really takes is a yell for assistance or a firm command to snap her out of it and divert her attention to more pressing matters, though the latter is most likely to be met with mockery and insubordination at first. Otherwise, she is loose cannon. She herself is reluctant to yell out for help but if her hide is saved, she will return the favor. She also carries a steady supply of Bubblechew to curb that dry mouth feeling during those longer battles. Just ask her for a piece; she’ll be more than happy to hand one out for the sake of promoting her product!