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Pseudo-Canon Content

This content is player-created, but should be considered canonical for Roleplaying purposes. This content should not conflict with existing canon.


Contract Agency of Paranormal Security

Caps is essentially a group of old cops, ex-military, magic-users, and some gifted with 'super powers'. They operate differently from most (super)-groups, applying investigative skills and working within the law. The group is recognized as a division of the MCPD, allowing them to make arrests, and act as officers of the law.

The group was started by ex-detective Barbara Day. She wished to use her skills and abilities to investigate crimes committed through paranormal causes, or are somehow unexplained.

Base of Operations

Westside, MC


Barbara Day


June 25, 2014


• David Becker

• Marionette

• Doctor Blot

• Hoot Calhoun

• Wave Dancer