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The Friendly Frenchie
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"L'Amérique est ... assez étrange."
The Behemoth
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Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Antoinette "Annie" Le Gall
July 22nd
Nice, France
1870 Le Dallon, Nice, France
Music History Professor, Fomer Olympic Athlete
Legal Status
A single count of Shoplifting
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Dominic Le Gall (Father), Maurelle Le Gall (Mother), Joanna Le Gall (Sister, Deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Possesses rare superpower classified as 'Caching'.
· Equipment ·
Hero Uniform - Perscription Racing Goggles
· Other Abilities ·
CPR and First Aid Certified - Previous Olympic Sprinter


It was a rainy night that the accident occurred. The Le Galls were on their way back from a dance recital, where Joanna Le Gall had preformed with her ballet class to the entertainment of the students parents and teachers. Everyone was in high spirits, but it wasn't to last. A drunk driver crossed the median and Dominic, the father, had no time to swerve. The collision caused Maurelle Le Gall's water to break and she began to go into labor. Joanna was killed instantly. Later that night, Antoinette Carolyn Le Gall was born to the equal parts grieving and happy Dominic and Maurelle Le Gall on July 22nd, 1960 - three weeks premature. She weighed one pound, five ounces.

Doctors were unsure if the infant would survive the trauma of her sudden and rushed birth; and the child indeed stopped breathing twice during those first 24 hours. But little Antoinette lived through that fateful night. And the next. And the next. Soon, she was able to go home and begin her new life with her mother and her father. A week later she attended her sister's funeral.

Her life moved rapidly on from there. Antoinette, or 'Annie' as her parents took to calling her, was a happy child and she did well in school; making lots of friends and keeping on top of her studies. She seemed to have a knack for athletics and excelled when she became part of the track and field team. She ended up getting a full-ride scholarship to be apart of a university team. A few years later, she was invited to be part of Team France in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She ended up placing sixth in the Woman's 100 Meter Sprint.

Sometime after the Olympics she discovered and/or manifested her powers, but has been hesitant to share exactly how this discovery took place -either outright ignoring the question or changing the subject.

Around the age of twenty five, the French Government (who had a record of Annie's meta-human abilities) approached her with a proposition to become a Government Sponsored Hero. They would provide a costume and adequate pay and in turn Annie would make public appearances and do the odd job for the French Government. Having always dreamed of being a hero, Annie accepted and was dubbed Cachette. A year later, Cachette was changed to Cache in order to better roll off the tongue.


If asked, Antoinette Le Gall would most likely describe herself as spectacularly average thirty-six year old. Her build is fairly well-built, but not so much as to imply bulkiness. She stands at a height of around 5'7", weighing in at around 135 pounds (Though she'll certainly tell you a lesser amount if you ask her outright). She has a friendly way about her, with a face that looks like it was built to smile. She has medium length dirty blonde hair which is worn in a bun when not in costume. Her eyes are a mint green, which compliments her soft features rather nicely, even when hidden behind the circular spectacles that she sometimes wears when not in costume. Annie speaks with a somewhat light hearted voice, lined thickly with a traditional French Accent when she speaks English. Her everyday outfits usually consist of plain and simple clothing, as she doesn't much care for staying on top of what is considered fashionable.

Antoinette's Cache Costume is a best described as Government Issued... because it was. Cache is sponsored by the French Government, a sort of part-time paid public figure. Her suit is a primarily a duo tone of grey and white, with red and blue accents. Strapped to her costume are various pieces of armoring, which match in coloring to her base costume and offer her additional protection. Cache also wears two white bracers made of some-sort of highly durable lightweight metal -The French Government refuse to release what the material may be and Cache herself is clueless to its origin. Covering most of her head is a grey covering with blue accents. Usually fixed above or on her eyes are a pair of racing goggles tinted red. These have subscription lenses and allow Cache -who is nearsighted- to see things better at distance.


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  • Cache: As her name implies, She able to use the rarely seen superpower of Cache. Individuals who possess this ability are able to cache/store anything that has an affect on their being. This includes but is not limited to energy, sleep, pain, oxygen, emotions or even vision. The user is able to create an excess amount of an effect that they do not experience until they decide to restore it. This allows the user to perform feats otherwise unobtainable due to lack or overburden of an effect.

This means that she... able to stay awake for long periods of time. able to exert herself at desired intensity for long periods of time. able to nullify negative emotional or physical feelings by storing it in order to perform better. able to gain strength by recovering stored strength. Might be mistaken for 'Super Strength'. able to resist poison (if she has knowledge of having ingested it) or electric shocks by storing it. able to stay underwater for long periods of time. able to manipulate her body heat by regulating her stored temperatures.
...may avoid death by storing an injury and then heal it as it is restored progressively.
...can restore herself to full strength whenever she is low on energy or are in any state of fatigue she may be in.
...can accumulate speed and motion from any/all types of activity and unleash it all at once, granting her the ability to move at virtually any speed depending on how long she accumulates it.
She has a time interval for which the stored effect has to be restored. After 18 hours, the stored effect is lost, or re-applied.
She has a limitation for how much of something they can store. IE: Strength, Breath, Injuries...
Because powers are fickle things, she may accidentally mix stored effects to later restore an unwanted mixed effect.


  • Reinforced Jumpsuit: The name says it all, really. A standard Jumpsuit that has Kevlar fibers woven into it. Helps to stop bullets and blunt objects. It seems to be able to withstand slashing attacks from knives, but not stabbing ones. The suit doesn't make her indestructible by any means, but it does provide a good amount of protection.
  • Ballistic Standard Body Armor: Standard Body Armor for protecting her more fleshy bits.
  • Prescription Racing Goggles: Cache is nearsighted and requires the use of glasses to see things in the distance. Her goggles are a more durable version of her regular glasses.


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  • The actual 6th Place in the 2000 Sydney Olympics was Sevatheda Fynes from The Bahamas.


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