Captain Justice

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Captain Justice
Player: @Latros01
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I am the reason that the days are brighter the next day.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Bella Wyoming Black
Known Aliases: Cap'n, Cap, CJ
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Millennium City/Detroit
Base of Operations: Penthouse, Cave Hideout
Relatives: Calvin Black

Mother -Dead-

Other relatives unknown
Age: 24
Height: 5 '8'
Weight: 245
Eyes: Lime Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Tan
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 3+
Citizenship: American/Millennium City
Occupation: Superhero/Detective
Education: K-12
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Grappling Hook

Hi-Tech Costumes


And so on...
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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How She Started

Captain Justice first started her career when a hostage situation took place in the bank she was in one day. She was making a withdraw and as soon as she turned around, a group of five thugs bust open the doors, guns blazing and one shouting that this was a hostage situation, and that everyone should hand over their money. One woman tried to fight back but she was shot on the spot five times with a machine gun, being an example to the others. Everyone else emptied their pockets and handed over the money, helpless to stop the criminals.

Bella wasn’t afraid, as she eyed the criminals who were too busy gathering money, she got out her phone and called her dad about the situation at the bank in a hushed voice. Calvin responded with urgency and started gathering officers at the bank as Bella sent over the coordinates. She saw a criminal approaching her, ready to collect the money and criminal demanded, “Give me your money.”

Bella smiled and replied: “What money?”

The criminal hit Bella in the right cheek with the butt of his machine gun, demanding again in a louder voice: “GIVE US THE MONEY! NOW!”

“And you think yelling is going to work?”

He knocked her on the ground, pinning her down with his foot on her chest and pointing the gun at her forehead: “One. Last. Time.”

Bella said: “I’ll give you the money.. If you’d have asked nicely, I’d have given it to you.”

She reached in her pocket and handed over the money as the police arrived. The criminals saw them through the glass doors and one of them shouted: “WHO THE HELL CALLED THE COPS?!”

The guy who had pinned down Bella took a long gaze at her, about to fire his gun when Calvin snuck up behind up him. He kicked the back of his left knee and hit a deltoid in his arm, kicking him to the ground. Bella leaped into the scene and bounced off a criminal with a drop kick to the chest, making a thud against the wall. Calvin and Bella worked together to dispose of the criminals, keeping an eye on the guns being fired. No causalities as of yet, except for that other woman. Thanks to Calvin having a reliable bullet proof vest, he was unharmed to the bullets. Eventually, the criminals were disposed of and arrested for an attempt at a hostage situation, and robbing a bank. The money was returned and the duo were congratulated. Bella told her dad about her desperate need for an upgrade. A Tech-Suit that’s bulletproof, gadgets, means of personal transportation, and so on, and how to make all this when the time is right. Calvin showed her the ropes and wished her luck in her adventure as a hero. They were in the cave one night and Calvin asked Bella: “So what are you going to call yourself?”

Bella thought for a moment and answered: “Captain Justice.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because crime needs to know who’s in charge.”


Grappling Hook - Used as a replacement for not having the ability to fly.

Heat Signature Homing System: When she is in air, she can leap towards the closest enemy near her by their heat signature.

InvisiSystem: Calibrating her suit, she can turn invisible to hide from her enemies to make for a survey of a base or slip behind enemy lines.

Star: Like a Batarang, but shaped like a Star. It can be programmed to either explode, set off an EMP wave, or shock. The Star has a built-in sensor that detects someone’s heat signature and DNA code so it’ll act a homing device for a short time.

Tech Lenses: Specially-designed contact lenses that can project a HUD and switch to a detective vision-esque vision called PatrioVision. These lenses are also water resistant, fire retardant, freeze resistant, shock absorbent, but are not EMP Proof, yet.

Force Field Generator: Her suit is not only resilient to a number of things, but it also has a force field generator. It’s part of her bracer, and it’s been a life saver when it mattered most. The force field can also project electrical shocks at certain points to keep enemies away.

Augmentation Tech Suit: Her suit can also augment her normal abilities and senses by a solid thirty percent.

CapBracer: A portable computer at her disposal. It has Wi-Fi Access, Bluetooth, can hack surveillance cameras for footage, send data back to her computer in the cave, and create a nano shield to protect her from the worst of attacks.


"Captain Justice is one of those classic heroes. Really, she is a real patriotic inspiration for me and countless others. She's always busy out in the field or on patrol, and I admire that." - Stitch