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Player: @SuperSmashTheDefender
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Live without regreting, thus if you think well, changing the past wouldn't give you the experience you have now.
Character Build
Class Focus: Dmg/Tank PvE
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Carlya
Known Aliases: Super Smash
Gender: Female
Species: Chocolate Elf
Ethnicity: None
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Tempus Abnormalis
Relatives: None
Age: 19
Height: 6'4" / 1,9m
Weight: 99.3Ibs / 45Kg
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Pink
Complexion: Chocolate-Like Skin, leaves a scent of chocolate
Physical Build: Normal
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Over 2 Years
Citizenship: American
Occupation: None
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Engaged
Known Powers and Abilities
Weak magics, ennhanced by demon now
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Enchanted Power Suit and Great Sword
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The Character V1.jpgThe Character

- Carlya was a human man, turned into a elven woman. She spent several years alone but all that time she never felt lonely, Or so she thought. Her main goal in life, is to have a great family, of which she will be proud and living to protect. After her incident at her timestream, she fears to leave the dimension of the living without completing this goal.
- She does not complain about her past and is very protective of what touches about it, as she ever lived without regreting.
- She is kind, friendly and very, very shy, though she doesn't have problems making friends. (Carlya: "Better having a few which are great, than alot that won't really care about you.")
- She is able to hide or supress emotions at will, making her a cold fighter in battle or a very kind person to the poors. This however, she doesn't always notice, and can cause wrong impressions to the people that do not know her enough.


- A human couple, in a little village far away from the common civilization in a diferent timestream, gave birth to a young boy under the constelation of The Warden, which his parents would call him Charls. Both his parents, and his few but great friends, slowly were teaching him to grow, being polite, help who would need most, and be always friendly. Charls never caused his parents problems, even the other way, he would help his parents to solve the little family problems.
- And so, years passed, and at Charls' 7th living year, a brother was born, born under the constelation of The Elephant. These two were growing, aswell as the rest of their little friends, until the big cities started to develop faster and better, the technology and the magics reached the little village, and aswell the village grown with.
- Once the adult's world would slowly open the sad truths to the young boy, he realized how bad and pitful it was, not wanting to grow with it anymore and so, at the age of 12, leaving the village to make his own life, startinghis little business as an artifact hunter. He would forge his armour, embue it with magical runes aswell keeping the best artifacts with him, finding a heavy blade that only one other could surpass it's power.
- Days would quickly pass into weeks, and weeks into months, and the boy would make his trip through his village once a year, every year past, every time it was changed. One day, an old lady request the now 18 years grown men, to make his new hunt for what he and his sword would fear more: The Master Great Sword. He would not be the only, competition was always on door, but always managing to be one foot ahead of them, and after months of searching, there it was, the sacret temple of the master weapon. Always careful, he was steping inside and... everything turned black faster than light, faster than the time itself. This empty void would have taken everything with it, the world, the light, the darkness, the time and space.. save the men's soul, Charls, and his fortunate weapon and armour.
- After he realising this, a shining Messiah apeared, not letting him have a breath to speak, and shouting everything he would need to survive on a diferent timeline, his name would be Carlya, a chocolate elf, sent to a diferent world. So was gave him a body and his armour, leaving his sword behind and sent to Millenium City, in the middle on an Destroid's attack. Bad it was, when he realized that the body wasn't quite what he was used to. He would now be she. She didn't had time to think but act, quickly learning in pressure of the battle, how to controll the new body and fight her way out through the Destroids. After a time alone, she decided to explore this new place, to manage a new life. And so she did.



- Carlya does not have an innate power or skill from her birth. However, now being an elf, she can control magic easier and more times, gained some "innate" powers, and born under The Warden constelation only gives her tactical advantage, making her a Defender.
- Although she does not know her gained "innates", she has several. Her resistance to fire is extreme, a protective blessing from the elven gods(immunity to body change, for example), has good sight in too bright and dark places, can hear things that most do not, she has a light scent of choccolate, magic energy flows through her body easly and she can absorb some of it.


- She studied basic magics while she were a artifact hunter, and therefore, she can mostly cast weak spells. However, she also learned how to do spells, and she have done two, unique spells, that are quite powerful.


- Her techo suit protects her being harm from most attacks, the kinetic barrier keeps the suit and her body unharmed at the cost of energy, and also granting her immunity to sound and eletrical based attacks. The enchantment increases several of her status, like her strength, to be able to carry the sword arround, and resistances to magical controls to her body and soul.


- Her sword is unique. This blade-cannon hextech metal alloy is ancient, straching back before the universe was created, made by an extint alien race, at her timestream. Besides being able to change this hextech great sword into a massive hand cannon, it has an unique enchantment: it picks 99% of eletric energy stored on it, and transforms into 100% of magical energy - and the other way out, picks 99% magical energy and transforms into 100% eletric energy. This makes the sword auto-sustainable, and it is the source of energy to the suit.

Weaknesses Carlya.jpgWeaknesses


- Carlya's body is quite the same as the most elves. Therefore, she has the same pros and counters as them.


- As she only has two very powerful magics, as a magician, she is not a big threat. She still though, knows many weaks spells, which she use to make the fight dance at her will, throwing, for example, a fire ball in the correct direction might prevent her opponent from take an tactical advantage. However, this is more bluff than anything else.


- Her suit, although having a kinetic barrier and some resistance to energy, once the energy on the suit is depleted, all systems go offline, and the suit will only protect against minor energetic attacks and will keep the immunity to sound and eletricity based attacks.


- Her weapon only has two weaknesses: Energy depleting and the Master Great Sword. Depleting her her hextech blade isn't quite the good strategy, since it is consntantly regaining it quickly, although, if one manages to deplete it somehow, only eletricity or a spell may charge the sword, but it will regain it's energy quickly even if starting with a little bit of energy.
- To destroy her sword, it would require the aquisition of the Master weapon. Her sword isn't, however, able to cut/destroy other's weapons without the proper strength.

Images Carlya.jpgImages

Charls / Carlya comparison.

Male Carlya.jpg Female Carlya.jpg