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Player: yinepuhotepgames
Combat Focus: Ranged DPS
Power Level:
Meta Focus: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Helen Papastefanos
Known Aliases: Champion of Grumbar for Earth
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Greek-American
Age: 21
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160# (Flesh) / 410# (Marble)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Detroit
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:
Known Meta Abilities
Known Skills and Training
Architectural Engineering, Tabletop RPGs, Comics and Manga, Fantasy and Science Fiction
Known Assets
Extensive collection of roleplay gaming books, comics, manga, books, video games, and movies

PRIMUS Heading.png

SUBJECT: Caryatid


Name: Helen Papastefanos
DOB: 23 February, 1993
Home: Millennium City
Profession: Student


Yet another person who acquired her powers due to acquisition of an object of power. This one came to us on the advice of several registered heroes who, according to her, helped her understand what the object is and why it chose to bond to her.

In her own words, she found the object in a jewelry case at the Grand River St. Vincent de Paul store (note: assign agents to investigate thrift stores in case others have similar objects), and wore it as part of a costume for a New Year's Eve (2014/2015) costume party. The object activated when she was attacked by muggers, transforming her into living marble, a condition which she remained in for two days before returning to her natural form.

Three registered heroes at Caprice (names withheld pending approval) assisted her in communicating with the object and learning its purpose in bonding to her. (Note: Our magic experts have confirmed the object is permanently bonded to her.)

The object's stated purpose is to make her this universe's Champion of Grumbar, a primordial being that is apparently the Elemental God of Earth in its home universe. As such, it transforms her into living marble whenever she is threatened or in combat, and is able to transform her upon request. She has also acquired the ability to manipulate all forms of Earth, and has demonstrated a basic level of combat skill.


Encourage her to find registered heroes who can mentor and train her, and assign her missions commensurate with her skill level. Since she has expressed a desire to use her abilities to help, we should not have any need to monitor her beyond the basic level we use with any powered individual.

Field Agent Reports



School: University of Detroit Mercy
Major: Architectural Engineering
GPA: 3.9
Projected Graduation Date: May, 2016
Notes: Advisor states she has already applied for entry to Civil/Environmental Engineering Master's program.
Advisor states Miss Papastefanos sees 3.9 average as a sign of personal failure, and it has negatively affected her extracurriculars (see below). The classes that reduced her GPA occurred during her freshman year, when she was witness for the prosecution in a criminal complaint against an individual who the advisor repeatedly assured me was not a student at UDM.
Extracurricular Activities: Member of Baker Street Bridge Crew, a registered student group that primarily engages in playing roleplay games and discussing anime, manga, comics, science fiction, and fantasy. The majority of the group's members are from the College of Engineering & Science.
Note: Miss Papastefanos has, to the best knowledge of her advisor, engaged in no other extracurricular activities during her time at UDM. She has not attended dances, sports events, or any other student activity other than those offered by the Baker Street Bridge Crew.



Father: Zorba Papastefanos
Mother: Alexandra Zabat
Brothers: Stavros, Petros, Evangelos, Theophylaktos
Notes: Family lives in Greek neighborhood in far west side. Neighborhood is very close-knit: while I was interviewing the family, six different neighbors stopped in to examine me.
Family home is very religiously-oriented. Religious art (icons, in their terminology) is the only variety of art I noticed in the house while I was interviewing the parents. There was no television or radio, no newspapers, no popular magazines or books, and I was informed with some obvious pride by both parents that the only reading material allowed in their home are those items approved by their church.
When I asked if they knew of PRIMUS, the subject's mother stated:
PRIMUS is just proof of how deeply Satan has infiltrated the government. Any good Christian knows that those hellspawn they protect are on this Earth only to mislead those whose faith is not strong enough, and guide them straight into Hell. I will tell you right now, Mister Government Man, the only reason I didn't kick you off my front step and lock the door behind you is because I know how you people work. I know how you twist the law to put good Christians into prison, even when they are the victims of criminal attacks, and I will not give you an excuse to work your wiles on my family. Now ask your questions and get out of my home!
I would have left right then if we didn't need a report on Miss Papastefanos' family background, but I'm firmly convinced that if she's as stable as you think she is, it's despite her family, not because of them.
Given the family's behavior when I interviewed them, I gave the church a look. The neighborhood is centered on the Saints Luke and Paul Orthodox Church. While the church was obviously open, with people from the neighborhood entering and leaving constantly, I was met at the door by one of the deacons, and informed I was not allowed to enter. When I asked why I was not allowed, I was informed that only the faithful may enter, and as a representative of PRIMUS, I was incapable of being one of the faithful. I'm not sure what goes on inside there, but based on what I saw and heard, I'd say the people at that church make the people in Springfield, who still support the Justifiers, look liberal by comparison.



Due to statements by Miss Papastefanos and her family, I investigated her previous legal involvement. The MCPD and DA's office were most helpful.
On October 15, 2011, a Thomas Stefano attempted to rape Miss Papastefanos in her dorm room. She defended herself, blinding him in one eye with a drafting pencil in the process, while other inhabitants of the dorm dragged him out of her room and held him until police and ambulance response arrived.
Mr. Stefano was successfully prosecuted, thanks to Miss Papastefanos' willingness to testify, and the testimony of several of the other inhabitants of her dorm. The assistant prosecutor who handled the case repeatedly praised both her and her dorm mates for their willingness to assist with the prosecution, and stated that more of his case load could be successfully cleared if more citizens were as eager to see justice done.
The assistant prosecutor noted that a disturbing feature of the case, which stands out in his mind even more than the enthusiasm of Miss Papastefanos and her dorm mates, was the support Mr. Stefano had. He said that every day of the trial, a procession of six Orthodox priests, and nearly three dozen followers, would enter the court in the morning, and remain for the entire day, glaring at Miss Papastefanos, himself, and the members of the jury. The situation disturbed him enough he asked the judge to assign mystical guards for the courtroom, to prevent any attempt by Mr. Stefano's supporters to interfere with the trial. He recalled that Miss Papastefanos' mother was one of Mr. Stefanos' supporters.