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Cassandra Elena I
Champions Online - Cassandra Elena Revamp - Seeker Uniform 1 copy.png
Super Group
M.A.C.E.(Previously), Doomsday Brigade(Previously)
Cadet(Last ranking before leaving M.A.C.E.)
· Other Affiliations ·
None; Preferably a Freelancer.
Real Name
Cousuei 'Cassandra' Elena Nankikaksuki
Cass, Cassandra, Ms. Elena, Seeker Cassandra, Karayenjizuka-Sutojinaka(in Valentian language)
November 12th, 2263
un-named continent in Stormrise
Dual Citizenship
Flag USA.png American
Flag JPN.png Japanese
Un-named Hideout several miles outside of Millennium City's city limits.
Super Hero, Emissary, Diplomatic Ambassador(Formerly), Seeker II(Currently), Adviser
Legal Status
Registered on May 6th, 1965; The following day she arrived.
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Unknown mother, Unknown father, Adopted Daughter(Cassandra Elena II)
Physical Traits
Unspecified; Classified as a 'special' kind of Metahuman due to have different traits(i.e. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psionics..)
Unspecified as Stormrise's doesn't define itself or humanity under one single 'Ethnicity'. Though appears to be Caucasian.
Apparent Age
511lb(232 kilos)
Body Type
Muscular yet Feminine
Lighter Honey-Blonde
· Distinguishing Features ·
Distinguishing features include a 'hidden' family insignia tattoo on the lower-back(above if not below the buttox), hot-pink colored eyes with a rather luminous glow from them, a rather odd accent(Think of along the lines of Tengu Buranchi from Toriko), and a necessity to be alone in most if not all cases fiddling with a neck piece of fancy jewelry.
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Strength - Telekinesis - Telepathy - Psionics
· Equipment ·
Highly pressurized water canteen, two pouches containing a 4G Cellphone and Teleportation Device.
· Other Abilities ·
High IQ Level - 5-6 year training experience as a Student Ambassador - 7-8 year Community College/University Time in Political Science, Sociology and various high leve Mathematical topics

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The Order of Cassandra Elena Arc!

You are probably thinking: What on earth does someone from an alternate Earth want to do with Prime Earth? For a start, Cassandra grew up in a multiracial family of quiet but curious individuals whose will was to explore and cherish the wonders of the entire world. The family itself, was both Japanese and American descent. A family tree that had been sharing it’s past and previous journeys and experiences amongst the dinner table. An adventurous family that was trying to enjoy life through not only spiritual, physical and mental nature but through all sorts of life natures. The Nanikaksuki name and the Elena name is actually part of a larger, long generation family name starting about an odd 67 something years ago. To-which her father took the sure name(the ending name of his 'Nanikaksuki') and her mother took the maiden ending name as well('Elena'). Put two and two together and you get the sure name of Cassandra Elena.

Though she was not always demanded of it as of a right, however the reason she chooses not to mention her full family name is because it’s just… well too long and hard to pronounce. In-doing so she believe it was quicker to go by a casual name—and thus Cassandra Elena’s history thrives directly from here on out. Though the original ‘name’ or ‘names’ many generations or so, the ‘Elena’ name was passed down per each person.. and this generation would be first time for her shine. But actually it was more so of a reboot for her. A chance to start over and growing up in a Utopia full of Psionics, Telepaths, Touch-Telepaths,and Telekinetics was the surely the easily part but the other part was simply and easy yet she choose to be a bit casual about it: The will to max out her potential!

“I’ll do great things with this power!” She thought to herself. “However I’ll do in my own lazy-kind-of-stupid-kind-of way. Perfection—I believe is not the right way to leadership or true growth at any rate, I believe going out there to explore the parts known and it’s people is the only way to achieve unity, duty, destiny, and true greatness..”

The world in-which she comes from is an alternate Earth by the name of Stormrise. With a population approximate of twenty-nine billion in-total. The majority of the populous comprising of Telepaths, Telekinetis, and Psionic users. Stormrise’s society is based on a totality agreement. Following a level of carefully adeptfulness and considerate level of disciplines. Those that value one’s understanding of the world around him while maintaining of level of self-control. America itself remain as whole however the Fifty States and separate legislatures and laws were abolished, changing the whole country of itself into a single country as it were instead of a country with 50 single-separate states with South America follow in-suit. Canada was first to annex itself, merging with Greenland and the divided continents surrounding it. Japan and the outlying parts of its nearby Pacific Ocean; The non-Japanese/Asian countries, settlements and other island regions, also begun the merge themselves with the totality of Japan’s/America’s influence while retaining a small fixture of their now called ‘Totality-nesian’ state of Micronesian, Indonesian, and several other minor traditional sub-cultures and countries outlying the ocean.

In a matter of 99 years, everything polar opposite of the North and South Atlantic Ocean also remained the same except now the countries that would be previous known as sub countries within its region all merge themselves under name “Eurasia.” A simple effective decision in-which all the continents, countries, urban environments, highlands, badlands and even regions, all went under a single name, kept their original cultures, customs, and values while embracing the ‘totality’ concept within that set-specific part of the world. A “portmanteau” to be precise.

Between 1400 and 1499, the portmanteaus of the world following the totality of its continents, states, counties and countries world leaders, would go to attempt to perform a final merge of necessity as it were, one last time. To unite the portmanteaus as whole and create a total unified society on Earth under one name— a Utopia for not only just the people with manipulation powers, telepathic powers, and other metahuman phenomenon and similarities. But also for the original humanity that was linked together with it so well. And thus that name was… Stormrise. [Photo: The insignia that represents Stormrise as both a state and a world.]

Following the end of the changed world, the men and woman who opening addressed themselves with greater powers of Telekinetic, Psionic, and Telepathic Manipulations, gathered in meeting for a big consortium. To discuss all the future of things and their status for people the human/meta-human people of the world and the near-future. To-which they would now be known as the founder of the Seekers-- individuals that define themselves as observers, teachers, philosophers and care-takers.
The ‘Seekers’ were known throughout the world not only for just their power, but also their enigmatic and philosophical views on life(all life) that was the basis for the foundation of Psi-Honor for years to come and following thereafter.

Gwendolyn Acacia, Church ‘Churchill’ Mackenzie Calhoun, Kelly ‘Dhalia’ Suffield and James “Mind-Rat” Tiberius were those people. Gwendolyn and Churchill were the first two to discover their latent telekinetic powers and the extreme potential and knowledge they had learned through them by mastering them to ‘infinity and beyond’, Dhalia unlock the raveling mysteries of the Psionics, she was also famous for helping out and gathering tens of thousands to nearly millions of people across the world with early stage Psionic powers who which they weren’t able to control at first, needed help but with time and patience, began to evolve, learn and grow from them. Encourage them, motivating them and inspiring themselves to become heroes, vigilantes and protectors of the world in their own image(s). To do good and do great things. In a way Dhalia to them, is considered to be a “Motherly” figure of sorts. Some even called her Mother-Dhalia. It was through her happiness, compassionate, caring and semi-motherly influence sorts that inspired people to unite the clans, families and many other kinsfolk with Psionics that need/or wanted help to form the many thousands of shelters, living homes and accommodations to this day(Note: Think of this on a level in-which Jesus gathered people for a feast and shared little food with everyone that was there; The concept for Dhalia is based on that). Mind-Rat a telepathic cantankerous man with attitude that was bubbly at best, mind powers were how he discovered himself not only physically and spiritually but also mentally making him an enlightened individual—a teacher whose knack was a philosophical understand all life, everything and nothing.
In the years of 1444 following to 1496, the people known as the Seekers for the World of Stormrise and the fore-fathers and the founders of the potential combination technique: Psi-Honor was also founded during that time frame. The Seekers of Stormrise began a continuous goal to passive-aggressively unify the various cultures, customs and life-styles of humanity-meta-humanity for all time. The process of this would allow people to thrive and discover the many cultures, societies, people and customs to create a utopia of many people of many traits while at the same time harbingers no bias toward meta-human and the like. And freely more open people were starting to come up shortly after that, that is.

These rules were applied nearly 600 years ago and are listed as follows:

The Code of Psi-Honor fixed 2k15.jpgThe Code of Psi-Honor - Teaching List fixed 2k15.jpg

Originally, it was because of these rules that taught them and made them an enlightened and observative race of meta-human/humans whose passionate communal advancements where fundamentally better than separative personal achievements. Specifically motivated and interested in the study of the many wonders of their true power’s potential and the mysteries not only as psionics, telepaths and telekinetic but also from one’s own being as well. In-short they believe that with the teachings of Psi-Honor can help them better understand the greater meaning of life—all life, the universe and everything in-between and nothing. [Picture the insignia ‘S’ representing the title “Seeker.”]

The mastery of Psi-Honor is characteristics of that start out as “mental” meta-cognition concepts but are actually ‘technical’ concepts based on values in-which are already well known to man with telekinetics, telepathy and psionics.

Essentially anyone can master Psi-Honor but the obvious task for it takes at least a minimum of up to 40+ years. Each person that masters Psi-Honor generically has something different to offer from the table. In the world of Stormrise those that have so are called Seekers. The level of Seekers are as follows:

The Code of Psi-Honor - Seeker Ranking fixed.jpg

Generally, Seeker I’s are the one above everyone else in the Utopia when it comes to power, philosophy and understanding. They are the wisest, most considerate and the most contempt of the world’s people in it. They are also the ones that over-watch most of what happens in Stormrise. Observing its general presence of situations, matters and causes. It is because of them that the crime rate in Stormrise is at a minimum of no less than 5%. Only with a few minor in-grid factions that cause some level of self-sufficient violent out breakings.

The Seekers of Stormrise are even responsible for seeing and foreseeing any possible in-coming damage or danger in the following life-spans, futures or near-futures. The Seekers alerted of the presence of the in-coming Qularr attack to the Prime Earth’s Heroes as well. About one week notice before the invasion began and it’s because of them that they share a true with Prime Earth.

And that is where Cassandra’s life starts…

History's Finest: Seekers of the Stormrise Arc I: Discovery
(Notice! This is written up short story which I've compiled together in three parts. Initially, this is to describe the lives of the Gwendolyn Acacia, Church ‘Churchill’ Mackenzie Calhoun, Kelly ‘Dhalia’ Suffield and James “Mind-Rat” Tiberius. As they both discovered their true potentials, ever increasing their powers in joining forces with one another(and some rather vivid get-to-gethers)and eventually save the world/planet from what is to be called... 'The Psionic Quake/Wake'.)

History's Finest: Seekers of the Stormrise Arc II : Judgement Call
(Notice! This is written up short story which I've compiled together in three parts. Initially, this is to describe the lives of the Gwendolyn Acacia, Church ‘Churchill’ Mackenzie Calhoun, Kelly ‘Dhalia’ Suffield and James “Mind-Rat” Tiberius. As they both discovered their true potentials, ever increasing their powers in joining forces with one another(and some rather vivid get-to-gethers)and eventually save the world/planet from what is to be called... 'The Psionic Quake/Wake'.)

History's Finest: Seekers of the Stormrise Arc III Part 1:The Psionic Quake
(Notice! This is written up short story which I've compiled together in three parts. Initially, this is to describe the lives of the Gwendolyn Acacia, Church ‘Churchill’ Mackenzie Calhoun, Kelly ‘Dhalia’ Suffield and James “Mind-Rat” Tiberius. As they both discovered their true potentials, ever increasing their powers in joining forces with one another(and some rather vivid get-to-gethers)and eventually save the world/planet from what is to be called... 'The Psionic Quake/Wake'.)

History's Finest: Seekers of the Stormrise Arc III Part 2(Finale): The Psionic Quake
(Notice! This is written up short story which I've compiled together in three parts. Initially, this is to describe the lives of the Gwendolyn Acacia, Church ‘Churchill’ Mackenzie Calhoun, Kelly ‘Dhalia’ Suffield and James “Mind-Rat” Tiberius. As they both discovered their true potentials, ever increasing their powers in joining forces with one another(and some rather vivid get-to-gethers)and eventually save the world/planet from what is to be called... 'The Psionic Quake/Wake'.)

Here and Thereafter Continuum Arc!

At age 31, Cassandra Elena became one of the youngest Psionic adepts out there and the first of its earlier age Seekers. Sadly one of the ONLY capable and well trained Seekers III’s to be able to do any solid fighting and negotiations. So it was decided by the Seeker I’s that they send Cassandra instead initial as a safeguard and an emissary for the World of Stormrise. This would be about 8 months more to the week following The Qularr Invasion of May 1965. In preparation they had made sure that Cassandra well both well equipped to handle whatever was possibly thrown at her and politically speaking. On April 23th, Stormrise had made an initial portal connection to the Champions Earth. Defender –James Harmon and rest secretly watching over this new individual that had come through the portal. Upon her explanation and discussion, an official announcement was made to the entire world as well as a conference was to be presented on May 5th, 1965. Both the delegates—political parties, famous military figures, heroes (both vigilante and not), including Mayor Calvin Biselle were all there in-participating in this event. Once Defender and the other Champions had arrived the conference meeting when underway as Cassandra went on ahead to announce the status of her world and theirs. The actually meeting took approximately several hours but ended up with a handshake from Defender and the others as well as many photographs, questions, and other miscellaneous queries were compiled upon.

After the initial debates, compliance and the some-what miscommunications between the two worlds were both ironed out so to speak, the alliance with The Champion Earth’s heroes-- The Champions was all but assured. Delegates and political parties and even community heroes agreed to have another world be in ally with theirs. More ‘allies than enemies’ as the saying goes. Thing were running smoothly as one. Cassandra was doing her part in assisting in any possible way she could as both the safeguard of her world and the safeguard of the Champion’s Earth. There were still some suspicions about Stormrise and about the idea of siding with a ‘Paradise World’. Still none-the-less, Cassandra continue to hold on and do her job as emissary and prove them wrong. She go even further into proving herself when The Qularr began their assault.

Current Arc: Semi-Retirement and Things Past

It has been several decades now and Cassandra has been well completed with her job as emissary. As such, she has retired from that job. Currently taking up many other requests from UNITY, UNTIL and PRIMUS as a freelance super hero such as data retrieval, co-operative coordination, Super Group recruitment and providing, passing through and letting new, older heroes upon villain activity chances. Including acquiring information on Heroes, Heroes nemesis’s as well as other things. According to all filed/classified reports Cassandra Elena ‘IS’ retired.

Current Arc: The Attacks of Totem Arc! (Part 1)

The time was now! Cassandra had thought, it would be her place to train and learn to adapt to other environments and people itself at best. In-order to not only better herself as a person but also as a wise and capable individual of true power of the three basic and ever not-so-loving techniques that was of… Psi-Honor!

Around the dates of September 9th to September 12th, became the day that Cassandra herself joined M.A.C.E. – the Multiverse Agent Contract Enterprise. Starting the day that she would officially not only help herself but also others along the days, months and many years that followed in pursuit.

Meanwhile in the shadowly abyss of some poorly distributed and generically bland ‘base of operations', someone or something was gaining a foot hold on power.

Current Arc: The Attacks of Totem Arc! (Part 2)

[Place-holder for the Story] It is now October 2, 2014. A month and two has passed since the upheaval of her current power-hungry equal at best and Cassandra has been hard at work! Talking, conversing, forming and reforming friendships that have passed or unsurpassed with one another.
Her eyes are set. Her mind and body is clear she is going to do what—or rather something she never even bothered to even try with herself before. More so a ‘goal’ at which could empower her and even the people around too:

Training. The kind of training that would be to reaching up to great heights and such; That would not only be just physical training and mental training as well, but also social training too! In order to make a better person of herself but also understand the way of the world and secure a or the bright and hopeful future for not only herself but for her only child, and anyone else she has either brought down, take with her and kept in-safety of the dangers in and outside of this world… and possibly for the long run!

Despite the nonchalant forbearance she just never displays with her actions, Cassandra wants what’s best for its people living in Prime Earth. The bondsman ship she was trying to perform was that of Violet Salvo—Cass I’s co-worker in-law and also the friend of daughter’s(Cass II) too.

In-short, she has set her eyes on this goal, her training, her friendships as well; even the dislikes, the ups and down and even the best or worse days she has to endure!

Current Arc: The Attacks of Totem Arc! (Part 3)
[Place-holder for the Story]

Primus Database Header titles copy 3.jpg

Odd, loud, annoying, straightforward and sometimes just obnoxious. In-short, Cassandra’s true personality cannot be really defined over-night or even within a few days or months or so. And can just be down-right confusing at first. Depending on who it is, Cassandra does act like she’s got quite a bit of class for herself.

On the other hand, acts like a complete snob and even for her(for her apparent age at least) has a bit of trouble with authority figures. However once she gets to know them better or a bit better, she’ll go back to returning/retaining to the stuff she learn from Psi-Honor about keeping her self-composure under control. It is also because of this reason why the masters-- the ones that taught her Psi-Honor, state that she is “stubborn". Sometimes can be a bit uncooperative amongst that of her peers and the rest; Leaving her in a sort of unfocused mess. Tending to 'complain first and do more later' however they also say that: "She is possibly ONE of the most potent if not dynamic individuals out there in the world to dedicate themselves to that of the styles in-which Psi-Honor was founded upon. With an impressive amount of resolve and of power which she has displayed when going for the maximum potential and beyond in her Psi-Honor's 'trial-and-error' performances that could even exceed those that of The Original Masters of Psi-Honor. -- Psi-Honor Master Hiriote; That much is apparent and this she will admit on.

Though when it came down to it and things are all said and done, Cassandra is a honest, kind, free-spirited and a very devoted and reliable individual as a person. Having assisted in the many situations involving Super Groups and/or organizations-- as both a Freelance hero and a mother. Even devoting herself further and level of skill in Psi-Honor to advise, train and put people on-the-right-track (the youngster telepathics, telekinetics, and psionics) for the next generations to come.

Primus Database Header titles copy 2.jpg

Psi-Honor Mastery: In a sense this is whole-heartedly the basics of where her essential training began with. A formula of combining Psionic, Telekinetic and Telepath power to create something altogether different.. that was Psi-Honor. The mastery of three different powers, abilities and basic traits that not only are a part of each but also something grant altogether. Each individual that completes the level of training needed for mastery of Psi-Honor differs between abilities depending on the person. For each person that masters Psi-Honor comes a different result of their own power’s potential. In this case for Cassandra, her power was mastery of basic’s and even a more hardened understanding of simplistic mind, power and body techniques.

Psionic Mastery: Born with latent Psionic energy, then sent off to learn and perfect Psi-Honor, Cassandra has honed the full extent of Psionic Manipulation and in-short, can and will be capable of using ANY known existing psychic, psionic, and mental powers.

Psionic Adaptation: Due to the nature of her powers and mastery of Psi-Honor, the adaptations of her Psionics allow her to project psionic entities, psychic vortexes and even delivery ‘lingering’ and harmful psionic attacks that would be considered ‘Alpha level Psionics’. An example would be her ‘Ultimate Psionic Routine’ – a powerful image of Psionic energy which if the person either doesn’t have the precognition to avoid it or simply lacks a level of power equal to her’s, the results of this attack will be equal to that of the state of the individual in-which she has used this ability towards.

Telekinetic Mastery: The telekinetic’s and mastery of her mind, body and spirit to begin with, allowed her to compromise and adapt to heavy hitting environments, altitudes and even gravities. Allowing her to lift and or balance object far greater than herself. Objects that would be considered impossible by most standards.

Telekinetic Adaptation: Due to the nature of her powers and mastery of Psi-Honor, the adaptations of her Telekinesis has adopted her to manipulating this energy itself from any known and unknown environment with high levels of elevations, degrees, altitudes and even gravity.

Telepathic Mastery: Time spent with the greatest minds, visionaries and masters of her own world—by flesh and blood and spirit have activated the true potential of her Telepathic’s limit and beyond. Turning her into an adeptly and considerate individual with great level of intellect and mind power. Combined with the technique masteries of Psi-Honor, thus increasing the actually level—the intellectually level of her power greatly. The kind that would capable of about such things coming from theoretical physics, mathematical equations and/or abilities and even sciences. Also advising on such topics that displayed the level of mind power which can so casually speak as about as if it were debates from within the depths of Congress to this day.

Telepathic Adaptation: Due to the nature of her powers and mastery of Psi-Honor, the adaptations of her minds abilities allows her to perform and exert dangerous or massive amounts of mental power and alternatively damage her opponents while at the same time only use up a very small portion of her true power in great extent and no thanks to this, she was also capable of creating and adapting to several different mental, meta-physical and even psychological profiles of the mind at best. Learn from them and gain an influence of additional power and more. Examples are as follows:

  • Fortified Mind Construct: Her mind construct is so great that over the last few years or so she cannot truly be capable of damage to mind effects such as mind-reading, mental-manipulations at best, traps, mind erases, and all other types of mind-invasions which would normally be unforeseeable or unavoidable causing psychological damage towards the victim(s) rather. She even made—with some additional help and free-form mental training that she has done over time, has allowed her to create a dubbed ‘Mind Server’ as it were—The soul purpose of mentally allowing not just one but multiple telepaths at best to communicate with her all together inside her mind as a collective entity and solely not separate(Note: The way the Mind Server reacts is that she created a mental construct of herself then allows other telepaths to ‘enter’ a blank space of her mind, then she changes the scenery of the location on the server as if it were a map or mental like image—depending on her success but at first it ranges to that of a hotel plaza area with sofas and even soda machines. Also anyone of the individuals at best that have enter this Mind Server are marked with a ‘in-game aura’ like feel as it were some kind of server list to modify and collect or rather collectively count out all the number of people ranging on the server list in her mind—these people are marked with a color of green which floats above their forehead; Secondary Note: This is in an in game character trait which she has created, send a tell @friezaliveson to understand or know about it more or if you’d like to join).

(I.E. below is an example of the Mind Server as tested and observed by Nerve on September 6th, 2014):
[9/6 22:25] [Local] Cassandra: "So what did you think of my 11th level mind capabilities I know you probably had your doubts..."
[9/6 22:26] Nerve leans back, raising her eyebrows and huffing.
[9/6 22:27] [Local] Nerve: "I didn't expect for you to be able to emulate 5 separate psychic entities all at once. That's... That's extreme. If you were to focus your potential onto one specific point..."
[9/6 22:27] Nerve winces at the thought.
[9/6 22:27] [Local] Nerve: "I... Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of such fury."
[9/6 22:28] [Local] Cassandra: "Haha well those 5 don't bite all that much-- and really those 5 that you saw in my mind?"
[9/6 22:31] [Local] Cassandra: "They were all just the beginning. In actuality I can project.." ~she then put out one finger continuing~ "about 100,000 of them in my mind all at once as if they were monks from a monastery.."
[9/6 22:31] [Local] Cassandra: "At first I was only able to project one.. but after many years of training I could go from 100 to 1,000 to 100,000."
[9/6 22:33] [Local] Nerve: "100,000..."
[9/6 22:33] Nerve's eyes widen. "Goodness."
[9/6 22:33] [Local] Cassandra: "Yes.. with time and training you could do the same."
[9/6 22:34] [Local] Cassandra: "Possibly even more."
[9/6 22:34] Nerve nods.

  • Alpha Leveled Mental Capacity: Cassandra holds a heavy fortified but vastly large mental capacity where in-which she is capable of remembering certain details and such to the upmost degree—and even as if it were things that were never really rememberable to begin with yet also inescapably large enough to hold and exert heavily modified and heavily powerful mental attacks at best.
  • Fortified Mental Conduit: For a start, Cassandra’s mind after numerous years of mental training and well-being has altered her mind into a Mental Conduit of sorts, where she becomes a near-recyclable image of mental energy as it were. Allow her psionic powers at best, recycle upon itself or on its own without even having to worry about a flinch of power-losses at best. Acting out as a storing up option that exceed way beyond the limits of a mental construct or capacity as it were of pure unrestrained psionic energy. Including and without the need of heavy build up for mental charges or mind assaults at best unlike much that of normal ranged telepaths that require a recharge of their own in time when it comes to utilizing their powers preferably possible. She can also discharge and maintained highly-condensed amounts of her psionic energy that when released, procures a rather fractionally large yet devastational small results.

Peak Perfect Superhuman Strength: - Due to the nature of her powers and mastery of Psi-Honor, Cassandra has also undergone a heavy amount of physical training in order to provide (in her case prepare) for an occurrence where when the regards of her powers fails or even at a certain level is resisted enough, she has a fourth backup plan. On a good day, she can currently max out her strength to approximately 222lbs. An average training day for her would be 48 hours continuously with power drinks/shakes and the like. Jogging, mountain biking, monthly squats, 10,000 jumping jacks, 25,000 push-ups, 50,000 sit-ups and a total of 100,000 of all of them put together.

Energy Aura Manipulation: During the earlier first few years, Cassandra had trained long enough to modify herself and her power of psionics while also adapting to the harsh projectionalisms of Psi-Honor. Over time she was also able to manipulate the greater extent of this power in actual shape, form and/or design of the aura surrounding her. Particularly the color. She currently has the color set to a lime-green and teal.

Primus Database Header titles copy 4.jpg

  • Weakened Regenerative Rates: Even while fighting the mind or the body, Cassandra's ability to over-come damage is decent but not the best in the world. Or greatest for that matter.
  • Strong physical output but not quite strong enough...: Despite her training in Psi-Honor for mental and physical power, Cassandra can be outmatched by people who surpass her aptitude in Superhuman Strength and Endurance(I.e. people that would normally be capable of shrugging off such damage while at the same time dealing more so of the same or greater in-respect).
  • Boundless Intellectual Limit/Gap: Regardless of this great extent in knowledge and willpower, Cassandra is utterly and inescapably stuck to those that of ‘limits.’ Although she has far greater power in telepathy and telepathic basic consequences and even a level that of beyond 10th Level intelligence genius’s, she can be suppressed and STILL be suppressed by those of greater magnitudes and even those of higher willpower in resistances and such she does not fully utilizes these max capacity of her mind’s intelligence to its greatest extent. Like when most do as it were, when it comes to sailing through their potential—their TRUE potential supposedly as a ‘high level intellect individual,’ were they utilize the max percent of their brains capacity to the limit and even beyond the ‘limits’ in most cases as a meta-human for and thereof ‘greater goods of humanity.’ She on the hand, tends to lie down and think or only use her brain power by the best of her current abilities at rate where she has but a small portion of reasonable naïveness, to return to her duties or fulfill and improve on that progress as it were… that mental superiority complex as it were. And it is the sole reason because of this she is capable of being utterly dissected at best, outclasses by higher individuals above her in-respect and even be outsmarted by those below her as well. Another example would be when the time she had gotten full ‘drunk’ enough at Club Caprice a situation happened where her ‘intellectual limit’ and mental capacity for abilities and such were “turn off” and she was unable access them until the following day after or so. It was as if she had lost her powers of sorts for nearly a day and the rest that were on weren't full accessible until she had sober again(Not including the hangovers she’s had before—this also affects her mental being as well as her mental state).
  • Otherworldly and Extraterrestrial Minds and/or Beings: Despite her level of mental and physical willpower and abilities, Cassandra is not capable of read, scanning or even touching beings that exceed her psionic power limit and/or beings that 'lacks' cerebrums(i.e. Morph, Omnipotent Beings, Gods that transcend to levels beyond the Mind, etc), or transmit their psionic powers of the mind in other volumes, languages and/or contexts(With the ONE exception being ___ fill this later Frieza!). Nor does she have any retain-able defenses against said individuals and will most likely... fail(despite her stubbornness to still go past her limit :P)
  • Minor Experience in and of Magical-Based Adepts/Attributes: Although trained by Witchcraft for an entire month and mastery of arts against relative witchcraft based defenses and such, to avoid being an open target by such that of skilled magical users and even those that of demon/or daemon at best, Cassandra is still rather weak to high numbering level of magical powers. Although there is some relative based cases in defense where she excels against magic’s while on the flipside the defensive is rather dull. Having mainly to rely on either a magical based source for defense or resistance from Witchcraft herself and others.

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This is a list of all the people she has interacted with. Whether it be friend, foe, ally, comrade, lover, ex-lover, potential trainer, master(s), and so on:

  • Featherblade – Although Cassandra hasn't been one to share her dating experiences, this would be her first ‘lover’ in years. Is now officially a Ex, though they do speak on solid terms.
  • Terra - Current lover. Originally from a warrior's planet, Terra and Cassandra met one day in Millennium City and was greatly impressed by Terra's height and strength as a woman of power(at least she thinks so in-believing that Terra's strength is amazingly so awesome; lets just say that she admires her for this reason okay? :P) talked for a bit then arranged a meet-up. They have been dating for 4-5 months now. First couple of times in Millennium City, a few times at the safespot beach resorts on Monster Island, and other times at a restaurant or with Cassandra's own cooking. What is known about Terra is that her planet mimics Earth's Nobility though the choices are to fight or become married to a noble, she choose the ladder. Despite the war going on her world, having to track down individual that is in hiding on Earth and orders from her superiors, the two share a deep romantic interest in other another giving the time and/or day.
  • Brookline - A technological egghead, this would happen to be one of Cassandra’s at best first friends ever met. Although the two rarely talk much. They do however share some nice experiences.
  • Smackdown Girl - A pink haired brickhouse brawler, one of the many friends that Cassandra chit-chats within Caprice on occasion. Even congratulated her on marrying the Makai Demon named Ms. Melissa of the Magitech Academy. Offering them both gifts, etc.
  • Nerve – Nerve tends be a little complacent and skeptical of Cassandra’s actions and stories, although she means well and Cassandra will even go to say that she considers Nerve to be a one of the most, well leveled-headed ‘mind’ adept at best. The two have met in Club Caprice for the most part. Occasionally if not frequently in some cases or another. They also have done some communication via telepathic thought and Cassandra has even gone such lengths into teaching or ‘training’ her in-respect.
  • Ashlynn – Ashlynn is an interesting telepathic/mind individual who Cassandra admires with great respect. It is because of her that Cassandra was motivated not just though her physical training but also by her mental and social training skills had been given the boost that she needed into perfect them further. She even considers her to be a mentor of such.

Public Opinions

If Your Character had met her / have known of her, just throw their opinion down here.

"Dumbass blondie? The old dustball? The one I can't STAND sometimes, I always gotta sit down? Tch... yeah, I know her, why wassup? She ain't the worst chick in the world, but she can definitely have her days, know what I'm sayin? Of all the people I know to this day, I can fairly agree wit' anyone who says she's wise, despite her dumbass mentality most of the time. She's one of the only people that bear with me to this day, and I won't complain about that. A lil' tough gun on the interior, but she knows better than to cross with me. I remember the times I was ready to snap her in half like a twig, and these days I still do... but I guess that's just what brings someone close to me in a way. Actually... no, scratch that..! Shit... damn, just... if you see her before I do, let her know Ima' beat her ass for giving out a testimonial. She should already know how I look down at her." - Mercy Madison

  • Go head fill in this spot ^^

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Friends that are considered enemies(through Rivalry) or people that are just enemies in total:

Mercy Madison - “What? Tah Captain? Bawaahahahahaha, ey Mercy’s in-all-rights ah cool chick. Despite us beefin' 'n tah first meetin’ 'n public was all awkward like, she’s ah really great fighter, a strong woman devoted tah what she says, hell I consider attitude tah be tah type that leads not follows. Honestly she’s got one of tah leadership type attitude we need, especially in this day 'n age. But eventually in one ah these duels or lil' spar we be havin' when we go all-out, I’m fixin’ tah give the ol’ Captain ah ‘Coup De Grace’.”

In all seriousness, the way that these two individuals met was in any way, shape or form not sound. In-fact it was to the point where Mercy almost wanted to put her on the ground, regardless of Cass’s piss-poor attempts to make a pass at her and apologize thereafter for it when finding out that she was with someone. After things had eventually settled down to the point where they had a reasonable accord, they started talking. Mercy mentioned of the organization she was in(M.A.C.E.) which greatly surprised Cass though on the hand, had no idea that Mercy was also in M.A.C.E. as well. It was probably because of this Cass’s respect for her grew a bit more than she even realized. Although Mercy cannot figure what on-earth Cassandra sees in her and she even explained to Cass that being in M.A.C.E. ‘didn’t save her white-ass from getting kicked’. Despite her high frequency to continuously call her ‘Captain.’ It is unknown if the reason she keeps calling Mercy ‘Captain’ as some poor excuse for a joke or an odd sense of respecting her as an ‘Authority Figure.’ Even if she left M.A.C.E.

Menton - "What? Menton? Hahaahhahahaha! Bwaahahahahha! What an idiot! I’ll tell yah tah fight between me ‘n hims was thought tah be really hard – but actually it was pretty borin’ ‘n hilarious. But the fact of the matter is that I had already known ‘bout Menton beforehand through my observations of tah Stronghold outposts ‘n all tah mental exploits I saw over there as well as the additional information which I found out ‘bout him through their minds(Medusa & Psimon). It was simple: Menton desires Medusa and Medusa desires Menton. Vice versa. Even though Medusa is manipulation Psimon(and still is unfortunately), she trufully seeks pleasure with Menton. Easier tah play dumb when were with knockers tah size of half ah cantaloupe… n’ Menton fell right fer it. Didn’t even take me long tah go up in there whilst he was busy mind controllin’ everyone else, n’ play tah ol’ psychic illusions on him(on him into thinkin’ I was his one n’ only Medusa n’ that I love him soooo much, hehe) then dropkick his sorry ass back into tah cage he once crawled out of."

Psi/Mind Inc.“I don’t see tah point in what their doin’. But neither do I see a point in even mentioning or commenting on this topic. I really find it all maddeningly un-necessary, especially with havin’ tah deal with ‘em Psi-Folk. N’ that’s tah problem right there. People… specifically mentally capable people in power because they don’t know the rules of CONSENT. They choose tah bully those of tah less capable or those of tah less fortunate. People that aren’t exactly extremely intelligent But tah be honest with yah only reason I got probin’ in and of their minds(Psi, Psimon, Medusa, Mindslayer, etc..) is fer tah sole purpose ah keepin’ tabs on these fuckers n’ make sure they don’t get any bright(brighter) ideas fer PRIMUS, UNITY and UNTIL. Not really much effort needed on mah part considerin’ they don’t ever move outta their lil’ territorial spot in MC so it’s quite easy. But tah be honest withcha, they aren’t really much of ah priority as they all appear tah be. So Psi, Medusa, Mindslayer n' Psimon won't really be things we have totally go callin' ah 'Code Red' as there is clearly more mentally capable(powerful) people 'bout in this world's level of Psionics.. myself included.”

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Won't even break a sweat apprehending this person.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Minor threat at best, but easily handled on my own.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Moderate threat. A bit more of a challenge.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Major threat that can pose a threat in a straight fight.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Highly dangerous. This individual has the skills/training/powers to challenge even the best trained person, proceed with caution.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

A national, potentially international threat. This person may be best dealt with as part of a team.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

International threat with the means and ability to potentially take down governments. Organize a team to engage.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

A major global threat with power, reach and connections at his/her disposal. Careful planning with teams of trained individuals is a must, with no room for screw ups.

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Capable of destroying worlds and rending the fabric of reality itself. Start looking for a Plot McGuffin to save us all.

Totem Wraith Bearer of The Mind

Totem 1.jpg
Totem 2.jpg
Totem 3.jpg

Name: Unpronouncable; Though sometimes is over-heard as being called 'Lord Kurosai.'
Abilities: Alpha-Level Force powers, a small minority of demonic control(as an Overlord) and a telepathic link shared equally between itself and Cassandra.
Occupation: Cassandra's Equal
Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

After the initial completion of Operation Demonflame, something while during trial period of utilizing Chaos Energy to release it's prisoners from it's demonic bindings came forth. Specifically from Cassandra's mind. Particularly a part of the brain that is analyzed for sociopathic profiles. In-doing so it formed within Demon Realm, causing it to have not a mental body but a physical body. There is nothing that this 'thing' has particularly in mind. Not money, not affection towards humanity, not rights, not technology, nothing of that sort. It is not even interested in power, world domination or anything of that sort. Although the power in-which Totem has is enough to possible take on the world, it just prefers to target one person instead.

And that objective is as clear as day: The death and total annihilation of Cassandra Elena I. It has already attack her twice. Failing both times in that regard, to a nearby close defeat at her hands. However regardless of what the thing wants, the power she holds believing that once Cassandra dies and it has or at least has found a way to consume nearly all of the finalized power she has compiled together over the past few decades or more, it will transcend itself into a new form, or new body as it were. Obtaining almost-omnipresent power of telepathy, telekinetics and.. psionics.

He is currently draining the life-force considerable from Cassandra as some kind of 'sick joke' of amusement then occasionally bring it back to her again every so often(More so every few months to a week or less). Restoring her life-force to her once more.

Status: Awaiting round 3.

PRIMUS Heading.png
UNTIL LOGO Transparent.png

The following below contains a UNTIL Datafile recorded on October XXX which was later sent to agents of PRIMUS and UNITY. The file's case is currently still pending until Ms. Elena has come up with effective enough time in properly handling the outcome:


Loading... UNTIL File #63-2900-70 - October 26th, 2014

SUBJECT: Totem - Wraith Bearer of The Mind
Threat Level: Deemed.. HAZARDOUS! EXTREMELY Dangrous!
Small Notice: Although currently stated to be lesser than 'passive aggressive', Totem IS more volatile and dangerous than appears. Only to find personal amusement in toying with Ms. Elena for the time being as the subject(off the record) drains the life-force from her on unannounced days, weeks and/or months.
"Well that took a while. In anycase, the majority do not know who I am however the rest of you need not know-- Yes I am the thing that is affiliated with her(Referencing Ms. Elena). The one that was spawned, born, thrived; and was created while in the Demon Realm. The same one that was born after when she was 'done dealing with Operation Demonflame'. To be frank with you all-- and that I mean the weaklings and pathetic so called 'leaders', clinging on to whatever meaningless organizations(UNITY, UNTIL, PRIMUS..) that they are in-charge of. I have no interest money, affection towards ALL of humanity, rights(Civil, Asylum, Citizenship, etc..), technology, nothing of that sort. I am not even interested in asinine ideas of 'World Domination'. Attempts at sad power grabs of magnitudes that exceed and or go beyond the limits of their hapless existences. which they certainly cannot fathom upon. What I AM interested in is.. her. Cassandra Elena. The other person before you all here in this room."

"Why? What is my deal with her? It's simple. Once I've destroyed, consumed her latent powers of Telepathy, Telekinesis and Psionics, I'll transcend to much greater magnitudes of power. I have failed twice in this regard. Hence why I've decided to personally speak to you all here and now: I have to compromise. In exchange for allowing the two of us to kill each other in a contained area of her choosing, away from(all) the civilian populous, especially away from the likes of the so-called 'problematic' enemies that would attempt to take advantage of the fight. I will allow her to retain a psychic link between her and myself. Allowing the vast organizations to keep tabs on me 24-7. Rest assured again as I have stated before, the most likely for me will be to sit and maintain my act of solitude until the time is right-- or in-which she is ready and wishes to face me once again, this time for the last time."

...End of File. Changes pending..

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  • If you happen to be a reporter or a previous reporter who was around during the initial emissary mission of Cassandra's-- where she established diplomatic negotiations between her world(Stormrise), the Prime Earth(Champions Earth), as well as her 'safeguard' role; Her mission to stay behind on Prime Earth about one week before the Qularr Invasion, and any or all the press conferences following after that, feel free to acknowledge her reputation through that. She was pretty popular for acting as the only emissary between the two worlds and her affiliation with the Champions during that time period. Any questions, concerns, autographs may or maybe applicable upon your leisure.

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  • Hundredth - Desolate - Simple, breakdown-ish, meaningful, effective. Basically a song in-which to describe how she handles her 'everyday' life. As a hero, adoptive parent, and over-all general feelings towards people around her and/or interacts with.
  • Daylight - Youngest Daughter - A song that reminds of her adoptive daughter and all the pain it brought her when they first meet. The memory left a terrible scar in her mind.
  • basement* - Breath - If there is ever a day where she is extremely depressed or wants to be left alone. This song is probably the closest thing to describe those 'other' feelings.

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  • TBA