Cassandra del Etheria

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Player: @greeneagle346
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
Formerly- Remnants of Legends
Real Name
Cassandra del Etheria
Cass, Cassie
Baltimore, MD, USA
Natural born US citizenship- Human ancestry, US Constitution 14th Amendment (Referencing the book Stronghold)
Millennium City
Private Penthouse
Hero, Mage, Self-employed Enchantress/Artificer
Legal Status
Registered Hero, Registered Mage
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Parents- Mother living in the UK (fully Elven mother). Father deceased. Sibilings- Half-Sister living in Germany.
Physical Traits
Human/Earth native Elf hybrid
Elven/Caucasian mix
Apparent Age
23 (Actual: 47)
128 lbs
Body Type
Red, shoulder length
Pale with elven tinting
· Distinguishing Features ·
Half-Elven traits- somewhat pointed ears; Concealed arcane aura
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Arcane sorcery- Master, with diverse studies; Enchanting- Expert; Artifice- Master; Alchemy- Skilled
· Equipment ·
Enchanted robes/clothing, Circlet to amplify mana manipulation
· Other Abilities ·
Competent at dance and singing, not very tech savvy, disastrously bad at cooking

Early Life

Cassandra was born to an Elven mother and Human father in the late 60's. As the United States went through changing phases in the coming decades, Cassandra's family moved every few years to avoid public notice. As such, she was homeschooled with her older half-sister, Lyn. Her life was mostly stable until the late 80's and early 90's, when events dragged her in unexpected directions. In 1992, a kidnapping (due partially to her own willful rebelliousness towards her mother and a particularly nasty necromancer) landed Cassandra in Siberia during the Russian transition. After her escape, and deportation back to the United States from then newly formed Russian Federation, she was a witness to the devastating Battle of Detroit, and lost several friends caught in the crossfire between the heroes and Destroyer. In the aftermath, Cassandra settled into a quiet life again, before finally moving out in 2012 and moving to the rebuilt Millennium City.

Millennium City

After moving in, Cassandra established herself with local authorities as a registered independent hero and mage. She also opened her own private business, "del Etheria Enchanting and Artifice". As a private contracted enchantress and artificer, Cassandra makes a good enough living to maintain a penthouse in one of the nicer Downtown high rises. Cassandra has had a few group affiliations. For a time she was helping to run a group, but later departed to return to her independence; however she has since joined Delta along with several of her good friends.

Recent Events

Cassandra was attacked in 2013 by the necromancer (now Lich) who kidnapped her in '92. [See Stronghold Prisoner File- Percival Alton Harris]. After a number of events, including the kidnapping and disappearance of Cassandra's then significant other, Cassandra and her then closest friends (Advantage, Poi, and Glenndale) attacked the lich's lair, and succeeded in capturing the lich and his phylactery. The Lich was subsequently sent to Stronghold and placed in Hot Sleep.

Most recently, Cassandra was attacked by an apparently mirror version of a Delta teammate. After recovering from gunshot wounds and serious poisoning, she is now searching for the attacker, as well as the attacker's disturbing boss. The prevailing theory is the attacker's boss is none other than a mirror version of Cassandra herself, apparently wanting to consume different versions of herself to increase her power. More disturbingly, this hostile version of Cassandra is also a necromancer and lich.

Powers and Abilities

Cassandra's skills are primarily in the arcane fields.

Arcane Evocation: Cassandra could be considered one of the more powerful evokers in the world, but not on the order of a Witchcraft. Cassandra does not specialize in any element particularly, but does favor fire and ice more than other arcane elements. She tends to keep her powers in check, though, to minimize collateral damage or lethality.

Arcane Defense: Cassandra is well versed in a large number of defensive shielding and warding spells. In particular, she has a number of permenant wards placed on her penthouse to protect it from intrusion. Her shields sometime lack sufficient power, especially if she is taken by surprise.

Arcane Utility: Cassandra's various fields of study have expanded her magical aptitudes into a large variety of fields. Levitation, summoning, healing (to a limited degree), extra-dimensional storage, teleporation (within visualization limits), scrying, and glamours are among a few of Cassandra's various utility and non-combat spells. Water orbs, summoning piles of tribbles on people, and flying tomatoes has also been seen depending on her mood...

Enchanting/Artifice: Cassandra's skill in these fields is sufficient to create excellent working pieces for everyday use. These products range from simple light enchantments on rings for reading to her heavily enchanted robes (protection, mana manipulation, and some healing elements). She tends -not- to make many offensively oriented enchanted items, by preference to limit herself. Has previously done some limited golem crafting, however she now avoids that field after a few... accidents.

Alchemy: Cassandra is a capable alchemist, though she has had a number of failures intermixed with her various projects. Of note: Elven wine (a specialty brew from her family's history with almost unbelievable potency... if the drinker has had other alcohol), Elemental infusion vials (current pet project), various assorted utility potions.

High Arcana: Cassandra has recently been granted access to several very powerful spells by the Elven Council of the Kingdom of Til'Vatha, who her clan belongs to, historically. What these "arcanas" are is not yet clear, but Cass has stated they are potentially very dangerous if misused.

Friends and Associates

Cassandra's closest friends are also generally her working associates in Delta: Cavalier, Dawn, Vitality, Amelia Daniel, and Keirian. Cass generally enjoys the usual banter and mayhem that comes from this group (especially from the Fae...).

Cassandra also has a few close friends not directly linked to Delta, such as Asuya (an old friend Cass has known for several years), Advantage and Poi (two of Cassandra's first acquaintances in Millennium City). A number of her older friends have left Millennium City for their own reasons, but Cassandra considers herself blessed to have as many friends as she does now.

Cassandra is also the daughter of the elder of the elven clan hidden on Earth. Her mother is currently grooming Cassandra to become her heir, so thus Cassandra is becoming more involved with the Elven Council of the Kingdom of Til'Vatha, based in the Faerie.

Known Foes

Percival Alton Harris: A Necromancer and lich. Believed born in the late 70's, but from an unknown location. Percival became obsessed with Cassandra's unique heritage, and devised a plan to kidnap her, then taking her to a remote bunker in Siberia to perform a ritual to steal her soul. Intentions appeared to be delusional desire for godhood. Percival was believed killed in a nuclear explosion at his bunker in 1992. Exact reason a nuclear bomb detonated at his doorstep is unknown. Reappeared in 2013 having become a fully turned lich, and pursued Cassandra again. This escalated to him kidnapping Cassanda's then significant other. After a search, and the escape of his captive, Percival was cornered and captured by Cassandra and her closest friends. Percival was relegated to Stronghold's Hot Sleep, as he possessed significant necromantic power to be considered a danger.

"Dark Cassandra:" A mirror version of Cassandra from an alternate dimension similar to Multifaria. A lich of alarming power, with superpowered minions under her control, as well as trans-dimensional spellcasting abilities. Overall threat level still uncertain, but cause for significant concern, as her full plans have yet to be identified...