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Multifarian Dimension
Government Type:
Former Dictatorship turned Democracy.
Capitol City - New Detroit, and World-Wide (formerly New Harmon).
Intentions Toward Humanity:
The New Detroit Leadership is friendly and appreciative toward our dimension.
Propulsion Tech Level:
Equal to that of our Dimension.
Military Tech Level:
Volunteer Force
Medical Tech Level:
Equal to that of our Dimension.
Computer Tech Level:
Equal to that of our Dimension.
Superpowered Population Level:
Currently -extremely- rare due to the many years of persecution and genocide perpetrated by Citizen Harmon.
Physical Description:
A "mirror-dimension" to our own with remarkable similarities in some aspects, and unmistakable differences in others. Currently rebuilding much of their world after liberating it from a cruel Tyrant.


An alternate Dimension to our own, where things are often times very different to those we know, yet strangely similar in appearance. Often called a "mirror dimension" because of said similarities, the one defining difference in Multifaria, is an almost total reversal of the good and evil within each person there when compared to their mirror-selves in our Dimension. Heroes here became Villains there, and vice-versa, making the world itself much different than our own.



Most of Multifaria was ruled by the sadistic Citizen Harmon for many years, turning it into a very dark and dangerous place. His armies of Destroids kept order on the streets along with his New Harmon Police Death-Squads. And of course The Conquerors, Citizen Harmon's loyal Generals and traitors to their own kind, Oubliette, Lapiz Lazulli, Drogan Lar, and Arcane. On Harmon's orders they imprisoned or executed anyone displaying signs of super-human abilities, or made them slaves to the cause themselves, for those capable of such genocide.


Despite the overwhelming power of Harmon's rule, a Resistance was established and struck back when possible, hoping to one day see their world free of such a tyrant. Members of the Resistance were fiercely loyal to the cause, be they human or meta-human, and often laid down their lives for the mission at hand. When several Heroes from our world came to Multifaria, they finally had the means to usurp Citizen Harmon, and aided them in doing just that. The visiting Heroes managed to free the Resistance's Leader, the "old man", and together they defeated Citizen Harmon and freed Multifaria from the cruel reign of he and his Conquerors.


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