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Player: Dragonrider4000
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Real Name
21st March 1971
Millenium City
Legal Status
UNTIL Registered
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Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Looks 25
5' 7"
Body Type
Black to Red
Full Black
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Always that wicked smile
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Magical Apptitude and Shadow
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Briefest Glimpses

Power called to him on the dance floor. The call was a strong one Lord Phenex had to admit. His gaze was fixed on the young witch on the dance floor before him. Her red skin glowed with power, enticing him closer a hand almost reaching out to glide across her arm, but he refrains. Leaving himself hidden in the shadows, torn between consuming her entire, or making her something more than she already was. It was rare that he came across such power.

Phenex's gaze never leaves her skin as he takes in the curve of her neck, the smoothness of an arm and the lie of her face. It is as if she dances for him alone, and with the glamour that hides her red skin from all others, she may as well be.

For a moment he sees her as the others do; a nondescript beauty with mousey brown hair that matches her eyes that sit in a more than pleasing face. Yet he cannot contain a sneer. Her true beauty lies in the blood red colour of her skin and those eyes that hide behind the curve of her hair. He catches his first true glimpse of them as her eyes flash open for just a second to stare at another that had dared to dance too near.

It is those eyes that decide him.

The piercing gaze of the near black eyes shows the mind behind the power is as adept and as decisive as the magic that flows around her. He must have her now; there could be no other way. She is too perfect for his purpose. Too perfect for all he desires. He wants her.

With a simple step he glides from the shadows, suddenly all too visible to the world. Imposing on her, and he smiles with wicked delight.

Ccthira cannot help but turn towards this new presence, eyes glaring and mouth opening to send them away with the most sarcastic comment she could produce. Yet the words catch in her throat as she looks up into the strangers face, caught by the intensity of his expression.

Cool blue eyes stare down at her from a face framed in perfectly straight black hair, his lips set in the faintest knowing smirk. She tries to frown at that smirk, what did he think he was, to approach her? The words die in her mind though as she finally meets those eyes. The power in them is undeniable, alluring and totally irresistible. Like a moth to a flame she always loved power. For the first time that evening she smiles at someone.

"Finally someone in this dive who isn't totally boring," she forces herself to say, her usually aloof voice shaking a little with nervousness. She feels all too much like she's back at high school talking to her crush. How pathetic she thinks, I'm being such an idiot...

Then he is leaning closer, his breath ghosting over her cheek, mouth impossibly close to her ear.

"That was just what I was thinking about you," he murmurs, and she shivers, running cold at his next word, "Red has always been one of my favourite colours."

"What?" She gasps voice barely above a whisper. Ccthira knows she should move away, should turn and run from this darkness before her. The Demon. Yet she is rooted to the spot.

"What happened to you little Mage?" The demon near croons into her ear, as his hands run all too sensuously up her sides before resting on her shoulders.

For a long, heart rending moment she wants to lean into that touch. How long had it been since someone had laid hands on the real her? The despairing thought gives her an odd strength and her mind fills with the tricks and lies of the past.

"If you work for my sister, just do it. I'm tired of games," Ccthira sighs, looking away from the demon at last. "Tell me what you're here for; I'll answer none of your questions."

Unexpectedly his hand grips her chin and pivots her head around to face him. A shiver running through her at the near feral look to his eyes, again she feels that strange tug of desire. Feels it and hates herself for it.

"Oh I'm not with your sister girl," the unnaturally beautiful man smirks, “Though I have come for you.”

Her legs go weak beneath her at that; there could be no way this man, this demon, is lying. The truth is so strong she can taste it on the air, mixed into the heady feeling of the people all around her but even that is muted by him. All dulled further as he catches her up into his arms, simply holding her, oddly gentle and going against what she knew of his kind.

Everything is telling her that the power of the man before her is something she cannot turn from. She wonders if she even wants to turn away. If she even can. The sweet melody of his power rocks around her and her eyes drift closed. Tentatively she lets her own power free from where she held it close, her last precious gift.

His power shifts to embrace hers as if welcoming it. The darkness in him overwhelms her, so set it is on a purpose she fails to comprehend. The truth of his words and his inherent sincerity shine from him though, despite his nature all he is tells her she can trust him. Around him she was safe, even with that smile his words. It was an odd feeling.

"What do you mean?" Ccthira murmurs and she tries to frown against the force of her smile.

"You're the one who called to me. How could I not wish to know someone so alike me?" he laughs and the sound is enough to make her shiver.

"I didn't call you," she responds, clinging to the truths she still knows, "and I am not like you. Never like you."

His hands shift from her shoulders, coursing down her back in a hot trail of sensation that makes her head swim. She wonders vaguely if he is playing with her and she stiffens in his arms, she will not be so easily swayed.

"So much pride, determination," he murmurs into her ear, his lips once more so close to her as his breath ghosts over her skin, "you stand firm even against me. You wish to know so much. I can feel the desire burning in you to know everything and have the power to do everything. Such yearning. Such unbridled need."

"How you stand here and simply dance I cannot comprehend. Your skin whispers to me of so much torment, near destruction, yet you stand here unbroken and unbowed. Indeed, I admire all this so much I shall tell you my name. I am Lord Phenex."

"Lord... Phenex?" She gasps, and she leans back enough to stare at him in startled amazement. Anyone who knew their demons knew of this one. Dangerous yes, enticing also, yet he had always helped those who had called for him. Only when the caster had most to lose would he even listen to that call. Yet why was he here now? Her face crumples into a frown which only highlights her dark eyes the more.

He smirks as he sees her renewed confusion. His expression only deepening as he sees how much it irks her. She is too much fun.

"Oh, I was not called in that way," he chuckles, the sound as wicked and musical as he always is, "I came to find a not so willing victim to be my dinner."

The woman in his arms immediately begins to struggle. Her eyes show her sudden fear, her motions fuelled with a desperate edge as she pushes against him with her hands and with her magic. Though she may as well have struggled against the very rock itself for all the good it did her.

"Relax girl I didn't mean you," he smirks, tightening his hold about her and forcing her to still.

"You have a terrible way with words," she growls back hotly, her spirit finally showing over her confusion and fear, "why would I ever want to be around you?"

"I enjoy the reaction it brings," he chuckles, then feels her stiffen again and sighs, becoming serious, "at my age you have to find pleasure in the little things. Yet you are right, I did not come here to torment you yet this I have done. I must try better."

He releases her suddenly, not ashamed, but regretful of his behaviour. Still able to manage a smirk at her startled look and he steps back. With perfect grace he bows before her, capturing her hand and raising it to his lips to place a gentle kiss.

"My dear Lady in Red," Phenex says, still bent over her hand, "I am always honoured to meet such a fascinating individual as yourself. Would you do me the great privilege of telling me your name?"

"Ccthira," she replies, almost without thinking. Her breath caught in her throat as she stares at the enigma bowed before her. This sudden politeness, gentility... It seems almost like she sees the real man for that moment. All her worries burnt away in the sudden glow of his smile as he straightens.

"Well, Ccthira," Phenex says softly, hand rising to reach into his breast pocket to remove a silver card case, "if you wish to be courted by me, and you will, this is my card."

"You have a card?" Ccthira laughs taking the card from him and inspecting it critically, "and a phone, seriously?"

"You see you learn things about me already," Phenex chuckles, "I look forward to your call."

With that he turns and strides towards the exit of the club, fading into the shadows as if he never

was. Leaving Ccthira stood holding the small rectangle of card both bemused and far too intrigued.