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Celestien Harper
Player: @Nutetun
Class Focus: Healer
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticisim
Personal Data
Real Name:
Known Aliases: Wings, Blue Eyes, Warm Girl, Cel, Celly, Celest
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White
Age: 27
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 198lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Scottish
Occupation: Celestial
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations:
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Alexander (Spirit Shield-brother) Tamiael (brother)
Known Powers
Known Abilities


The Harper backstory as told by Alexander Haprer (Spirit shield)

There is a click as I press the button on the recorder. “Hello. My name is Alexander Harper. My other name is Spirit Shield. I have a sibling, a younger sister. Her name is Celestien. I feel as though I need to tell our story in its entirety. There are many things I need to clarify. My family and friends deserve an explanation for my actions. Things didn't turn out the way I hoped. I didn't plan for any of this to happen... at least I didn't plan for it to end this way. My intentions are not always clear so people see me as though I'm evil. I assure you, I'm not. I was trying to do what I thought was best. I took the only course of action that made any sense. I wish there had been another way but no one else was willing to do what needed to be done.” I clear my throat. “I suppose I should start from the very beginning of our story. Celestien and I were brought up in a family with very rigid rules. From the time we could speak, we were groomed to be well behaved and proper. I am three years my sister's senior so I was charged with looking after her so neither of us would be a burden on our parents. When I turned ten years old, my sister and I were more or less self sufficient. I took care of Celestien as best I could. It was expected of me and Harper children meet expectations. Every time I learned a new skill to make our lives easier, I would teach Celestien the same. We both learned to cook and clean quickly and efficiently. We would spend most of our free time in the study reading all of the books and tomes in our parents' possession. Our family had always had a deep interest in the magical arts. It wasn't long before Celestien and I had taken the same interest. On my thirteenth birthday, I was fairly versed in the basics of magic. That was probably the most eventful year of my young life... also one of the most tragic. I began noticing changes in myself. Sometimes my magical powers would manifest as pure light. I didn't think anything of it at the time. While reading some books in our study, I found an old tome on our family's lineage. After close examination, I found some very intriguing people in our past from great magicians to something that finally explained the changes. One of the entries didn't have a name but the word “Celestial”. Our family had celestial blood running through our veins. I quickly began experimenting with my celestial powers. I found that I could manifest the light at will now that I knew its origin. Several years passed and I became very good at using my celestial powers. Our parents finally started taking a more active role in our lives when they found out that I had manifested the celestial powers they knew were part of our heritage. Apparently, it had been a very long time since anyone in our family had actually been able to access our celestial bloodline. For the first time, our parents seemed to truly be interested in my life and Celestien's in the hopes she would also have the powers. When I turned sixteen, Celestien's powers began to manifest at last. She was so excited. The development of my powers had vexed her. She wanted to share in my studies but couldn't. Finally, she could be a part of the fascinating research I had been conducting. Our parents were equally happy. Unfortunately, that happiness was not to last.” You hear the sound of clothing being shifted as Alex composes himself before continuing. “The celestial powers were like a well within us. From the moment I became aware of my powers, I felt the staggering amount that lay dormant within us. I always did my best to keep rigid control over them. After watching my powers develop so much over time, Celestien started training with such fervor in an attempt to catch up. I told her over and over again that it takes time and practice. She would tell me that she understood but I would always catch her manifesting larger and larger amounts of power each day. One day Celestien came running to me saying that she had something she needed to show our parents and I. Curious, we all met out in the yard to see what she wanted to show us. Celestien immediately began glowing with power. Our parents started clapping at the display. In a matter of moments, I felt the power begin to surge and Celestien's eyes went wide. I quickly cast a defensive magic circle around myself and looked over at our parents. They were still clapping when everything was flooded with a white light. When my vision finally normalized, there was a deep crater with my unconscious sister in it. I searched but our parents were nowhere to be found. After a period of mourning, Celestien and I began training with more rigid self-imposed rules. We never wanted anything like that to happen again. My gentle sister retreated into herself. She became painfully introverted. The thought of being near anyone outside of her family, which at this point consisted of myself and no one else, shattered her composure. As we became more and more adept at our powers, I noticed a pull at my personality. The more often I used my celestial powers, the more my personality shifted into this... for lack of a better term... ultra-good persona. This is not to say that I was a bad child by any stretch of the imagination but I was a logician. Reason and logic ruled in my mind, not emotion. After some testing, I realized that our powers had a very strong effect on our personalities. I informed my sister of this change. She didn't seem to mind at all. She had always been unflappably kind and gentle so the change was nominal to her. I, on the other hand, couldn't allow my personality to be changed in this way. I felt my free will was being threatened. I had studied many dark texts over the years but never attempted any of the magic contained. It seemed logical that if the celestial powers shifted my personality to good, then darkness would shift me in the opposite direction. So I began to tentatively pursue the dark arts in order to find a balance where my personality could remain my own. My sister disapproved of my research but she trusted me. By my twentieth birthday, I had found through stoic control and discipline, I could balance the powers within me so my personality wasn't consumed by either force.


Pale skin, crystal blue eyes, and raven black hair. This combination is elegant yet close to being haunting belongs to none other than the short and plump figure of Celestien Harper. She often dawns the void colored skin tone when she follows her friends into battle. Her skin is free of any scars except for the one she keeps hidden under the gauntlet which never leaves her left arm and hand.


A overly caring nature most would say is her weakness, far to polite to speak her mind and when around no one she knows she is incredibly shy. Her fondness for foods of any kind is also another one of her downfalls which leads her to fall behind when trying to keep up with her companions. She is a bleeding heart that will help anyone and anything if she likes them or not she can not help herself and lends a loving hand. Another fault that is not well known except for the few that are her closest friends is her deeply rooted racism for manimals and those like them. What she can not understand she fears, and what she fears she dislikes. This however does not stop her from helping any of them that need her aid.


She does not have many she considers friends as she is extremely shy but she does have three and they are: Frontline; Kind, heroic, and all around good guy. The original man in orange! Khaziael; (Deleted) Spirit Shield; Her brother and the only one she can trust not to turn his back on her or push her aside. These are the closest Friends she has and even though she would sacrifice her life for anyone these are the only three she would give her soul to save.

Frontline and Celest.JPG


Around large groups, people she does not know, or in a confrontation she is shy, quiet, and extremely nervous. Around her family and close friends she is a bit more open and relaxed only growing shy when the topic is something that makes her uncomfortable. She is kind hearted and compassionate to everyone she meets, a strong sense of morals and etiquette are always followed and because of this she will never speak to those she does not know unless formally introduced, or spoken to first.


Being of a celestial bloodline her powers are strong and only centered around healing and tending to others in a time of need. She is only able to defend herself and others and can do no damage or would ever try to attempt to. She can also read the thoughts of others and part of the time it is hard for her to control herself and keep out of others minds. She can fly, and when focused in celestial form she is able to bring life back into those that have passed.

Quotes Celestien Harper

"You are the message Blue eyes" ~Frontline

Theme song

Everyone needs one, except for Celest she is special and to good to be defined by a song.


Whatever it is the person thinks she smells like duh!


It is all the opinion of the taster.