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"Not Chorus. Carol. I hate those registration goons and their sense of what they think is humour."
Combat Focus: Medic
Power Level: Classified
Meta Focus: Confidential
Personal Data
Honourifics: none
First Name: Carolyn
Nick Name: Carol, Carrie
Maiden Last Name: Huntington
Known Aliases: The Eye of Cadmiel
Species: Human, transcendent
Ethnicity: Planetouched, white
Age: 20
Height: 4ft10in / 147cm
Weight: 118lbs / 49kg
Eye Color: Left eye blue, right eye constantly emanating platinum glow
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: United Planes Defense Directorate
Occupation: Medic (Lotus Fist), Student (University of Medical Science)
Birth Data: Year of the Tiger, Month of Capricorn, 27th Day, TERRA-8-020(designate Gaia)
Base of Operations: Lotus Fist Sisterhood HQ, Mayflower blvd. 172/a, 99117 Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Charles Emerich Huntington (Grandfather), Charles Emerich Huntington II (Father), Charles Emerich Huntington III (Elder Brother), Irene Georgina Huntington-McNamara (Mother), The Lotus Sisterhood
Known Meta Abilities
Eye of Cadmiel, Psionics, True-Sight, Mind's Eye Sutra, Kundalini, Eight Trigrams Chakral Union, Unbreakable Mind, Absolution, Recall, Overwhelming Grace, Beguiling, Double Halo, Impervious, Greater Restoration, Sacral Bond, Heaven and Earth Sutra, Miracle, Heavenfury, Truth's Guise, Planar Shift
Known Skills and Training
(Displayed so far but likely not limited to) Theology, Philosophy, Herbalism, Hand-to-hand combat, Battlefield Medic, Hostile Environment Training, Stealth and Infiltration.
Known Assets
Lotus Fist Sisterhood (Disciple), UNTIL (Allied Operative)
Such power and responsibility at such a young age. And she takes it unflinching.

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SUBJECT: White Lotus Disciple



Taciturn, withdrawn and hard to pull a word out of, she is no different from any other young girl her age. Or is she? Where most teenagers are fairly easy to make blush, she seems to take on the world with a straight face. She looks like she has seen it all and few things can phase her, though at the same time she does have the wide-eyed curiosity of those of her age. It seems as though she is never alone, so say the aura and the faint humming of a resonance in the air around her. What-ever that is.





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"Not tonight."


Character Ownership, Disclaimer and Copyrights

The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Carolyn Huntington (The Character) as an original character is my intellectual property and is submitted to this website and the game Champions Online under fair use disclaimer that the character does not advertise or hold any product or merchandise of which the owner of the character will gain financial or media value. The concept, name, likeness and design of The Character is for entertainment purposes only. Using the character without my permission is prohibited. Please do not butcher my work. Thank you!