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Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Player: @Mangle_Paw
Locked and Loaded
Class Focus: DPS Tank
Power Level: 15ish
Research & Development: Science Mutation
Personal Data
Real Name: Chris Gibson
Known Aliases: none known
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 525 lbs.
Eye Color: Black, including pupil / iris
Hair Color: Black Wire
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: run away
Place of Birth: Mill City Westside
Base of Operations: Mill City
Marital Status: single but attached
Known Relatives: none known
Known Powers
Living Metal (power suit)
Known Abilities
Big Tude
none needed, not even batteries


Chrome is a run away operating within Millenium City's West Side.

Appearance & Personality

Chris Gibson is a normal American Teen. Seriously. He may have Chrome Skin and a Mohawk, but it's the inside that really counts, right?

Chris is a wirey teen who always looks like he's about five bacon cheese burgers shy of being full. He takes great care of his appearance. especially since he is in constant company with Mindful. Not many punks buff thier domes (and "shave") with sandpaper, but it's all good now. It's All Good Now is Chris's mantra and no matter how bad things get, when he says it, you always sense he means it. Ethically he's a Straight Edge Punk, and he is fully committed to that ethos.



Chris has always been a mutant, though he'd be the first to tell you that his mutation of knowing true north at all times was kind of underwhelminging. Then when he was 15 he was kidnapped by Viper. They wanted him not for his exact DNA, but for resilience his DNA could offer. They kept comatose him in some sort DNA nutrient bath for six months. When the tank was drained, he was hairless and shiney. Viper kept him in custody for another 18 months, during which they tested the limits of his strength and endurance.


The Viper Research facility recently suffered some sort of melt down. There were multilpe explosions that caused the secruity system to and mutation supression systems to fail. This provided Chrome the opportunity to meet Mindful and for both to escape Viper. A crack in the buildings foundation led them to the sewers that feed eventually to the West Side. In order to remain free, they keep on the move. But everwhere they turn someone is waiting to sell them out or attack them, and it never seems to take long for Viper to put togther the chrome kid and his 'purple' girl friend.


Chrome has become a liquid metal killing prototype for a rival super soldier program within the Viper Research and Delevopement Section. His body can produce enough energy to create energy weapons and shields and can even go as far as creating missles from his own body stores.





  • Chrome's creator and player @Mangle_Paw is looking forward to the day when Pen and Paper and Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games finnaly merge into a single hobby.
  • Chrome on paper (in Champions 5th ed.) is a multi-form character with a flight form, a melee form, and an 'artillery' form. As costume slots open, these ideas will likeley be further explored.

OOC Information

Chrome is played by @Mangle_Paw, and is his secondary duo character with his signifigant other. He is built primarily for PvE dps and tank duty.

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