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"[Angry Bug Noises]" -Cicada

Player: @Spiderbandit
Class Focus: Support/Tank/Rez'r
Power Level: lvl 40 Gold/ Master Villain Tier
Research & Development: Arms
Personal Data
Real Name: Andy Rich
Known Aliases: Magicicada, Tithonous
Species: Human/Cicada Hybrid
Ethnicity: N/A
Age: 28 [adult cicada equivalent]
Height: 5'08"
Weight: Around 170 to 214
Eye Color: Red [due to goggles]
Hair Color: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: Custodial Employment.
Place of Birth: Oklahoma
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Life Siphoning, Immortal, Abnormal Strength/Speed/Stamina/Reflexes
Known Abilities
Swordsmanship, Marksmanship, Agility, Stealth, First Responder training
Retractable Short Swords, Sonic Gun, Carapace Reflex Armor, water balloons, (expired) First Responder Licenses, and Various; Gadgets, Charms, and Relics.
*NrrrWhrrrrWhrrrrWhrrrrWhrrrr NrrrWhrrrrWhrrrrWhrrrrWhrrrr*


The Infamous Cicada was once an average person working late one night until an accident involving radioactive/hybrid cicadas left him with abnormal bug powers. Due to many of his disadvantages in battle he relays on gadgets, magic, and intelligence to fight his battles, greatly using misdirection and distraction to attack his enemies.


When Andy Rich graduated from High School he begin working at a local collage for the science department, as a janitor. One night while hiding in a storage room taking a break, a group of bank robbers broke into the science department to hide. When a firefight erupted between the robbers and the police, a stray bullet smashed a container with thousands of mutated cicadas hidden within. Andy was found the next morning in a shock induced coma, covered in the cicadas and transported to the hospital.

After months of recovery, Andy began showing abnormal signs; absorbing energy from household objects, abnormal rapid recovery from near death injuries, and suffering abnormal bug like habits. Suspected he gained cicada like abilities: Andy Rich found himself a job as a henchman for a small time villain "the Bloated Fly"; a fat man in a fly outfit.

Following months of planning, "The Bloated Fly" along with his right hand man: "Main Ant", decided to use gliders and rob a local charity event, hosted on the tallest building in the city. During the raid, Andy, as of one of many henchmen, becomes separated and ends up taking an elevator. Along the way Andy befriended a young police officer named Sharon Bogwater.

On the way up Andy, trying to pass himself off as a hero, impresses the officer who requests his help. As the doors open, Andy and Sharon confront and catch "The Bloated Fly and his henchmen while they are leaving. During the ensuing chaos; "The Bloated Fly" shoots Andy in the chest, leaves him dead in the elevator, captures Officer Bogwater, and begins to round up everyone to the center of the room.

Too high off his success, "The Bloated Fly" tempts to cross the line; kill the hostages and take to money cementing himself as a true Super Villain in his eyes. "Main Ant" objects to this and begins to argue with him to stick with the plan, Andy reappears and suddenly tackles "The Bloated Fly" to the ground. After a small fight, "The Bloated Fly" is defeated and many of his henchmen, along with Andy, flee the scene as police storm the event. Several henchmen, including "Main Ant", give up and are arrested.

After a few months of redesigning his old henchman costume with a new glider, now only known as Cicada, unofficially starts his hero career: stopping a few small time crooks and helping the newly appointed Detective Bowater with some of her cases. After awhile Cicada moves to Millennium city to try and master his abilities properly...


Andy Rich had a normal childhood for a shy teenager, usually hiding in his "shell" away from social activities and his classmates. After the accident and his transformation to Cicada, Andy slowly gone from being more reserved and quiet to become more open and outspoken. He varies between being talkative when everyone is brooding or reverts to being more silent around louder crowds depending on the situation.

In battle he tries to take out the stronger enemies or attract his opponents attention: believing it will somehow help his allies.

Cicada's Fighting Style

Cicada tends to use distracting tactics, such as luring or drawing the enemies' attention from his allies or targets. His best abilities are his ranged attacks; which distract and open an enemy up for attacks, and his siphon abilities which allows him to either heal himself or some of his allies in the heat of battle. Cicada's reflex suit also provides defensive abilities ranging from hardening like armor, stretching for resistant to tears, or vacuum sealing itself for more hazardous environments. His Glider is also his greatest asset, capable of propelling him across great distances and setting him up for aerial attacks. Cicada is able to use various gadgets with his glider: wrist-mounted anchor cables, air canisters, jet boots/packs, or claws to help traverse urban environments.


-Cicada likes to drink maple syrup due to his bug side.

-Cicada is known to using any weapon, spell, vehicular machine, or any other thing he can get his hands on, neither excelling or failing when using it.

-Due to his bug side he is susceptible to certain bug weakness, specifically a cicada.

-He speaks with an Oklahoma accent.

-Is considered a Type Four Immortal

-Cicada's Archetype is (martial arts/gadgeteer/sink)

-He doesn't take his mask off, as a running joke he is still capable of performing simple task; such as eating with his mask still on

-Almost all of Cicada's gear is redesigned equipment from Criminals, Villains, and other Heroes.

-Andy gained his powers at age 20.

Watching over the city