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I failed at making a detective, I failed at making a Viper Commander, then I got a crazy idea, a robot that takes photographs, sounds stupid huh? I thought the same. It ended up in a character with more development than the detective and the Viper guy. What the..? Then I made a backstory, and a lot of crazy stuff. I still don't know what just happened.--@"Irish And Poor"

"A picture is worth ten thousand words." -- Fred R. Barnard

"Emma hurm? Is this Emma another human feeling I have no information about?" -- Click mistaking feelings for names.

"Hello gentlemen! Would you like me to take a picture of this wonderful moment you are having in Caprice?" -- Click trying to work.

Player: @irishandpoor
Click thumbs up!.png
"Fantastic pic isn't it?"
Biographical Data
Real Name: Model 001, Robotic Operational Photographer.
Known Aliases: Camerabot, Flashguy, Walking Camera.
Gender: Male.
Species: Robot.
Ethnicity: None.
Place of Birth: USA, Desert, Snake Gulch..
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Club Caprice.
Relatives: Tyrell Donaldson (Father, supposed).
Age: 4
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: White
Hair: None.
Complexion: None.
Physical Build: Confidential
Physical Features: Body covered in a gold-titanium alloy.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public knowledge.
Years Active: 1
Citizenship: None.
Occupation: Photographer.
Education: Professional Photographer.
Marital Status: None.
Known Powers and Abilities
Photography Sense, or that's how He calls it.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Robotic Eye,a zoom lense also capable of proyecting a flash.

Two electronic flash units on the back of his head.

Coin slot on his back.

Memory card.

Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Click is a cowboy-like robot who finds himself in a eternal sleep until someone inserts a coin on his back. He is a Snake Gulch robot, but unlike his brothers, he finds humans interesting and funny to watch. He has trouble understanding their feelings or their behavior, often mistaking names, locations but despite his goofy nature, he is probably the nicest robot you will ever find in Club Caprice.


Our beloved robotic cowboy-like photographer story begins in the desert, before Viper decided to reactivate the bots turning the amusement park in Bullet-Hell.

4 years ago, when ol' Tyrell Donaldson was drawing the first blueprints for his robots, often throwing some ideas or getting new ones. A amusement park needs a tourist attraction, that would be the thousands of artificiall intelligence cowboys walking around the place, now what else? How will those tourists remember the day they visited the desert? Then...a idea...a proyect... a flash from heaven.

Donaldson wanted this "Camera-Bot" to be something else than a lifeless robot, he wanted a machine with personality. This new robot was designed to be a charismatic photographer, a cheerful robot with a always present good-mod. The blueprints of the bot included small fragile parts: a zoom lense, two flash devices, a printer and a coin sensor. To protect them, Tyrell made a gold-titanium alloy armor for this bot, making him able to take a lot of damage. The Camera-bot was born and his young memory card took it's name from the first thing it heard when it got activated.

-...and "Click!", there you go. Now It should start working properly.-Said Tyrell to Belle Steele, a friendly robot and also his "daughter" and favourite creation.

Saddly, our photographer didn't have time to meet with his maker. The night before, Sidney Potter was being injected with a wrong experimental serum. The next day, the very morning Click was activated, Grond was smashing everything that happened to be on his way, and when he arrived to Snake Gulch, thousands of cowbots were smashed or deactivated, sent to the air in pieces or threw away as thin cans. Donaldson and Belle could barely escape, leaving Click at the hands of this mutated monster. Just a single punch sent our photographer to the sky as his cowboy brothers were fighting with the mutant creature. This was the last time Tyrell Donaldson and Click met.

From that moment, the Snake Gulch amusement park was over, with Viper quickly taking control of the robots around, forcing PRIMUS to send assistance and the heroes to arrive to the scene.

Arriving to Millenium City.

Click flew miles and miles away from Snake Gulch, his memory card still remembers the skies and his bot-brothers being crushed by Grond.

Suddenly...a loud noise was heard and he landed on...moving metal box? Not exactly.

Click landed on a Viper Vehicle, who was heading to Millenium City. The drivers were supposed to pick some soldiers and escape but instead, they decided to run away before the Grond had a oportunity to send them to the another life. They couldn't hear the sound of the vehicle' decklid being crushed.

-We better leave this car somewhere and head to base, let's say it was an accident.

-What? We are Viper, we don't fea-.

-If the commander finds out that we left half of a squad in the Desert, we will die for sure!.

-I just know a place, nobody will notice.'''

Both soldiers agreed, leave the vehicle near one of the Purple Gang warehouses, shoot it just to make it look like someone or something attacked them, head back to base and God bless you if the Commander believed your fairy tale. The plan was almost flawless. They arrived to Millenium City at night, trying to don't get a lot of unwanted attention. A maniac saw them, those creeps never keep their mouths shut, he would scream, scream that he saw a Viper vehicle, some vigilantes like to wander around Westside at night to make use of their ruthless methods of justice. Little time the soldiers had.

A black silhouette spotted them and began to chase the soldiers, jumping between buildings , he was pretty fast. The Viper vehicle speeded up as the black man was getting closer and closer. Then, a unknown voice was heard, it sounded like Nolan North speaking extremelly happy.

-Hey Mr Black Human! May I have a photo of you at close range?-

After that...FLASH!

-ARGHH..MY EYES..I CAN'T SEE, I CAN'T SEE!- said the vehicle driver, covering his eyes in pain as the black silhouette dissapeared.

The another soldier turned around and he saw a Gold-like metallic body, two robotic arms and a eye emitting a white light. This robot quickly pointed foward.

-Excuse me gentlemen are we heading to that wall over there?

A scream, a explotion, a wall, something flew over the sky apart from broken pieces.

And there goes a flawless plan, a Viper Vehicle and the life of two Vipers soldiers, who were later found by the police.

In the middle of the City.

Thanks to those cowards Viper soldiers, Click avoided a rampaging monster and arrived to Millenium city, inside of a vehicle with his head shaking around, his memory card recovered and he took a high definition photo of a black vigilante. Two pics actually, the first one is this vigilante trying to stop the Viper soldiers' vehicle and the second one involves the same man rolling around on the streets of Westside, covering his eyes. The accident happened near the super jet, the vehicle smashed into a wall, exploding in the process.

But what happened to Click? He was flying, enjoying the nice view of the city, until he landed on a fountain, breaking it into pieces. He stood up, shaking his arms and legs, he cracked his neck and he looked up...The lights...the colours...The capes...

Attracted by the shiny lights of a misterious place, Click found himself walking around the Renaissance Center, taking pictures and testing his photography functions, his memory card was working correctly for the first time. Basically, he was taking his first steps. Then a signal, a young boy with a dragon mask and a cape saw our crazy bot taking pictures and he asked him to take a picture of himself striking a pose. After the flash, some people around started to ask the same. At the end of the night, he ran out of battery and he "slept" until the next morning.

Meanwhile, the automatic messages started to work...

"BZZ...Howdy Partner! Welcome to Snake Gulch! To take a funky picture, you better put a coin on this bot back! He can do pretty crazy things but don't get scared! After all, we guaranteed a good time-or your money back!"

Inside a...V-viper Nest!?.

Suddenly he woke up, he was..watching his own body? His body had something missing, his eye? Click was looking closely with his eye which was connected to his proccessing unit with one single wire, at the place he arrived with his zoom lense. A robotical nightmare: various robots heads were hanging on the wall and on metal tables around. He also saw some blueprints, for helmets, suits and power armors. The room had only one door, his lifeless body was standing still, and near him there were five or four cutting tools. They were going to open him and checked what he had inside.

The door opened and 5 men entered, one had a green and yellow uniform with a mask covering his mouth while the rest just had a white lab coat. A VIPER agent found Click standing near Club Caprice, after noticing how similar he looks to the cowboy bots in Snake Gulch, he kidnapped him, carrying the Photographer on a small car into a VIPER nest, in Downtown. When the agent told the scientist about this new "subject", the scientists were expecting something else than a photographer. They even tried to reprogram Click but when the robot woke up, the only thing they managed to do is to activate a HUGE flash.

The soldiers were shooting everywhere, covering their eyes and screaming for help, they thought it was a flash grenade, but..such a huge flash grenade? Impossible.

Click took his eye and put it back on his head, he pushed the agent and the scientists apart and ran away from that place. However, this agent managed to put a track device on Click' belt.

He kept running and running, he needed a place to hide from these green snakes and recharge his batteries again. Quickly, he arrived to Renaissance Center again, he searched for a place, a perfect one, the last place where VIPER would like to be.

He saw a few heroes flying around into a giant Green place, it had a picture of a Lady with a rose. Hurm...What a strange place.

A strange-yet so exciting place.

-Excuse me...Mr!...Pardon me Miss could you tell me what...Excuse my little friend would you...- Click was trying to ask what was this odd place, this giant place with that Lady and the rose.

Everyone was ignoring him, treating him like a idiot or saying things like "Back to your lab bot" or "Get off you machine scum". Despite not being a human at all, for the first time, Click was feeling sad. While asking for this place, he saw a man with a green uniform. He panicked, rushing into the entrance and avoiding the bouncers, quickly jumping between them.

-First time in Caprice? Let me tell ya the first rule. The strange is normal, and the normal is strange, that's how Caprice works- said a bartender to a power armor officer who was drinking a scotch whiskey.

-Woah...Sir! Be gentle please! - said a woman who was walking around the place with her group of friends until a robot pushed her apart.

-BZZZ...Shutting down...-said Click, whose battery went off.

And then..automatic messages...

"BZZ...Howdy Partner! Welcome to Snake Gulch! To take a funky picture, you better put a coin on this bot back! He can do pretty crazy things but don't get scared! After all, we guaranteed a good time-or your money back!"

"BZZ...Insert Coin!...BZZ."

Click woke up again, surrendered by Caprice' bouncers. He explained everything, from the green cobras to his aumatic messages, of course they started to listen him after one of the bouncers broke his knuckles trying to punch him. They saw the Viper belt, they thought something that any sane person that lives in Milllenium City would do.

-He must be another killer robot, or a bomb...

But like one of the bouncers pointed out.

-What kind of Viper robot has a coin slot on his back?.

He is harmless, a innocent robotic photographer, what kind of damage he can do? The bouncers decided to leave him. And the adventure of Click began, taking pictures is his only function and passion, some heroes already know how Click works, often running out of battery and needing a coin to work again. In his robotic heart rests the wish to finally meet his maker, It is almost impossible but as long as he can still take a photo of a hero smiling, his eye emitting the same annoying flash and his happy voice always talking like circus announcer, his endless hope, unlike his battery, will never run out.


Click was designed as a robot with "Personality", instead of the classic robotic personality, feeling no emotions and absolutly caring on nothing but his primary objective, Click has a cheerful personality, a optimistic bot who always tries to see the good side of the problems and everything else. He considers his "clients" as friends, switching between a serious and informal persona. Despite being ignored or hated, everyone who asked him for his photography services are officially his friends, pals, buddies, etc.

His personality isn't part of a soul or something crazy like that. Inside Click' head, he has a personality core, a small chip that develops all of these reactions and gets updated EVERY DAY.

When talking about VIPER, Click will often treat the Green Vipers like "Men-without a real dream to follow but to follow anothers person dream", he isn't afraid of talking about them. After all he was inside of a Viper Nest. His voice tone would often sound a bit angry when talking about the Snakes, specially, by the fact that his brothers, who are being controlled by the Snakes and are sent to kill heroes.

Click is unable to detect human feelings, such as love, anger, etc. Sometimes he will even ask: "Is this thing you are talking about a human feeling or a emotion I will probably never understand?"


As a good photographer, his eye is actually a zoom lense. He can see the smallest detail on everything and everyone, from pictures to a person portrait. If the insane zoom option isn't enought, he emits a red light when focusing on something, preparing his systems and getting ready to take a picture, and the last but not less important feature? THE FLASH.

Yes, the flash. His eye emits a annoying flash. Some heroes around Caprice say it's like a lantern pointing to your eye while another claim that is like staring at the sun for half an hour. The flash function is to make sure the photo has high definition, basically, the more the flash CLick makes, the better the resolution is.

Miscellaneous facts and stuff.


  • always says "Thankfully thanks."
  • speaks 2 languages, english and fluently spanish.
  • only "asks" for a coin once he is out of battery, which means the whole service is free until this happends.
  • refers to humans as "Mr/Ms Human" when he doesn't know their names.
  • loves saying the next words: "Slendid, excelent, bravo, pardon me."
  • ' automatic message has a different voice.