Commander Razak

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Commander Razak
Player: Disgreaser
"You chose the wrong old man to mess with, compadré." -Ernesto Razak
Class Focus: Munitions
Power Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Ernesto Razak
Known Aliases: "Raz" "Razor"
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Unknown
Age: 64
Height: 6'8
Weight: Uknown
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: American. His parents were mexican.
Occupation: OSF Commander
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Millenium City (originating from West side)
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Parents (deceased)
Known Powers
None. he draws his power from weapons.
Known Abilities
He's in great condition for his age, being able to perform acrobatic movements, such as backflips.
All kinds of munitions. Mostly uses his assault rifle and gatling gun.

Ernesto Razak and the Qularr

Once a normal human, Ernesto Razak got involved with the OSF after being assaulted by several Qularr aliens. Ernesto, 16 years of age at that time, ran down several allies and streets while being chased by the insectoid monsters. After a few minutes of running, jumping and dodging, the young boy bumped into a dead end street. Seeing no way out, he tried to climb over the wall that ended the street. The Qularr took this chance and finally captured the young boy, taking him with them on their mothership.

The 16 year old Ernesto Razak running for the Qularr

Quite a few years later, the now 27 year old Ernesto worked as a slave on the mothership, doing all the dirty and heavy tasks the Qularr gave him. One day, a week after Ernesto's 30th birthday, the mothership got attacked by the OSF. Tons and tons of OSF battleships assaulted the ship, and hundreds of soldiers entered it. Ernesto saw his only way to freedom walking past: an OSF soldier, unaware of Ernesto sneaking up behind him. Ernesto attacked the soldier, killing him by snapping his neck. He then stripped the soldier from his armor and helmet and wore them, using it as a disguise to get off the Qularr mothership and into the OSF's cruiser, the "Crimson Nova". It had success. The OSF didn't notice Ernesto was a complete stranger. This would be the beginning of Ernesto's bloody carreer.

Becoming a commander

Ernesto Razak, now known as "Raz" among the soldiers, was the most successfull soldier of his squad, always rapidly wiping out the enemy with well thought, tactical plans. He rapidly earned medals and increased ranks, his skill doing nothing but growing and growing. He built a large self-confidence, always believing he would succeed in everything he did. It would never go wrong. He would always win. Finally, his carreer reached it's climax. He became a commander. His self-confidence grew even larger, he thought he was indestructible, he thought he was a God. With all those troops under his control, Ernesto Razak no longer called himself human. He started to call himself the Overseer. Even today, at his age, Ernesto still believes even Death himself can't make him lose.


During the Ben'hai invasion, Razak (age 40), was in command of one of the so called "Deathsquads". He commanded his dropship pilot to land in a village he saw just before them, Huk'toruk, Slicer's hometown. As soon as he landed, he commanded the Deathsquad to disengage from the dropship. He stepped out a few moments later, taking his helmet off, and putting on his signature sunglasses. "Take it easy, fellas....just gonna be another bug hunt." he said, lighting a cigar, looking around at the scared Ben'haians. He then commanded the Demolition experts to blow up some houses to show the Ben'haians the OSF had arrived. He walked to the house standing infront of him and kicked the front door out. It was Slicer's house he entered. He was surprised when suddenly, Slicer's father attacked his squad. He didn't feel any sorrow when he saw two of his soldiers die, but was amused by the attempt of the alien to keep his family safe. He kicked him in the stomache and shot him through the head, after which Slicer's mother started to beg Razak for mercy. He didn't care about her begs, kicking her and shooting her in the leg, after which he allowed the soldiers to violently attack her, in the means of shooting her. He walked off, hearing the screams of the woman, and his sick twisted mind enjoyed it. He called his dropship and soon was tasked with assisting in the Battle for Avaren by Cordell, one of the leaders of the OSF. He ordered his pilot to fly there, only to be shot out of the sky by the Lead Army of Jylt, under command of the brothers Talkan, and fiv Birak. Not only did he miss the greatest battle of the war, he also was stranded on Ben'hai for at least 5 years. He has now been picked up from the place and is now active on Earth, chasing down Slicer, determined to kill her and prevent her from being the OSF's way.