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Shameless recruitment video.

Conquer is a social, RP light, PvE, and build theory guild that takes our super group seriously. We have two CCs each week, an RP channel, and an OOC channel for those times when you're playing alts (or that filthy STO game). Roleplaying is not a requirement.




You can never have too much power and attention. This is the theory behind Caliga having his own guild. Often found sitting on his gilded throne, with his hound, Valor. Leadership in the guild is taken very seriously and only those that prove themselves capable earn officership.

Conquer's government system is Authoritarianism, or more specifically, Despotism.


Entry Requirements

  • Thematic and efficient builds.
  • Age: 17+
  • We are an English speaking guild. It does not need to be your native language, but you must have a decent grasp of it.


  • Harassment of guild members and members of the Champions Online community is not tolerated. Harassment includes trolling of Costume Contests.
  • You will be expected to participate in guild events. We understand that real life is more important, but please make the effort. Your help is appreciated, especial during our Costume Contests.
  • We do our best to minimize drama, but it happens.
  • You wear the Conquer name, we expect you to act like a decent human being.
  • Guild Bank: Only level 40 purple gear and rank 7+ mods are allowed. All items can be purchased for 50% of the current Auction House price. Trial members are not allowed to purchase guild items.
  • Swearing is allowed as long as you aren't doing it every other word.
  • We prefer you join with your main. Only your main will have regular ranks. Any alts you may bring into the guild will be designated as 'Alts'. This allows us to keep track of member numbers.


Step one is to demote you all the way to the bottom. If you noticed when you joined that you were instantly promoted, that's because the first rank has no power to do anything. Not even to speak in guild chat. You stay at the bottom until the officers have decided you've cooled down enough to have your rank restored.

You may be demoted if you continue to be a problem or fail to perform duties of your rank.