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The Resurgent
Red Copper
STZ Signal Corps
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Better Red than Dead
Power Armor
Player: @LXD
Super Group
Strike Team Zulu
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Minions of Zoar
Real Name
Eric Dahaffbee
Copper, Avenger 1
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States
Millenium City
Moon Base Zulu
Federal Marshal
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Sandy Brown
Pale Brown
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Red Copper Power suit
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Trained Federal Marshal


Eric Dahaffabee

Eric was a federal marshal based in Millennium city and was a specialist in witness protection and interstate super villainy. He had become a law enforcement officer through a fierce desire to protect people from danger. He was chosen by the extra-terrestrial entity known as Zoar to be one of it's agents on Earth for precisely this reason. Zoar is a computerized observer located at the center of our moon. It was placed there by a pan-galactic race of beings known as the Lukovians. The entirety of this extremely advanced an ancient race completely disappeared from our galaxy almost instantly, leaving behind only a few scattered outposts on the fringes of the galaxy. Zoar is one of those outposts. After the disappearance, a secret program was activated in Zoar to cease the surveillance and to begin manipulating people and events on our planet to accelerate our evolution. This was approximately 4000 years ago. Since that time Zoar identifies and protects humans it calls, "The Prime Progenitors". After some time, it became necessary to have an agent it could send to earth to directly intercede in the protection and support of these special human beings. The first agent it created was a robot it called M.A.C.H. However, MACH inadvertently became self aware and eventually rebelled against Zoar, leaving Earth in search of it's own destiny. Next, Zoar chose a human brain to place into a cybernetic body the Lukovians had left behind in Zoar's labs. This human, who would later become known as Lord Xanadu, also defected after a time. After the mutiny of Lord Xanadu, Zoar decided that it needed a new system for directing it's minions. It needed an agent capable of creative, independent thought, but also incapable of misusing or absconding with it's valuable technology. It hit on the idea of creating a powered suit that it could bestow or retrieve from it's user at will. It also decided that instead of a single agent, it would choose 3 so that the humans could retain their original identities and lives and therefore remain connected to humanity. When it chose Eric Dahaffabee as one it's agents, it gave him the Copper power suit which was the heaviest and most durable of the 3 it created since Eric had the greatest dedication to the cause. It was not long after this that Zoar realized that some of the prime progenitors were being specifically targeted by a superhuman menace known as The Marquise. The Marquise was able to hide from Zoar's observation, which was no mean feat, and thus was a serious threat to the entire program. What The Marquise hopes to gain from this opposition is currently unknown.


In 2011, Eric, as Copper, was sent to save the life of one of the Prime Progenitors named, Bryan Quinn. With the aid of Copper and Zoar, Bryan would go on to become the hero known as Halon. Since Bryan continued to place himself in jeopardy, Zoar kept a very close eye on him. When his life was again in danger of being ended, it sent all 3 of it's agents, Gold, Silver and Copper, to aid him in a battle against The Marquise and her minions. It was a vicious and costly engagement. Both Gold and Silver perished and Copper was severely wounded. From that time forward, Bryan Quinn took up the duties of Zoar's earthly agents but also began building an even greater organization that could face the threat of The Marquise and her allies on multiple fronts.

If Nothing Else, Vengeance

Following the Monster Island battle with The Marquise, Eric spent 6 months recovering in the bacta tanks. After his revival, he was gratified to see that Bryan Quinn had survived but saddened to hear that his compatriots had not. At that point, Eric did not know quite what to do with himself. Bryan had created a new organization with new allies. One that seemed to have a new mandate beyond what Zoar had charged him with. Zoar had adjusted the federal marshal computer system to make him appear to be on a special assignment, so he could return to his old life if he chose to or not. He decided to continue to recuperate at the secluded cabin that had once housed the recuperating Bryan Quinn. Eric had originally agreed to Zoar's mission in order to protect people and to serve mankind. He had never really gotten to know the other 2 men that had also served Zoar. They had rarely been required to work together and in fact they did not even speak the same language, but he missed them just the same. He felt alone now but that loneliness began to kindle a spark of hate in him, hate for The Marquise. But he didn't know if he had any more fight left in him.

It had been nearly a year now since the last battle when Bryan came to visit him. As Halon, Bryan Quinn was now the leader of an ever expanding force he had initially called Strike Team Zulu. But now that team was expanding even further into a full fledged army. Bryan explained to Eric that he now believed that The Marquise was being backed by one or more organizations such as Viper or Argent and that he was building an equally large force to combat them. He asked Eric to join him, to bring down those responsible for the deaths of Gold and Silver. At first Eric was reluctant, but Bryan pressed further, saying that simply having another experienced battle suit pilot to help test the rapidly progressing designs the STZ were producing would be a great help, so Eric agreed to return with him. They both returned to Zoar's moon base that had been expanded to accommodate this new force and Eric was impressed with what Bryan had accomplished thus far. Bryan explained that at first, the research and development team of Bryan, his brother Norman and the super scientist Heron, had concentrated on iterating and perfecting their own individual technologies and tools that were somewhat disparate and unrelated, but now they had begun designing and producing standardized weapon platforms that could be manned or unmanned in the field. The first product of that system was called the Avenger Battle Suit and this was what Eric would be testing. Unlike the large and formidable Copper power suit, this was a light to medium grade platform that relied on force fields for protection and streamlined, compact particle energy weapons for combat. It was able to operate reliably for long periods by utilizing broadcast power from the moon base that was relayed around the planet by satellites. Eric was impressed by the suit's capabilities and ease of use and eventually agreed to field trials that involved mostly reconnaissance. As Eric become more comfortable in the field he asked that these duties become his permanent assignment. Bryan had indeed hoped that Eric would be enticed by this and named him the first officer of the Strike Team Zulu Signal Corps. As a code name he simply became known as Avenger 1. Zoar also asked that Eric resume his duty as a protector of the Prime Progenitors, a duty that would supersede his duties in the Signal Corps and both Eric and Bryan agreed to this arrangement. In the cases where Eric is called away Quartermoon is then in charge of the Signal Corps.


The STZ has been battered down in recent months. Halon's sudden change of direction for the strike force and the draw down of forces led to the schism with Count Ubiquitous and an even greater loss of strength. Eric could no longer sit by and only watch what was going on. He requested that his armored suit be upgraded so that he could take on a full combat role to support the strike force. His new suit, which he dubbed "Red Copper", came none too soon. Their long time enemy The Marquise suddenly reappeared after a long absence but this time she was being pursued by an extra-dimensional counterpart to Halon called Argon. He wore a power suit that was immensely powerful as well as also having his own troops. The STZ was now faced with fighting their own twisted mirror image. Eric now stands ready to fight at the forefront against these new threats.

Powers & Abilities

Eric is an Olympic level athlete though the damage he sustained in the Monster Island battle has left him with chronic pain in his neck and hands. He is a trained and well seasoned law enforcement officer and an expert in armed an unarmed combat. He is also an experienced power suit pilot though he has no interest nor aptitude in any kind of electrical engineering or bio-mechanical design.


Copper Power Suit


The Copper power suit was a powerful combat suit constructed by Zoar. Presumably from technology and designs left behind by it's creators. The outer shell and frame were composed of an exotic alloy, the formula for which Zoar has not been forthcoming. It's defensive posture was never fully quantified as most engagements, prior to the final one, had never involved ordnance larger than high powered rifle bullets, which it shrugged off easily. The Copper suit was able to engage a mega-destroid single-handedly and was eventually weakened and compromised primarily by the sub-space canon wielded by The Marquise. Halon has theorized that it would have withstood low yield atomic blasts. The suit enhanced the strength of the wearer, enabling them to lift (press) 100 tons. The offensive systems included arm mounted plasma beams, a variety of missiles and a battery of pulson beams mounted on a frame attached to the back. The power source was apparently a type of fusion reactor that exploded during the final battle. Flight was achieved with a combination of boot jets and anti-gravity/inertia fields. As with all those under the auspices of Zoar, the suit could be 'beamed' directly to and from the user in a matter of seconds. The damage caused by The Marquise and subsequent explosion ruined most of the suit.

Avenger Power Suit

AVNG 01.jpg

The Avenger power suit mk 1 is based on Halon:Cobalt 1 and Captain Arcane's medium battle suit which includes many advances in power utilization and force field technology. It does not rely on heavy armoring for protection or heavy ordnance, instead it uses powerful self regenerating force fields and compact, efficient particle beam weapon systems. The servo system is designed to give the user better endurance rather than tremendous physical strength. Power is primarily provided by a Sub-space transmission system so that it is constantly being replenished. In the event of a complete transmission failure the weapon systems are cut off and the back up battery powers the shields and flight system for a maximum of 4 hours. It is intended to be worn primarily by officers of the STZ in the field and is equipped with sophisticated observation and communication systems as well. The suit is designed for either a human occupant or an android drone. As with the original Copper suit, Eric can have the Avenger suit "beamed" to him and be ready for battle almost instantly.

The Mk 2 suit has upgraded power backup systems allowing for full operation for 4 hours. It also has increased durability allowing Avenger 1 to resist anti-materiel shells for a short time. This marks a branch in the Avenger armor production as the Mk 2 suit was designed specifically for Eric Dahaffabee an is not suitable for an android pilot.

Red Copper Power Suit

RDCOP 01.jpg

Originally designated the Mark 3 Avenger Power Suit, this model began as a variation of Halon's Iodine suit coupled with refinements in the Avenger line. Eric asked that the prototype be fitted for active duty. The suit was officially upgraded to a heavier class and also included a new surveillance system which was quite uncharacteristically contributed by Zoar. The new system taps directly in Zoar's gravitic macroscope system which allows observation of any person, place or thing on Earth. The outer shell is made of a super alloy consisting of Serpentium, Copper, Gadolinium and Chromium. Combined with it's improved force fields, the suit is able to withstand 20mm rounds and deflect high powered energy weapons. The musculature allows the wearer to lift (press) 55 tons. The power system is now essentially the same as Halon's Cobalt 7. It is electrical, with the primary source being capacitors fed power through a sub-space transmission system developed by Heron. The primary transmission site is the moon, with booster satellites orbiting the earth to ensure maximum reception. (Being a sub-space transmission it is not affected by any physical obstacle, only distance and sub-space interference). In the event of a loss of transmission, a small fusion reactor can power the suit for several days. There is also a tertiary solar collection system that can recharge the capacitors very slowly. The fully charged capacitors can operate at full power for 6 hours before requiring 18 hours to recharge again. The weapon systems now utilize hyper-charged radium pulse canons mounted in the gauntlets and cold barium ion lasers on the helmet. Using the macroscope system, the suit is able to call down precise orbital plasma canon strikes within 1000 yards

Support drones models L and R

HERDR 01.jpg

Eric is supported by 2 recovery drones of the L type for first aid in the field. Only rarely does he deploy the type R drones as his own fire power is normally more than sufficient.


Member of the Minions of Zoar

Member of Strike Team Zulu, First officer of the Signal Corps