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The Crimson Patriot
The Champion Of The Innocent
Player: @ryan1580
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Super Group
Project Oncall
· Other Affiliations ·
Global Defense Force, UNTIL, UNITY,
Real Name
Austin Michael Stevens
Crim, Boyscout, Trooper,
January 4th, 1982
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Canadian/American Dual Citizenship
Millennium City
UNTIL Headquarters In Millennium City
Responder For Project Oncall
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
  • Father: Michael Stevens; Status: Deceased
  • Mother: Maria Stevens; Status: Deceased
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
225 lbs.
Body Type
Dark Tan
· Distinguishing Features ·
Tall, Athletic build
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
  • Enhanced Attributes
· Equipment ·
  • Patriot Uniform
  • Patriot Shield
  • Standard Utility Belt
· Other Abilities ·
  • Master Combatant
  • Master Shield Wielder
  • Master Martial Artist
  • Advanced Military Operator
  • Tactician And Strategist
  • Acrobatics
  • Weapon Proficiency


Powers And Abilities

Enhanced Physiology: Austin would volunteer for a Super Soldier Program Sponsored by UNTIL in which he would be selected as both the first Canadian and the first subject to undergo this version of the Super Soldier Process through this sponsorship. Through a chemical concoction which to this day is still unknown due to the creator dying before writing down the process Austin would be taken from what was considered a weak under developed Human Male and was turned into what is classified as being the peak of Human Potential with some of his abilities being classified as being on the low level of the Superhuman Scale. Through a healthy diet and daily exercise Austin has pushed his limits beyond that of the Super Soldier Process that had created him pushing his upper limits beyond what his creators has anticipated when they put him through the process. Due to the changes that he has gone through he does not need to exercise in order to maintain his shape but he still does in order to push his limits and continue developing himself past the limits that his creators had when creating him. The combination of his Enhanced Healing Factor and his Enhanced Stamina allows his body to process sleep in greater efficiency that that of the average person where for every hour of sleep that he gets it is the same as the average person sleeping for 3 hours which means that for 3 hours that he spends sleeping it is the same as being asleep for 9 hours allowing him to sleep and rest much faster then the average person allowing to rest and wake up refreshed and ready for whatever he wants to do faster then that of the average person. Due to the level of control that he has over his body Austin is able to hold his breath underwater or in hazardous environments for a total of 4 and a half minutes and 15 seconds in Vacuum Environments such as Outer Space.

Enhanced Strength: Austin possesses a high degree of strength which is one of the few abilities that he has which could have him classified as a Metahuman for his strength is beyond the limits of the finest Human athlete and even beyond the limits of what his creators had thought possible. He is able to smash through most conventional substances with little to no effort depending on what it is that he is trying to break. He has been known to smash through Wood, Concrete, Brick, Glass, Plaster, Low Grade Metal and many other things with nothing more then his bare hands or feet. He is able to lift up the average person and toss them around single handed like a rag doll often times with little to no effort on his part once tossing a thug 20 feet without even trying. He is easily able to lift conventional vehicles and toss them around at times using them as weapons when facing tougher more durable foes. He is able to apply enough strength to moving vehicles to keep them from moving even if the driver accelerates to the top speed of the vehicle that they are operating. He once was able to hold onto a Dodge Ram Truck single handed after it had rolled off a bridge and was able to hold it for an hour without any strain until rescue workers could safely get the occupants of the vehicle to safety. Austin is able to use his full strength to prevent helicopters or VTOL Vehicles from being able to take off by applying pressure to the landing gear or the wings of the vehicle that can prevent them from gaining the momentum needed to obtain lift off and can hold these vehicles in place for an extended period of time. While he is not able to penetrate many forms of Power Armor Austin has shown that he is able to strike with enough force that he can make the wearers of such suits feel strikes within their armor when using his full strength. While remarkably strong Austin is not able to match the strength of beings such as Grond but that does not stop from from facing these beings where he is shown that he is strong enough to allow him to strike these beings with enough force that they will feel it and may even be hurt by his strikes.

Enhanced Speed: Austin is faster then the finest Human athlete able to run at speeds able to outrun the average person and even outrun most conventional vehicles. His speed abilities are even more impressive in that he can maintain these speeds even when dressed in what he considers to be his full field combat gear which is his armored uniform and various gadgets that he carries in his equipment belt. He has shown that he can easily complete with Olympic Class Athletes where none of them have been able to compete on the same level as him. He has shown that he can compete against low class Metahumans with speed based abilities but he is not as fast as some beings on the planet where against these opponents he can not match the same levels of speed in which they could move. He has been clocked at running up to 50 mph over short distances and 40 mph when running longer distances showing that 40 mph seems to be a comfortable speed to maintain over longer distances.

Enhanced Agility: Austin has shown that he is incredibly agile since his transformation showing that he is far more agile the both Olympic Athletes and highly trained acrobatics. His total control over Balance, Dexterity, Equilibrium and Flexibility allow her to perform feats of acrobatics that Human beings are unable to match while allows him to move and react to combat and his environment in ways that most people can not nor could they anticipate making it very hard to trap Austin as he always seems to find a way to move in even the tightest of quarters. Acrobatics and Parkour techniques are extremely easy for him and he is able to chain together techniques to perform combos or reach heights that others can not and is able to often do this with ease.

Enhanced Reflexes: Austin is able to react to his surroundings far faster then even an Olympic Class Athlete. He is able to avoid gunfire even when being shot at point blank range. He has shown that he can avoid up to 3 shooters at the same time using automatic weaponry or up to 5 shooters using semi automatic or other slow to fire weapons. He is able to avoid physical strikes from his opponents and often times position himself in whatever way he needs in order to utilize a perfect counterattack to the attack that his opponent has tried to use against him. Austin has often times when facing the average threat is able to subdue criminals before they even have a chance to target him with a weapon or get into a defensive stance if they were planning to try and attack him physically.

Enhanced Durability: Austin's skin, bone, and muscle structure are vastly superior to that of the average Human allowing him to withstand impacts and blows that would incapacitate or even kill the average person. He is highly resistant to Blunt Force Trauma, High Altitude Impacts, Conventional Weaponry, Elemental Forces, Concussive Forces, Explosive Forces and Small Arms Projectiles. When facing off against the average foe Austin has shown that unless he is looking at the foe when they are attacking him physically then he would never even know he was being attacked as the average person can not muster the strength needed for them to be able to deliver a blow in which Austin would feel. When facing beings with Superhuman levels of strength he has shown that he can sustain blows from these beings where he would show no exterior sign that such blows had done any damage to him. He has been seen getting shot at where conventional ammo leaves bruises on his skin but can not penetrate his skin however higher caliber rounds are able to pierce his skin like any other Human being. He has been shot numerous times by laser fire of various intensities showing no sign of harm and has even gotten right back up when shot. He has been caught in explosions of various intensities where the concussive and heat forces of the explosives have done little but cause minor burns to this skin which were hardly noticeable. Austin has jumped out of planes as high as 1,000 feet above the ground with a parachute and landed without any injury allowing him to survive high altitude impacts from such heights as he has been knocked off the roof of buildings before and crashed into the ground below without injury quickly getting back to his feet and dusting himself off after such falls. Austin has been struck with Tasers and Taser Batons where he has shown that mild shocks cause tingling sensations that he can easily ignore only being effected by large voltage shocks and even then he can suffer high voltage shocks for extended periods as compared to the average person. He has shown that he seems to be insulated against various temperatures as he has been in temperatures between -20 Degrees Celsius all the way up to 100 Degrees Celsius without showing injury or discomfort.

Enhanced Healing Factor: Austin while incredibly durable is not invincible where those who plan their attacks wisely could deliver blows or injuries that could effect even someone like Austin. When injured he is able to heal himself at a much faster rate then the healing factor of the average person where Austin has shown that he can recover without the need of medical attention and once healed they will show no lingering signs that he had ever been injured in the first place. His body has a higher number of white blood cells then other beings which affords him an immunity to all Diseases, Illnesses, Disorders, Drugs, Toxins and Alcohol meaning that he can not get sick or become impaired by drugs or alcohol. Minor injuries such as cuts and bruises are able to be healed within seconds while more serious injuries such as stab wounds and gunshots can heal within a matter of hours. After being shot 6 times in the chest with armor piercing bullets Austin was not only able to survive but he was able to completely heal himself and recover in only 1 hour. It is currently unknown how Austin would respond to Diseases, Illnesses, Disorders, Drugs, Alcohol or Toxins that are alien in nature but it is suspected that he is just as immune to them as the same things that originate on Earth.

Enhanced Stamina: As part of his healing factor one of the things that his healing factor does is purge Fatigue Toxins from Austin's system on a regular basis. This removal allows Austin to function for longer periods of time under physical activity then the average person. He is able to function for 6 hours before the first sign of fatigue would begin to show in Austin's movements but he can push himself beyond his limits and go for up to 12 hours before he would reach a fatigue level which would cause him to stop whatever it is that he was doing and take time to rest before he could continue in physical activity once again. He has shown that he can function for an entire week without the need of sleep when he does not take part in physical activity which allows him to conduct surveillance on people or places for long periods without the need of rest or a break which can be useful when having to gather intelligence that is important for what it is that he is doing.

Enhanced Mental Process: Austin's mind operates far faster and much more efficiently then the average person allowing to perform mental feats beyond normal Human limitations. He is able to absorb information from his surroundings and process it very quickly allowing him to adapt to the flowing changes of combat and better prepare himself for whatever might come his way in a fight. This is how he is able to devise tactics to handle his foes with such accuracy as he can basically anticipate what he needs at any given time to handle his foe. His brain has the capacity for infinite learning and he has shown that ever since the transformation he has had a photographic memory able to recall any memory since that time with picture perfect clarity at any time that he wishes to remember something. His memory recall has been shown to be so good that he is able to recall memories of things that he has seen or witnessed even if he only got a chance to get a glance at that which he saw as in his mind he can review the memory and freeze the image in his mind so that he can remember that glancing memory which perfection. Because of his ability to remember things which nothing more then a mere glance he has shown that he has a strong ability to speed read anything that he needs to as his brain can quickly glance at the information then process it in his mind as he can slow down the memory in his mind and review the information. Austin's mind has been shown to be fast enough to follow the movements of beings moving at various levels of Super Speed despite not being able to physically move at the speed which he is following others. Because he is able to follow the movements of Speedsters this is how he is able to stop those he has to fight as he can follow their movements and anticipate where they are going to move and strike at that spot to take them out even if they are moving at super speeds. Austin's mind is capable of processing scenarios and the features present in his environment extremely fast showing that he can determine things such as distance to target or targets as well as show that he can determine deflection or ricochet angles so that he can throw his shield when he has it and ensure that it either returns to his hand or lands in a location that would not be out of his way to get back his shield again each and every time that he throws his shield as a weapon.

Enhanced Senses: All five of Austin's senses have been enhanced to the peak levels for a Human being. He is able to see in picture perfect clarity around him for up to 25 feet without the need of Binoculars. His eyes are able to adjust to various levels of light present allowing him to see in near dark situations with the same clarity that he sees in the daylight or the best lit room. His hearing allows him to hear up to 25 feet away with clarity and has shown that he can hear whispered conversations in a crowded room on the opposite side of the room. He has shown that he is able to filter out various sounds so that he only hears what he wants to hear at any given time. His sense of smell allows him to detect poisons based on smell alone. He is able to pick up the scent of different people and tell one person from another based on their scent. His sense of smell allows him to pick up on chemical changes Humans make when lying allowing Austin to serve as a walking lie detector and tell when anyone he is speaking with is lying to him.

Indomitable Will: Austin has a strong sense of will which is something that he was born with and greatly enhanced following his transformation. Austin is able to resist telepathic invasions of his mind from even the strongest of telepaths. While not immune to the effects of telepaths he has shown that he can make it extremely difficult for telepaths to get whatever information they need from out of his head and shown that he can completely resist telepathic attempts to manipulate him into doing something that he would not normally do regardless of how strong the telepath is. His strong sense of will is also what allows him to suffer even the most extreme amounts of pain and continue to function without allowing the pain to effect his performance where he has shown that he can function far longer under painful situations that the average person could tolerate.

Skills And Training

Shield Mastery: Austin brings with him in each and every assignment a unique shield which was custom made specifically for him. Over the years he has perfected the use of his shield for both offensive and defensive purposes and in various situations that might arise during an assignment. He has trained in Ricochet and Deflection so that he can toss the shield through the air using it as an indestructible makeshift projectile that can return to his hand each and every time that Austin chooses to throw it as a weapon. Through training Austin has learned how to use his shield as a blunt force melee weapon where he is able to use the unique combination of his Enhanced Strength with the Unique materials of his shield to allow him to deliver harder then normal blows for even him. He is able to knock out the average being with a single blow thanks to the training that he has put himself in which is extremely useful when fighting against multiple opponents at a single time. Defensively Austin has learned to use his shield to protect himself against virtually any attack that his enemies might try to utilize against him.

Martial Arts: Over the years Austin has studied and mastered various styles of martial arts which he often employed in his assignments. He has mastered the use of Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, American Boxing, American Wrestling, Submission Grappling, Judo, Hapkido, Bajan Stick Fighting, Street Fighting and a couple other styles giving him a strong knowledge of different styles and allowing him to compete on par with the greatest of martial arts fighters on the planet. When fighting the majority of the time his preferred style utilizes a combination of Muay Thai and Hapkido creating a unique style that other opponents find challenging to try and counter against. In a one on one fight Austin has yet to encounter an opponent that he has not been able to either beat or at the very least fight to a stalemate. His skills and styles allow him to fight multiple opponents at once where he has fought against 10 foes at a single time and was able to defeat his foes making it appear easy to him thus it is unknown currently how many foes would be too many for Austin to face at a single time and has yet to find himself in a fight against more then 10 at a single time so it is unknown even to Austin himself how many opponents would have to challenge him at the same time for the numbers to be against him to the point that he would be outnumbered and forced to consider a tactical retreat.

Tactician And Strategist: Austin has been a soldier for many years developing an extensive knowledge of combat tactics that allow him to easily devise tactics and techniques to deal with any situation that he finds himself facing. Austin has shown that he is able to develop a tactic or tactics for any situation he finds himself in even if he is in the heat of battle and facing multiple opponents or being attacked by multiple sources. He has been challenged by other tacticians where he likes to play chess with others or others come to him looking to play chess with him as they like to try and beat him but Austin always seems to think multiple moves ahead and always finds ways to defeat his foes with foes often being beaten unexpectedly as they never see his win coming.

Weapons Proficiency: Over the years Austin has trained in the use of various weapons particularly those used by military agencies around the globe. Austin has trained in the use of Combat Knives, Batons, Tonfas, Pistols, Carbines, Sub Machine Guns, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Projectile Launchers and several other forms of weapons. He often does not rely on firearms in his assignments unless he thinks that one might assist him in the completion of an assignment. He does carry a Sig Sauer P226 Sidearm but he has had his pistol modified to fire rubber bullets as he does not like the idea of killing and if he finds himself forced to rely on the use of a firearm he would rather subdue an opponent rather then being forced to kill someone.

Marksmanship: During his military training Austin would train in the use of various firearms where he would quickly show that he was extremely accurate no matter what type of firearm he is wielding. He is known for his marksmanship skills able to strike a target at the maximum distance for whatever type of firearm that he is wielding at any given time. This is not limited to firearms for he has shown that he is extremely accurate when using improvised objects in his surroundings or his shield as a ranged weapon.

Acrobatics: Austin has trained with gymnasts and circus acrobats in order to learn how to move in the ways that they do. He has learned to perform flips, cartwheels, tucks, somersaults, handstands, splits and other techniques in order to move in ways that one might not expect of him. Because of his Super Soldier state he has shown that he can effortlessly combine these tactics together in order to perform multiple chained techniques together at a single time.

Military Operator: Austin has spent his entire adult life in the service of various military agencies where as such he has picked up many skills and topics soldiers know about and can show that he has above average knowledge in some of the follow subjects.

  • Demolitions
  • Underwater Combat
  • Zero-G Combat
  • Vehicular Combat
  • Terrain Scouting
  • Map Reading
  • Map Creation
  • Survival Training
  • Escape Arts
  • Military Procedures
  • Hunting
  • Swimming
  • United States SEALs Training
  • United States Army Ranger Training
  • United States Special Forces Training
  • Canadian Special Forces Training
  • UNTIL Boot Camp Training
  • PRIMUS Boot Camp Training
  • Military Encryption
  • Multilingual [English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, American Sign Language, Military Sign Language]
  • Master of Disguises
  • Interrogation
  • Computer Sciences
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Close Quarters Combat Tactics

Equipment and Abilities

Patriot Uniform: The Patriot Uniform is the best type of military grade body armor that one can get their hands on. The armor is made of Gore-Tex, Kevlar and RhinoPlate which has been dipped in Liquid Kendrium and allowed to harden then the process repeated a dozen times. This armor is extremely heavy to the average person due to the Kendrium Hardening Process however to someone with the attributes of Austin this armor is as light as any other kind of clothing that he might want to wear. This particular suit of armor was designed specifically with Austin's body specifications in mind after his transformation in order to ensure that the suit would be the perfect fit for him and his above average body specific dimensions.

Patriot Shield:

Patriot Jetpack: Austin frequently makes use of a personal jetpack which was designed specifically for him. The suit is designed

Standard Issue Utility Belt: Austin wears an Equipment Belt which he uses to house various gadgets and pieces of equipment that he finds useful during his field assignments. Listed below are some of the items that he has been known to keep in his belt.


Human Factor: Despite being a Super Soldier who is at the Peak of Human Potential Austin is still at the end of the day a Human being. While he ages at a slow rate and is not effected by many things he still has limits. Like any being he requires Food, Water, Oxygen and Sleep in order to survive. He is able to function for 3 days without food, 4 days without water and 2:30 minutes without oxygen. While he does not get sick and ages at a much slower rate then the average Human he is still susceptible to things such as being shot, stabbed, electrocuted, burned and many other things that can harm a Human where his durability might protect him to a degree but he can be harmed by these things if subjected to a sustained attack by these things or attacked in the right spot to cause instant or even potentially fatal injuries.

Respect For The Chain Of Command: Austin is a military man at heart thus he has respect for the military chain of command knowing the difference between times when he can question his orders and when it is time to shut up and follow any order or orders that he has been given by his superiors.

Loyalty To Peace: Austin has spent his entire life fighting for peace for all on Earth which has found him on many battlefields across the planet. Austin will always fight for peace and will do whatever he can to end violence and bring peace to innocent people who deserve it. He will always look for the peaceful resolution to any and all situations that he finds himself in and while avoid doing anything that would destroy peace for himself or others that could see their lives turned upside down.

Telepaths: Austin's mind is vastly superior then that of the average person affording him a high degree of protection against Telepaths. He is immune to mind control but can have his thoughts read if a telepath is strong enough and talented enough to break through his mental defenses which is often said to be easier said then done.

Aura Readers: Austin has a Human aura although it would shine brighter then the average person due to his Peak Human State. Aura Readers would notice that his aura is also extremely pure showing that Austin has not been tempted by various factors like other beings would showing that he has not been corrupted by anything.

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