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Dark Arrow
Player: @Caylynn
Dark Arrow in Millennium City
Character Build
Class Focus: Archery, freeform
Power Level: 38
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Caylynn Faith Grace
Known Aliases: None
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Durango, CO
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: Parents deceased, brother missing
Age: 33
Height: 5 ft. 2 in. (157.48cm)
Weight: 122 lbs (55.34kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, worn to mid-back
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Petite, athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 2 years
Citizenship: U.S.A.
Occupation: Sports and Advertising Icon, Philanthropist/Entrepreneur
Education: College Graduate, Economics
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Archery, Gymnastics, Fencing
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A high-tech re-curved, laser-sighted bow. Twin katana-like swords, but with thinner blades more akin to an edged epee than a katana. Often flits about on an anti-grav hover-disc.
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Caylynn Grace is a three-time Olympic archery medalist, capturing a silver and two golds in three successive Olympics. She has won every NCAA, AAU and other amateur event she competed in (her silver at her first Olympics marking the only time she failed to place first). Her mark of 118 consecutive perfect scores in competition stands far beyond anything ever accomplished by man or woman with a bow.

Her already uncanny skill with the bow was enhanced by bionic and nano-neurological implants following a tragedy that left both her hands shattered and her body broken. Sports fans and the world were shocked by the viciousness of the assault during a break-in of her condo that left her unable to compete in her fourth Olympiad. However, her grace and positive, buoyant reaction captured the hearts of millions world-wide and helped to propel her endorsements from the typical athlete's level to advertising mega-star.

So it is highly likely you have seen her before — perhaps on a box of popular breakfast cereal known for sporting athletes on its box, or in a commercial endorsing sports footwear with its signature swoosh, or for a prominent over-night delivery company, to name only a few. So stop by with your own box of the "Breakfast of Champions," and she'll likely sign it for you.

The media was only too glad to follow the trials and tribulations of her post-operative recovery, with much speculation about the source of funding for the cutting-edge nano-neuro-bionic surgery done to her hands, legs and torso. The constant chronicling did serve to keep her in the public eye and the endorsement offers kept pouring in. Uncomfortable with such a rapid accumulation of wealth, she began to give to worthwhile causes, particularly in Millennium City's Westside district. She also began to fund small business start-ups, especially those dealing with nano-, bionic and neurological endeavors. The philanthropic endeavors, of course, also kept her in the media's insatiable eye; and with such ratings, of course, came more endorsement and other business offers.

The media whirlwind picked up yet again in the aftermath of the Qulaar invasion. As it was for many, tragedy struck close to Caylynn during the attack, claiming the lives of her mother and father. Her older brother was listed as missing and presumed dead by military sources.

It was during the invasion that her already substantial media following took off to new heights following her exploits as Dark Arrow.

After the break-in and her recovery, she vowed to use her preternatural skill with a bow and her bionically-enhanced reflexes to bring criminals to justice, she became Dark Arrow — the name taken from a news article that said "...like a dark arrow out of the night, Grace's extraordinary skill with a bow single-handedly secured a large portion of the Westside, allowing authorities to focus on other fronts...". It is a "super-hero" role that she abashedly acknowledges, but makes no secret of, preferring to answer to Caylynn (or Caye to friends and colleagues). Given her high-profile lifestyle, maintaining a secret identity would be difficult, if not absurd.

Public Knowledge

The following information is considered public knowledge of the tabloid, evening news, and sporting kind. As she is still a media-darling celebrity, her name — and face — appears often in the news and in advertising frequently. This information is available through various news agencies, sports magazines, International Olympic Committee records, or other specific organizations (as listed in parenthesis).

Age: Currently 33 (news, IOC, Colorado Department of Public Records)
Weight: 122 lbs, 55.34kg (IOC)
Height: 5'2", 157.48cm (IOC)
Status: Never married, no known long-term relationships. Known to frequent dance clubs, social affairs and charity events. (news)
Relatives: Older brother, whereabouts unknown. Parents deceased, killed during Qulaar invasion. (news)
Archery: Holds all current records in amateur archery (IOC, AAU, NCAA). Only career second-place was at her first Olympics (sports, "The Big Sneeze"). Badly injured during a break-in at her condo, both hands shattered and severely injured. Underwent radical bionic surgery (news, sports). Culprits never caught, source of funding for bionic surgery unknown, full case details not disclosed. (news)
Education: BA, Economics, 3.87 GPA (Yale)
Financial: Well-known endorser of sports and other products. Estimated worth per year: 125m$US. Is known to be a behind-the-scenes sponsor of high-tech start-ups, especially in bio-engineering, nano-technology and regenerative medicine. (news, sports, Wall Street Journal, Forbes)
Charities: Avidly supports many charities, particularly in Millennium City's Westside. Is a successful fundraiser, currently holding several honorary seats on various non-profit organizations' board of trustees. Heads her own charitable organization, the Grace Foundation, which primarily provides for children of Millennium City who require expensive medical care. (news, financial)

Common or Easily Obtainable Knowledge

She is highly revered among the common citizens of Millennium City's Westside. Not only for her interventions as Dark Arrow, but also for her tireless efforts to improve their quality of life. While the various gangs that plague the district hate her, they respect her prowess as a "hero" and give her a wide berth.

She is a frequent patron of Club Caprice in Millennium City's Renaissance Center and seems to have some unstated connection with the employees there.

While she attends many black-tie formal functions, rubbing elbows with the city's political, financial and social elite, she spends much more time pitching in to help Westside — whether it's a neighborhood trash cleanup day, helping at local soup kitchens, cleaning up gang graffiti, or, of course, doing everything she can to reduce the gang violence there. Lately, events have kept her far from Westside, traveling to such places as Monster Island, Vibora Bay and Lemuria, so her presence on Westside's streets has been sorely missed by the residents there.

Caylynn is a petite, energetic and usually effervescent blonde. While her age is no secret (33), she looks to be in her mid- to late-20s. Those observing her casually might be prone to label her as "another blonde celeb ditz." Those who know her or observe more closely would notice her keen appraising blue eyes that seem to miss nothing. She moves with the uncommon grace and fluidity of a trained athlete. In addition to her Black Arrow garb, she is usually dressed casually unless some function requires her to dress to the nines. No matter her manner of dress, she appears equally at ease in any social setting — whether in a small circle of friends or addressing hundreds of potential donors.

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment
  • Nano-neurological-bionic enhancement. The exact nature of the medical procedure that enhanced her physically and neurologically has not been divulged to any public source. While speculation has run rampant in the media, some knowledgeable scientists have conjectured some ideas that hit pretty close to the mark. In their interviews by various news agencies, they have opined that the procedure not only re-built her in a structural sense, but that a nano-neurological network was twined with her nervous system, giving her a quantum improvement in endurance, agility and coordination. As they say: close enough for government work.
  • High-tech Bow. She carries a re-curved bow made of a composite material not easily identified. It is equipped with laser-targeting and optics, requires little draw but yet generates incredible foot-pounds of kinetic energy that is imparted to her arrows. The arrows she carries range from the ordinary, to sonic, to an electric taser-like type, to explosive varieties. In addition, she has been observed unleashing incredible volleys of multiple arrows to assail foes.
  • Archery. Caylynn Grace was an unparalleled archer prior to her enhancement. Needless to say, her uncanny ability with bow and arrow has only reached new heights since being neurologically improved. To say that her skill with a bow is jaw-dropping to watch would be an understatement: she is the epitome of the interaction of a human with a weapon — she and the bow, and arrow seem as one, a symbiotic blend of human grace and constructed lethality.
  • Katanas/Swords. While superficially these bear a resemblance to the oriental katana, these blades are, in fact, a hybrid more akin to a double-edged fencing epee in length and thickness. They appear to be made of the same composite material as the bow. Observation by others attest to her skill with these blades, ostensibly learning the technique from a Japanese coach on the US Olympic Fencing Team.
  • Acrobatics & Movement. For most of her amateur athletic career, Caylynn roomed with the US Gymnastics team, as there were no other Olympic-caliber female archers during her early years. What started out as a housing convenience continued on throughout her career and she spent significant time training with the gymnasts. In recent months she has taken to also using an anti-grav hover-disc of a design patented by one Coral Reef, who -- rumor has it -- has business ties to Caylynn.
  • Costume. While at first appearance it looks like a cosmetic combo of gymnast's leotard and hooker hosiery (which it may have originally been), her current outfit is actually a sophisticated nano-tech defensive marvel that not only provides kinetic and other force protection, but also, it is said, is tied into her nano-neural network. The particulars of its construction and powers is not fully known except by observation.
  • Other. There has been much conjecture of late of Caylynn's use of a targeting device that is linked to some sort of orbital weapons platform. Military sources deny that any of their satellites or spacecraft have been compromised or hijacked for illicit civilian use. Also of late, she has been seen accompanied by two bots, also of a design patented by Coral Reef, CEO of Reef Robotics, a tech start-up believed to be funded by Tech Start-ups, Ltd.

Current Activities

This is always a work in progress.

Celebrity Hourly News — In other celeb news around Millennium City, former Olympian, advertising phenom and part-time super-hero Caylynn Grace (aka, Dark Arrow) appears to have a new beau, being spotted recently in Club Caprice tête à tête with a man identified as the oft-time super-hero/vigilante Eldritch. It's also rumored that the two have sought seclusion (and perhaps solace and comfort!) in their posh digs uptown. Stay tuned, this cozy item might be heating up!

Action News 6, News At 6 — The mayor's highly-touted fundraiser for Westside redevelopment was absent noted fundraiser Caylynn Grace yesterday. Many attendees expressed their disappointment that the popular Olympian and advertising sensation was not present. Sources within the mayor's office hinted that Grace may have been suddenly called out of town. Our affiliate in Vibora Bay tells of Dark Arrow sightings there, but as of this hour, her presence has yet to be confirmed.

Financial News Update — On the non-profit front, there are indications that Grace Foundation, a charitable organization founded by former Olympian and advertising sensation Caylynn Grace has exceeded all other local charitable fundraising in Millennium City in the past quarter. This upsurge also seems to have translated to Grace's Tech Start-ups, Ltd. holdings, which has seen a meteoric rise in stock value in the same time-frame.

Olympic News & Views — The Committee again discussed who would light the flame at this summer's Olympiad. Among a half-dozen candidates, the name of Caylynn Grace was again proposed. Though the Committee will not confirm a decision, the early indications are that Grace is the front-runner in being named to do the honors. In light of the tragedy that kept her from competing at the World Games two years ago, as well as in this Olympics, a recent poll shows Grace to be a four-to-one sentimental favorite among fans and sports writers and who have flooded the IOC with Tweets, email, phone calls and regular mail suggesting she start the Games off with a flaming arrow to light the Olympic Torch. Current estimates that the viewing audience for the Opening Ceremony is likely to top five billion worldwide for the first time, Grace's ties to both the Olympics and to advertising seem to make her the best candidate in the field. Also nominated were...

RP Hooks
  • You enjoy sports of all kinds.
    Though archery might not be your favorite sport, who hasn't heard of Caylynn Grace? She often appears in Top Ten sports features on major cable, online and other venues, particularly her mark of 118 consecutive perfect scores. She has graced the cover of just about every sports magazine in the past 15 years, not only in the US, but internationally. And that's not to mention the airwaves are inundated with advertising featuring her buoyant smile and irrepressible wholesomeness for brands popular among sports fans: sports shoes, energy drinks and bars, and cereal, in particular.
  • You follow the news/media 24/7.
    Caylynn's name and face are constantly in the news, her cheerful face appearing across many media categories from sports to news to celeb gossip to financial to political. Odds are, if you watched, listened or read any media in the past 15 years, you've seen her at least once and, most likely, far more than that.
  • You are interested in up-and-coming businesses or charities.
    The Grace Foundation, as well as Caylynn's ties to other national and international non-profit organizations as well as her own company, Tech Start-ups, Ltd, keeps her in the news: financial as well as various tech journals. She appears often at fundraisers, social events, and mixing with the movers and shakers of business to promote her causes. Her annual earnings from stock and advertising make her a very visible person in the yearly "Richest and Most Influential" selections among women in various media.
  • You are a superhero and keep tabs on other superheroes.
    That Dark Arrow is Caylynn Grace is no secret. From cleaning up Millennium City's Westside to her help during the Qularr invasion, to her willingness to travel to just about any locale to "fight for right," she is constantly talked about in the media (not to mention advertising).
  • You consider yourself a lady's man.
    Good luck with that approach, but she is (a) single (b) very attractive and (c) extremely wealthy.
  • Any combination of the above or your knowledge of her public exposure.
    Give it a go! This list isn't intended to be all-inclusive!
(RP/MRP–F/33/US, Walk-Ups okay. No unsolicited Invites please.)