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Dark Wing
Player: User:Jade Defender
Character Build
Class Focus: Melee DPS, Dodge Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Alexander Townsend
Known Aliases: Alexander Cole, Swift
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasion
Place of Birth: Detroit, US
Base of Operations: N.E.S.T.
Relatives: Rumored to be an adopted son of The Owl
Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs
Eyes: Golden Dunn
Hair: Raven Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Acrobat Athlete
Physical Features: Intense Eyes, intimidating posture and a predatory sense of lithe grace.
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 8
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: SIGIL1.jpg
Education: Bachelors degree in Criminal Forensics/Psychology, Associates degree in Law and Law Enforcement
Marital Status: None
Known Powers and Abilities
None per se, however Dark Wing is an Olympian class athlete and has, on occasion, performed levels of human endurance and grace that even surpass their measurements.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
X2.0 MkII, Owluminum tactical/infiltration suit. Though based off of the technology and inspired by the same appearance of The Owl's famous costume, Dark Wing has heavily modified his own suit to his needs.
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Dark Wing heralds his Origins as the very first SWIFT, the famous sidekicks to the legendary hero The Owl. As a troubled youth Alex was taken in by the enigmatic figure The Owl who taught the misdirected youth how to channel his inner strength and turn his pain and frustration into focus, a focus he could then direct to changing the world. The youth learned how to turn fear back on the oppressors who fed upon the fearful, and that no one is master of the night.


Alexander Townsend grew up in the darker side of Detroit Cities "Westside", he was not impoverished, nor was he a child of privilege. He simply was a kid who knew all too well that you do not go out after dark, and even in daylight you watch where you tread, there were dangerous elements everywhere. This caution would not save him the fate of seeing his parents burned alive in their apartment building along with many other good people, consumed by the greed of a "wall-street" inspired tycoon, moving into the territory. Alexander was spared the flames that night by sheer chance, but he did witness them firsthand; crowded in the streets fiery glow, he was the only one to rush headlong into the burning building, for even the fire department, who reluctantly watched and controlled the fire from spreading did not interfere with the flames. Their offices had been paid to not prevent the destruction of the building. One figure witnessed the intensely brave or stupid eight year old boy enter the inferno, and interfered on fate's behalf.


A figure many believed to be The Owl of Westside had dropped the boy off, unconscious at a nearby ambulance, and then disappeared into the night.

Alexander was moved to an orphanage near the Westside Highschool after that, where he spent nearly two months tormented by dreams and conflicting with the other boys. It was clear his trauma was plagueing him, and that he was spiraling into that void that consumes the good people of the world; Westside was claiming another victim with its darkside. What he did not know is that he was being watched. Not long after this a enigmatic wealthy man was looking to raise a ward, an heir to his fortune; for he had never married and did not look to mean to. When he came to the orphanage, he had already made up his mind about the young man he would raise, however he put on a great show of not being certain. Alexander went home with this stranger, and they spent the entirety of the limousine ride in silence.

Dawn in the Darkness

Over the next few months Gabriel Cole, cared for and raised the displaced youth. Helping him get over his depression and to face his trauma and seize his own life. Gabriel explored many psychological options for the youth and spent a mild fortune on helping to reconstruct a positive atmosphere and private schooling system in which Alexander could learn to shine. It was not long in this endeavor that Alexander proved his drive and bravery, inspiring his Mentor Gabriel to take new steps in Alexander's education.

Gabriel began teaching Alexander self defense courses and began testing the boy's resolve and endurance by traveling to foreign locations and taking on challenges; including Extreme Kayaking, Mountain Climbing and Sky Diving. The more Gabriel tested the boy the more he continued to shine. Eventually Alexander was ready for a true test of character, the mantle of SWIFT. The Owl's first protoge. In the early stages, Alexander was simply taken through rigorous controlled scenarios and courses, in which he had to elude or face his mentor, once he proved masterful enough to do so The Owl allowed him to accompany him on low danger missions.


Dark Wing is a fully established Hero, having taken up his own mantle and performing heroic deeds for the past eight years. Dark Wing has established his own N.E.S.T. and upholds all the same ideals and expectations of himself and his work as his predecessor The Owl.

Current Events

Dark Wing has recently joined the Heroic league of heroes known as SIGIL, the very same league of professionals that The Owl serves as a PRIME for. Dark Wing has gone to lengths to improve his teamwork skills and community mind to help these heroes tackle foes and goals he never could have approached on his own.





[This section contains interesting secrets and information. Some of which is only known and accessible to members of SIGIL and NEST.]


Like The Owl before him, Dark Wing's most prominent feature is his signature cowl. Round Goggle Eyes set on a beaked re-breather mask. Intimidating in the dark as he pounces like a bird of prey upon his foe. His cowl masks his voice, disabling voice recognition software and allowing him to throw his voice up to 100ft. His mask has a built in filtration system that provides oxygen at altitudes of up to 60,000ft! It can also filter out ANY chemical agents harmful to the human body.

Beyond what history and media knows about the cowl, today it is a piece of sophisticated technology and a valuable tool in NEST's arsenal. The top of the head and around the eyes are fitted with a thin layer of 'Owluminum'. Beneath that layer, among other safety measures, are tech grids linking the cowl with the rest of Dark Wings armor. The lenses allow for near every natural visual spectrum to be seen, including Infrared, Nightvision and Thermal Imaging. The points on the cowl allow sound magnification, recording and playback, very useful in detective work and as evidence.


Originally developed by Gabriel Cole, the nanocomposite material later dubbed "Owluminum", was an attempt to synthesize a protective covering similar to kevlar or heavier metalloceramics but with much greater penetration resistance and reduced weight. The resulting material, the specifics of which are a closely guarded secret, is as durable as Questionite and other exotic meta-materials like Kendrium and Destrium while retaining the the malleability of a dense fabric weave. This gives the material excellent resistive capabilities extending to impact, thermal, electrical, and other energetic forces while retaining a remarkable measure of mobility when layered into a protective garment.

Dark Wing's 'Owluminum' plated armor is a light material and is flexible for easy movement. On contact with an opposing force the flex fibers of the armor will become stiff in order to absorb the incoming strike. Tests have shown that a wearer is able to drop 14 stories without dying thanks to this wonder material! However, this does NOT mean Dark Wing cannot sustain serious injuries. Furthermore, should the armor sustain too much damage in an area without time to recover, it is liable to be rendered ineffective or even shatter. The armor is custom fitted to Dark Wing and is one-of-a-kind at NEST.


Dark Wing's Utility belt contains mainly smaller or technical integrated gadgets and devices to assist him where his abilities cannot. The belt has been known to hold the following: (list subject to change to suit mission)

  • Multi-optic vision activation.
  • Glide activation, causes an elctrovoltaic surge in his armwings.
  • SOCRATES, NEST interface activation.
  • NEST interface activation.
  • Small evidence containers.
  • Smoke pellets.
  • Gas pellets.
  • Small Pulson laser, cutting tool.
  • Smelling Salt packets.
  • Pain killers
  • Antidotes for common poisons.
  • Trauma-kit, gauze, splint, etc.
  • Tracking devices.
  • Long Range audio transmitter device.
  • NEST "locksplitter" interface device
  • Tangle-coil restraints.
  • Flash pellets.
  • Pocket tools.
  • x50 smaller Wing talons


Dark Wing's intimidating Talon Bracers are comprised of Questionite, and are surgically sharpened by precision laser equipment. These fearsome weapons also house useful tools that Dark Wing can utilize in tight situations. Some tools hidden within the bracers include:

  • x2 grapple gun (small wire, high pressure propulsion)
  • x2 bolas
  • Magnetic adhesion activation, in gloves and boots.


Most of Dark Wing's suit runs on a security system to minimalize tampering. This includes the 'Owl Touch' program. With this, all of Dark Wing's gadgets, unless otherwise compromised are locked unless opened by him. This is made possible by scanners in his cowl to recognize his eyes which can then activate the touch system in his gloves, allowing him to access gadgets in his belt, bracers, boots, and to activate and deactivate his cowl. This system recognizes a singularity pulse propelled within the microweave of the suit, that other locations, devices and tools recognize as a key.

  • There is also a backup system, should 'Owl Touch' malfunction or become inaccessible. There is a voice override as well as the 'manual unlock',

known by members of NEST.


Of all the technological pieces of equipment at Dark Wing's disposal, none are perhaps as awesome as his Ravenwing Tactical Stealth Interceptor. The Ravenwing is Comprised of an Owluminum digital smart-alloy over a Questionite Frame. The Frame houses a Fordite and metalloceramic pilot's compartment. The Ravenwing is a completely environmental vehicle capable of withstanding and operating at full capacity at depths of more then 3 miles underwater, and within a vacuum. (space) The Ravenwing boasts a highly sophisticated life support system capable of supporting up to two human sized occupants for 96 hours. (double this duration if only sustaining Dark Wing). Perhaps the most striking feature of the Ravenwing is its apparent ability to completely vanish from sight! Armed with the leading edge equipment of ALLIANCE technologies, the Ravenwing is able to bend light around it and cast an almost undetectable field around the hull to render the aircraft nearly invisible to normal optics, including Thermal Imaging! This technology is still in the early stages of testing and not yet deployable en masse.

Some of the State-of-the-art features common to Dark Wing's Ravenwing are;
  • Owl Touch, Digital security and electronic countermeasure system.
  • G.O.L.D.S.O.N.: "Global Operational Logistics & Defense Smart On-board Navigation" Program. Artificial Intelligence.
  • Multi-optics HUD, with 3D Scaling overlay.
  • IFF and Transponder, capable of positively (99.9%)identifying up to 100 seperate targets, traveling at up to approximately mach 7 (8,046Kmph/5,000mph), up to 300kilometers away.
  • Octo-Holo (ALLIANCE tech, prototype) Optical Camouflage.
Ravenwing Armaments;

The Ravenwing is outfitted with the latest pulson weaponry, with x2; Cyclic, stutter-firing, High Intensity pulse cannons. It is also armed with UNTIL's HEAP ((High Explosive & Armor Piercing)) Micro Missiles.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hglVqACd1C8 Sober (Tool)

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