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The Malicious
I'm not just Bad Data, but Malicious Data!
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Super Group
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Real Name
Frederick Silverman lll
Fred, Freddy, Fred-Fred, Techno-Kid, Cyborg, Data
April 23
Hudson City, New Jersey
Westside, Millennium City
Legal Status
Records of Throwing Rocks at Passing Cars
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Cassandra Silverman (Mother), Frederick Silverman Jr. (Father, deceased), Brendan Gould (Brother), Sean Gould (Brother, committed suicide)
Physical Traits
Part Black / Part Italian
Apparent Age
160 lbs
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Handsome looks that cause some girls to develop a secret crush on him, funny and polite personality often shy at times
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Technomagic, Cyber Mind, Electronic Communication, Mechanical Intuition, Scanner Vision, Data Manipulation, Energy Blasts, Force Field Generation, Gun-Arms, Invulnerability
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Innate way with super-computers and hacking

Frederick "Fred" Silverman lll was an average kid who grew up in Hudson City, New Jersey for most of his life until him and his mom relocated to Millennium City after having their old house foreclosed on. Fred is a freshman in high school who is going to become a junior this upcoming summer of 2014. Fred is an average teenager, he is shy, timid, and often jokey, Fred's life is forever changed when he comes across a magical techno-box known as the, Mother-Box. The Mother-Box is a sentient' life-form that needs a host to survive and it decided to bond to Fred in hopes of living, this later imbues Fred with techno-magical powers which he used to become a superhero known as, Data.


Fred can be called by many things, some not so nice. Fred is often declared as weird, funny, shy, timid, awkward, nasty, gross, obnoxious, etc. Overall Fred is a kind, caring individual who has a love for making people laugh and a least get a grin or smirk to spread across the face of all his friends and allies, he can be very soft-spoken and may rarely talk when out of costume but when in costume as Data he can be enthusiastic and outgoing knowing that no one knows who he is and can act any way he desires as along as he keeps his mask on and different himself as Data and Frederick Silverman.


Fred's appearance is like many teens: raggedy, unkempt, and casual. Fred stands at 6 ft and is usually seen wearing jeans and a grayish-black shirt with grey shoes with a sky blue sole. Fred like many African-Americans has black hair with brown eyes and is usually seen wearing a watch of some sort saying its an "antique" when its actually a watch for summoning his hover-disk. Fred also carries a sling backpack for his "gear" when his has to transform into Data and being that the accessories he wears is composed of a material that can go undetected by metal detectors he has no probably passing through lab security, Champions HQ, etc.


Growing up in a dysfunctional family with a single aging mom, Frederick Silverman lll is born as a shy kid just wanting to fit it. Fred was born on April 23rd 1999 in Hudson City, New Jersey and he grew up with a single mom as a late-life child and the youngest to his two older brothers, Sean and Brendan Gould. Fred wasn't always a popular kid in school and was thought of as a awkward kid, but would always be willing to lend a helping hand and be a kind friend to everyone one he could encounter.

Fred spent the 10 years of his life growing up in Hudson City, despite it being a city for mainly crime to run rapid Fred enjoyed living in his hometown. Fred went Hudson City Elementary School where he met his best friend, Nadir Nellom, the two would be like brothers until after 1st grade Nadir would move and Fred would never see him again which probably led to him being an outcast in school since Nadir helped Fred become friends with everyone he encountered. Fred would soon advance through elementary school and move onward to middle school and this was where he and his mom had their original house in Hudson City foreclosed on and force them to move out of state to Millennium City, Michigan where Fred would attend the local middle school and be forced to make all new friends.

Fred started in a new school making all new friends and things were just the same, Fred being a loner and not talking to anyone eventually most of his old friends from New Jersey would soon relocated to Millennium City as well and help encourage Fred to make an attempt to becoming less shy and awkward as he was back in elementary school. Fred succeeded and became more social and outgoing to meet new people and become an average teenager hanging out at the mall, texting friends, etc.

When Fred wasn't out with his buds he would do what he really enjoyed. Working with computers. Fred fell in love computers when he was younger and just developed a knack for working with anything of technological origin, this would sometimes get him to come over to a friends house whenever they experienced something wrong with their desktop or laptop. Fred was sometimes called a cyborg or a techno-kid for all his knowledge of computers and gadgetry this would occasionally help him make more friends.

One day out of the blue, Fred came across a strange black box with blue glowing binary codes. Fred would pick up the box in hope of seeing where it came from and should he bring it to PRIMUS or The Champions then suddenly the box would embed strange files of unknown origin into Fred's brain and cause him to pass out. Fred would reawake with an all new get-up that gave him the look of a modern day Steampunk, wandering the streets without caution Fred would be almost hit by a tanker truck and would hold out his hands in hopes of stopping it but instead a "gun-cannon" would manifest from the top of Fred's forearm and shot directly at the truck, Fred would then realize that he had powers.

Fred didn't know what happened to give him powers, but pieced together that the box he found on the street had something to do it and now he was a monster just like the Cybermind freak who attacked the SOCRATES city mainframe network months back. Fred then had a splitting head and passed out where he was introduced to the "essence" of the box in his own cyber mind-based dream that he found only minutes ago, it introduced itself as The Mother-Box and she was a sentient lifeform that was sent to Earth in hopes of escape from the alien warfare it was experiencing back home and it did Fred the favor of boding to him and giving an array of cyberkinetic-based superhuman powers.

Fred freaked himself out over the concept of having super-powers due to believing in only science and that there are no such things as super-powers. Fred later came face to face with his dilemma and decided that he could possibly use his powers to become a hero (or at least a savior) and use his newfound abilities to lend a hand to others after realizing he had no one there for him when he needed help or assistance with anything. Fred later dubs himself, Data, the Techno-Kid and uses his powers to become a role model to youngsters and an average teenage friend to people his age wither their super-powered or not and thus begins Fred's adventures as a high school student-turned-superhero.


  • Technomage Physiology: As a Technomage, Fred is capable of bending both magic and technology to his will and allow him to perform any range of magical or technological based attack he desires.

  • Superhuman Strength: Although his strength limit is unknown at this point, Fred has displayed superhuman strength being able to life a police car with ease and not even breaking a sweat.

  • Cyber Mind: Fred has computer-like consciousness, which grants several abilities, ones mainly relating to hacking and decoding security overrides, etc.

  • Electronic Communication: Fred can perceive, understand, control and generate electronic, digital, and radio transmissions without accessing any standard source of communication. In other words Fred's a living wireless hub/computer.

  • Mechanical Intuition: Fred can observe random scattered "junk" and subconsciously or effortlessly create a schematic then create an effective creation or device using said "junk". Could be used to make complex devices or weapons out of mere scrap and "garbage".

  • Scanner Vision: Fred can perform complex visual scans on his environment or creatures around him and determine their intimate properties or detect their presence. He can also diagnose the condition of what he observes and find inconsistencies or errors.

  • Data Manipulation: Fred can manipulate the binary visible computer information known as data allowing him to collect information about most businesses and organizations and their operations and do amazing things to or inside computers such as hacking and manipulate computer programs.

Fred can even control the data he collects from living beings, inorganic compounds, and even energies.

  • Energy Blasts: Fred can fire basic blasts of concussive energy from his "gun-limbs".

  • Force Field Generation: Fred can generate barriers of concentrated energy to protect himself and allies from incoming attacks.

  • Gun Arms: Fred as Data can create dual gun cannons that are sheathed in his bracers. They are Non-Lethal only concussive.

  • Invulnerability: Even outside of costume, Fred is invulnerable to attacks that would severely injure a normal human.


  • Bilingual: Fred has been taking Spanish classes his whole life and can fluently speak in both English and Spanish.

  • Scrapyard Builder: Fred can built almost anything from scraps of metal and make them work to their full potential.

  • Skilled Writer: Fred is a very skilled writer being able to write even the most thrilling or tragic stories ever written and has won several awards for his stories, he is even a gifted poet.


  • Technology Dependent: Data is practically powerless in areas that do not have any sorts of technology, even if its just a cell phone he'll draw enough power from it to fight and protect himself.

  • Not a Superman: Data may be invulnerable but hes not completely invulnerable most of his costume is made cloth and fabrics which can be easily torn or slashed.

  • Anger Problem: Despite taking anger management classes, Data can go completely ape-dooty if hes pushed to the very edge, once this happens he uses his powers to their full potential.

  • Claustrophobic: Fred has an extreme case of claustrophobia and can react in the most bizarre ways when trapped in the smallest places.


  • Hover-Disk: Data's main way of transportation. The Hover-Disk emits a strange energy that repels against Earth's gravity and allows for whoever rides it the ability to soar through the city skylines.

  • Magnetic Boots: Data's magnetic boots are what keeps him glued to his hover-disk. Data wears special Neural devices that allow him to activate his boots magnetic abilities at will.

  • Goggles: Data's goggles have no real purpose but to maintain Data's secret identity.

  • Bracers: The Bracers Data wears are to help him call in his hover-disk, activate his gun cannons, etc. The bracers make the man.


  • Data has a Nitpik account named, DataTheTechnokid23

  • Is a self-proclaimed writer. Claiming to write anything revolving around Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery, Murder, Science Fiction, etc.

  • Occasionally writes his own poems.

  • Is a closet singer/writer being able to make his own songs and stories but fails to show them to anyone.

  • Doesn't consider himself an Atheist, but Fred isn't a heavy believer that "God" made the Earth. He thinks something (or possibly someone) made the Earth but doesn't think it was "God".

  • Heavy believer in "Guns Don't Kill, People Kill" since it is a "Dog Eat Dog World"

  • Favorite color is Blue.

  • Never broke a single bone in his body.

  • Hates when people pronounce his hero codename: DAta, when it should be pronounced: Day-ta

  • Is not a fan of fantasy genres like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter

  • Data has ASMR and watches ASMR videos to help him relax, calm himself down, and help him go to sleep. He actually prefers this over smoking or drinking like most teens and can be found watching these videos on his Android smartphone both out and in costume.



1.Daft Punk- Harder Better Faster Stronger

2.Daft Punk- Technologic


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