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Angel Badge.png
The valiant
America's guardian angel.
"Semper vigilio, semper fortis, semper fidelis."
A modern paladin for the modern era.
Player: @IonutRO
Super Group
· Other Affiliations ·
U.S. Air Force
Real Name
Jonah Williams
7th April 1987
Houston, Texas
U.S. Citizen
Private property on the outskirts of Millennium City, Michigan
PRIMUS Michigan Regional Office
Current: PRIMUS Superhero
Former: 1st lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force
Legal Status
Legally Human
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
None living
Physical Traits
Possessed by a celestial
Apparent Age
187 lb.
Body Type
Midtone Caucasian
· Distinguishing Features ·
Glowing Eyes
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Tactile Telepathy
Tactile Vigor Draining
Tactile Healing
Calming Touch
Barrier Generation
Doesn't age
Doesn't need to breathe
Immune to all Earth diseases
· Equipment ·
Enchanted armor that provides flight and increases physical strength.
· Other Abilities ·
Small arms use
Fighter craft piloting
Driving wheeled military vehicles
CQB training
Wilderness survival training
Various forms of knowledge


In the beginning

Jonah was an average boy from and average family in Houston, Texas. His father was a U.S. Airforce Major and his mother was a biology teacher at a local school. His childhood was not that interesting, he didn't have many friends, and had slightly above average grades in school. Eventually, thanks to his father's encouragements, Jonah went on to join the Airforce, managing to rise to the rank of 1st Lieutenant.

Whilst on duty in Afghanistan during august 2012 Jonah's fighter was shot down by a super powered insurgent with EM powers. He managed to parachute out, but he was sent crashing into the side of a cliff by another super powered insurgent, this one being a mystic.

Getting slammed into the rock broke one of his ribs and got the chute stuck on an edge, leaving him hanging above the edge a crevice of sorts. He wagered he's better of hanging there than falling to his death, but his chute started tearing because of the sharp rock. He tried to figure a way out of the ordeal, but he wasn't fast enough, the chute tore and he started plummeting.

He hit the edge of the crevice on the way down, breaking his right leg, before hitting the floor of the cave the crevice led to, leading a concussion and two more broken ribs. The fall also made him pass out from the ordeal he came to his senses a couple of minutes later, suffering from disorientation and intense pain.

He tried to get his bearings, all around him all he saw was rock and dirt, except from a side passage, which had a brilliant light coming from it. He didn't know what was down the passage, but he went down there anyways, he doubted he had any chance of being rescued. He started limping towards the light, trying to ignore the pain wrecking his body, but he just collapsed and passed out again.

He woke up a second time soon after, only this time he was deeper in the cave, and surrounded by strange murals on straightened pieces of the otherwise rough cave walls, the far wall from where he stood seemingly made of light... only it wasn't, as he soon noted.

Taking a closer look, he realized that the source of the light was a humanoid figure that had been chained to the floor and ceiling. The figure looked up at Jonah with its brilliant keppel eyes and spoke: "Help..." causing him to panic and try to crawl away. "No... come back... free me... I can... I can heal you if you free me. I beg you... mortal... Please." the being pleaded.

Jonah, already knowing he was most likely a goner, and having nothing to lose if he risked it, stopped his attempt to escape and replied to the being. "H-How?..." he asked plainly. "Come closer, I must... I must become one with you." Jonah immediately went "Wait... what?" prompting the spirit to explain. "If I join with you, your body will be healed, and I will be free from this prison. The alternative is you die and I remain trapped here." Jonah grumbled as he thought it over. "F-fine... but don't do anything funny... whilst in here..."

"You have my word." the being replied, Jonah starting to crawl back towards it, eventually reaching it and touching its foot, the being starting to flow like a fluid into Jonah's body.

Jonah's mind was overwhelmed as millenia of memories of isolation in the rocky cavern, soon followed by memories of angelic beings combating monstrous horrors led by a dark sorcerer. of the death of the being's comrades, of it's siblings.

After integrating with the being, and incorporating its memories into his mind, Jonah was no longer, but neither was the entity. They were one now, an entirely new being. "Ushahin... That was your name, but you are now me... And I am you..." The new gestalt person, still thinking of itself as being Jonah Williams, thought out loud, looking over his hands afterwards, both a familiar and an alien sight at the same time.

Jonah took a moment to look around again, now knowing the entire layout of the complex he was in, getting up to his feet afterwards with a grunt, his body fully healed. "War... there's a war going on! I need to... My armor, I'll need it." he hurried out back into the room in which he woke up after his fall, heading down a different passageway afterwards.