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Player: @Crusader6628
OC Status: NPC (Toon coming soon)
Usages: Community RP (Anyone can use him if they wish.)

Detective Cecil Cross
Nightguard (Retired)
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The Westside Warden, The Sheriff








Detective, SWAT - MCPD

Ann Arbor MI, USA




"They bear the ultimate burden so that maybe...hopefully our children won't have to."
Cecil Cross to entire Red Banner Task Force about the personal lives of heroes

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(Cecil geared up as Nightguard)


Growing up in Ann Arbor Cecil possessed the tools and senses to excel as a beat cop with the Police Department. But after the rebuilding of Detroit, he transferred to the Westside division of M. City in 1994. With his high school sweetheart, he welcomed a newborn girl into the world as he rose to the ranks of the S.W.A.T. division. It was here that he would pick up the skillset that would one day aid him in fighting crime.

Tragedy would strike Cecil's picturesque life in the form of a nemesis. [WIP Nemesis]; A crooked cop whom Cecil was responsible for exposing and eventually arresting - turned psychotic super villain whilst serving his time in prison. [Nemesis] kidnapped, tortured, and killed Cecil's wife and daughter whilst taunting the MCPD and Cecil, using the limitations of the law to prevent Cecil from saving his family.

This gives birth to Nightguard, the vigilante alter ego Cecil adopts, using the access and wit of a detective combined with his SWAT skillset to watch over M. City by night and exact justice on his own terms, free of the limitations of the badge.

Lee Feng

From '96 to '99, Detective Lee Feng was the partner of Cecil Cross. The pair got along like a house on fire. But in '97, Cecil becomes Nightguard and in an almost karmic twist of fate, he and Lee are assigned to the Nightguard cases.

Lee works tirelessly, and with steadfast devotion to unmask and bring Nightguard to justice. The entire time, Cecil is right there beside him, entering crime scenes he created, forced to carry out an elaborate charade pretending to know nothing of the crimes themselves. At the same time, he must try to prevent Lee from getting to close to Nightguard, without ever actually obstructing justice to do it. He is willing to die on this hill, but he doesn't want it to come to that.

Christmas 1999, an intricate plot involving WIP Nemesis #1 and the gangs of M. City signing a clandestine agreement to secretly forge an alliance that will maintain the front of business as usual with gangs warring and beefing for turf, but the local leaders will always be behind the curtain, controlling the actual flow of crime and scale of the conflicts so that all parties benefit in the long-run. This gives way to the criminal underworld of M. City we know today, but Lee feels this is directly at the cost of everyone from gang subordinate to civilian and law enforcement. Cecil agrees, but deep down, Nightguard doesn't. Cecil has a genius intellect, and he understands that this is actually the best way for the future of M. City. It will ensure the gangs are actually regulating themselves without the body of the snake ever knowing what is really happening. The bloodshed is actually minimized, and it's WIP Nemesis #1 that convinces Nightguard of this. As much as it sickens him, it's a way out. A solution to the problem Nightguard was born out of. Not a perfect or absolute one, but it stops the widespread, daily killings, on all sides. Or, at least, subsides it.

As Lee sets out to bring the whole thing down, Cecil is torn on what to do, and how to reign in Lee, because his persistence on the issue becomes life threatening. In fact, during the climax, on New Years Eve, 1999, Nightguard unmasks, pleading with Lee to just stop, give the gangs a chance to reign in their own destruction, as they can NEVER be erased, only managed. He insists this is an opportunity to broker change that leads to peace in the streets and a reasonable level to crime. Lee rejects it completely, and is mortified that Cecil is nothing but a cold blooded, vigilante murderer.

As they stand on a Westside rooftop, Lee tries to arrest Cecil for Nightguard's crimes when a robed figured cloaked in Shadow blasts him with thunder bolts from their hands. Lee collapses, dead and Hi Pan along with WIP Nemesis #1 emerge.

Nightguard wants to avenge Lee then and there, or at least try. But he knows that would be the foolish thing to do. Instead he tells them he will be watching, always. And the moment their little secret stops working, he'll be there again. Killing their people, locking them up and ruining their rackets and plans. He also reminds them he's not the only one who will be there, so they need to make it work.

Nightguard is blamed for Lee's death, and he retires the mantle, only bringing it out to exact hard justice in extreme, rare cases.

After the agreement, the Westside is a much more peaceful place, with less open competition and warfare between the gangs. They settle into territories and many even help their neighborhoods to some degree, when they aren't causing chaos or committing crimes. The Red Banner consistently ignore and neglect the agreement, and remain a nuisance until Cecil grows too old to fight crime, at which time the adherence to the pact began to deteriorate.

Decemebr, '99, Lee gave birth to a newborn baby boy, Richard Lee Feng. Richard would grow up to be the Shaolin Kid, and unknowingly avenge his father by killing Hi Pan.


WIP Nemesis #1 (WIP) -

A corrupt MCPD Officer, turned deranged criminal mastermind after being exposed and imprisoned by Cecil Cross.

Cold Case (Ronnie Morrison) -

A mutant cryomancer and serial killer who terrorized Millennium City's Westside in the 1990s. His MO? Ambushing victims and freezing them in place like ice statues. The press dubbed him the Ice Sculpture Killer, his body count numbering in the forties until Cecil cracked the case and locked him up.

During time spent in professional care, it was discovered that Ronnie's hereditary DNA was altered by the Ice Spirit hundreds of years ago. This dormant gene manifested in Ronnie, causing him to develop a second personality that only desired to hunt and kill victims. It displayed characteristics like a wild predator, carefully choosing prey and attacking without being seen. With the help of Doctor Silverback, Ronnie was able to suppress the Ice Gene for over five years whilst serving time. He was eventually released with the help of Cecil, who had discovered this new information and now believed Ronnie's staunch claim of total, oblivious innocence in any "Ice Sculpture Killings." Cecil also believed it was what the now missing Nocturnus would have wanted done. Everything about the enigmatic, illusive Cold Case made perfect sense given what Silverback had discovered.

After his release, the daughter of Nocturnus, Debbie Grier, has maintained his mantle with devout loyalty and ferocity. She stalks Ronnie, believing him to be responsible for killing her father. She ambushes him in his modest, State-funded apartment and executes him with his own gun. Ronnie had owned a small handgun for protection, or perhaps even suicide, as the knowledge of all his Ice Gene had done had left him with crippling paranoia and guilt.

WIP Nemesis #2 (WIP) - (WIP...)