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Doctor Canada
The Crimson Wizard Of Canada
Player: @ryan1580
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Super Group
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Real Name
Ryan Vincent Canada
January 4th, 1982
Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Canadian/American Dual Citizenship
Millennium City
Sanctum Canada [Pocket Dimension]
Practioner Of The Mystic Arts
Legal Status
Marital Status
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  • Father: ; Status: Deceased
  • Mother: ; Status: Deceased
Physical Traits
Human [Homo Magi]
Apparent Age
Appears To Be In Early 30's
225 lbs.
Body Type
Raven Black
Dark Blue
Dark Tan
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Tall, Athletic build
Powers & Abilities
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Powers And Abilities

Homo Magi Physiology: Ryan is Human registering as such on medical tests and scans showing no difference between himself and another Human being of his height and weight class. Despite registering and appearing as Human he is classified as being Homo Magi due to being born with an innate talent for using Magical Forces. Because of his Homo Magi status he has an innate talent for utilizing various forms of magic often times with little to no effort on his part while other magicians might require more focus or time to perform the magical feats that come naturally to Ryan.

Magical Perception / Awareness: Ryan was born with a unique perception and awareness which is not commonly found among other beings without undergoing years of intense spiritual and mental training. He is able to see and sense things that exist outside the normal visual spectrum for Human beings allowing him to see things that others around him are unable to see naturally. He is able to see beings such as Ghosts, Fairies, Elves, Angels, Demons and other species that exist outside the visual spectrum normally seen by Human beings. Ryan has shown that he is able to see beyond the Physical Plane that Earth exists in and is able to see into other dimensions such as the Astral Plane allowing him to see Astral Projections as well as other beings that exist within the Astral Plane or other planes that exist and can be viewed from the Physical Plane. He is able to look at a being and see beneath their skin allowing him to tell if a being he is speaking with is being possessed or controlled by another being in which case he will see the true form of the person that is possessing or controlling the being that he is speaking with. He is able to look beneath a being in order to tell if the being he is speaking with has a Soul or if they are existing without their soul. Ryan has an awareness of the Eldritch Energy which exists within the Universe and is even able to sense the flow of the Universe's Eldritch in order to detect when it has been disrupted which can often tell him when a being or beings are tapping into the Universe's energy and will often investigate as he likes to ensure that the Universe's Eldritch is left balanced at all times as he does not want think about what would happen to the Universe should the flow shift too far to either the light or dark side even if it is only for a short period of time. He is able to look upon a being and immediately tell if they are part of the Champions Universe or if they have somehow traveled to the Champions Universe from either another planet in the Champions Universe or even if they come up an alternate universe in the Multiverse. He is able to detect magical portals and can track these portals down to the exact point in which they exist. His awareness is not only connected to the Multiverse around him but also the flow of time as his perceptions allows him to sense changes to Reality, Space and Time allowing him to be aware of when either time or reality has been changed and is able to tell what changes were made thus allowing him to undo these changes if the changes have caused an anomaly in the Universe which needs to be corrected in order to restore time, reality or both to the natural balance that it had before the changes were made. He has the awareness to sense when beings in his surroundings have been effected by magical spells even if the being in question is completely unaware of the fact that someone has cast a spell upon them knowing what kind of spell the being is under and how it has effected them and those around them and to the degree that it has done so. While Magical Spells are able to affect him his awareness allows him to notice differences in reality should a spell be used to alter his perceptions and awareness where his mind will show him visions of the true reality until such time as Ryan has seen enough visions of the true reality that he can break the spell that has been used against him.</b>

Magical Eldritch Manipulation: Ryan has a natural instinctive ability to make use of the Eldritch Energy that exists within the Universe where he can Generate, Channel, Shape and Manipulate Eldritch Energy to suit his various needs. Over the years he has developed his instinctive potential into an ability that he can use often times with little effort on his part as his use of this ability is often from an instinctive nature rather than a focused rational nature like other beings using similar abilities. He has made use of this ability to power the various magical spells that he casts showing that with the years of practice that he has put into his studies he is among the most skilled users currently found on the planet with few beings on the planet able to match his skill and even fewer who are able to exceed his skill in the craft. The most often usage of this ability is when he forms Mandalas of Light which he can use as offensive weapons or as protective shields giving him various options in a fight that can help him against even the strongest of opponents. Offensively Ryan is able to create blasts of Eldritch Energy which he uses to strike targets at a distance and is able to channel various amounts of energy to ensure that any blast he utilizes is strong enough to handle the target that Ryan is shooting at. By both generating and shaping Eldritch Energy Ryan is able to create various items out of thin air allowing him to have various items in a moment's notice. Over various situations he has created things such as Swords, Whips, Chains, Guns, Cages and many other things with the limit to what he can create being only limited to what he is able to picture in his mind as he is shaping the energy into whatever that he needs. Defensively Ryan is able to form Mandalas of Light which he can use to block incoming attacks used against him or he can channel Eldritch Energy often through his hands shaping the energy around another person or object in his surroundings creating a protective barrier to try and protect them from incoming attack or harm. His barriers are only as strong as the energy that Ryan puts into his barriers which means that he can protect himself, others or objects from virtually any attack or harm provided that Ryan has the time to properly channel the energy needed for a barrier strong enough to withstand the incoming attack or harm.</b>

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