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We work for a New Millennium
DothCorp in center Millennium City
Leader(s): John Dothan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Concept: Multinational industry that excels in chemistry, electrical engineering, and technology
Founded: 1931
Members: Thousands of unnamed scientists
The villain, Halloween is said to get his weapons and armory from the labs within DothCorp

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DothCorp is a well-known multinational corporation owned by Ryan and Jessica Dothan before they later died and their son John became the new CEO around 1998. DothCorp's motto is "We Work for a New Millennium" meaning they work to create better technology and other artificial creations needed to see the "New Millennium" and welcome the next generation of heroes into the new world. DothCorp is still in business and is currently being run by Jack Dothan. Jack makes sure that the scientists keep everything up and running along with keeping a promise that no matter what he would not let his family's one wealthy business be burned to ground thanks to some "hero" always coming and crashing through the windows every other week.


  • Equipment: Many
  • Transportation: DothCorp Delivery Vans
  • Weapons: Toilet Paper Bombs, Acid Grenades, etc. (mainly used by Halloween)

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