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Physical Attributes
Magical Attributes
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Chaotic Neutral
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Biographical Data
Real Name: Not Given Marital Status: Complicated
Known Aliases: No Occupation: Badass
Gender Male Base of Operations: His Sanctum
Species: Dragon / Demon Education: Draconic Upbringing
Ethnicity: Black Dragon, White man Date of Birth: 00/00/00
Sexual Orientation: Straight Relatives: Jasarien (Father, Demon) Vox (Mother, Dragon) Davidian (Brother, Dragon)
Age: 4753 Complexion: Dark
Height 6'4 Physical Build: Muscular
Weight: 380lbs Physical Features: Spikes from back of neck down to tip of tail, along his spine.
Accent: British Equipment: Magical Armband (Emotional Limiter)
Eyes: Red, glowing Known Abilities: Illusion, Teleporation, Shadow, Possession, Telepathy
Hair: Raven Black Weaponry: KAIOKEN!
Standing: Citizen Allies: 8
SuperGroup: House Bellemorte Enemies:
Sidekicks: None Pets: Cespanar (House Imp)
Minions: Lilla (HellHound) IC Deaths:
OOC Data
OOC Name: Drew! Combat Style: Dragon Boxing
Level: 40 Previous SG's: Haus VanBake, Wild Blades, MoX, Tapestry
Gender: Male Access to VIP Club: Yes
RP Type: Mature RP Access to VB: Yes
Started CO: In Beta # Costume Slots: 24
RP Aptitude: 11 years at least. Alternative Characters: Maxwell, Rumble, Arthur Webb Talbot, Asper Lunae, Hyperon and many many more!
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Known Information

Drake has good, and bad, as a reputation. He's known for being quick to anger, but he's also known for randomly helping people. His exploits include a random tour with the MC fire department, using his talents for breathing in toxic fumes and resisting heat to navigate buildings unsafe for humans, to save lives.

He also has been actively heroic through his time, but there have been know instances of him clashing with other heroes. Most notable case was when he fought, and then killed Alex Cross.

When put to court over the matter he was found to be acting in self defense, but was charged with resisting arrest on the matter at the time, and served community service in punishment. Since the death of Alex Cross Drake has pulled out of active superhero duty but is still living in Millennium City.


Drake has several appearances, ranging from human with red (draconic) eyes, up to very draconic, almost feral looking forms. There are several variants of forms inbetween he's able to hold for whatever reason, with individual characteristics of their own. His most frequently assumed forms are:


The face Drake has assumed as his 'human' face, that he uses to integrate into human society.


A mix of humanoid and draconic features, this form is his most regularly used form, around the city.

Dragonkin Bulked:

Generally he uses this form to call on additional strength/durability, or to intimidate.


Said to be Drake's true form, though rarely ever seen.



The following information is not public know how. If you use this information without learning you ICly, I will respectfully decline any further Roleplay, and choose to ignore any influence your character has on mine. Please do not metagame, thank you.



Drake is assumed to be a feral fighter. He's occasionally exhibited the ability to exhale fire, that ranges from orange fire, to green toxic flames, that stick to and melt/corrode even non flammable surfaces.

He's been shown as durable, with the ability to recover from wounds that would be fatal to a human, his strength is above human and his senses are far and away above human capabilities.
Recently he's shown his aptitude to magic is far more than previously showcased, but why or how? Is not available knowledge.


  • Named himself, 'Drake' a word that means 'Dragon'. Like a human naming themselves 'Human' or 'Person'.

  • Died nearly almost every day when originally RPed, near launch of Champions Online.

  • Was never intended to have any 'dark' or 'demonic' ties what-so-ever.

  • Isn't evil! His alignment is Chaotic Neutral.

  • Has a house imp named Cespanar.

  • Claimed his name was 'Drake Danger Norris' when applying for his hero license. Yes, he has one of those.

  • Smells like teen spirit. Or cologne and ash, probably the latter.

RP Hooks

  • Is a hero, and is recognizable as a hero but is very evasive to any press coverage. Want to know about him? Come -ask- him.

  • Interesting Aura: Drake has one, and is also interested in people with strange/odd ones. Feel free to PM me with details of strange aura's you have, if you want to initiate RP with me.

  • Feed the ego. Drake's got one, and its an easy track to his good side. Manipulating his ego is an easy way into RPing with Drake.

  • Carrying Draconic, or Demonic artifacts and shouldn't be? (I.E You're human.) PM me. Drake'd notice, fast.

Unacceptable RP Hooks

  • "Drake is a dragon! I HATE dragons." Conflict is fun with some buildup, rhyme or reason, without it? It's needless.

  • You must bow to me! I'm a dragon god! No. No you're not. In fact, no, in general. Just, no.

  • I used to know your Dad/Brother! Yes, people have been claiming this. One, Drake's dad isn't played by me, so thats not even for -me- to say, let alone you. If you make this claim, and actually HAVE met Drake's father, that's no reason for him to stop and talk to you, he hates his father, and brother.

  • Suggesting you're a higher ranked demon, dragon, vampire, demigod, transforming robot, dinosaur or boat, than my character and that it should intimidate me/draw respect. Status can be earned via RP, not just written into a bio and assumed. (*)

(*) There are exceptions to the rule, the more established a RP character is, and the more reasonable their status is (Hard earned heroic persona, as opposed to writing 'This is a very powerful character' in a bio) the more Drake will take your character seriously. If you're not sure if you're an exception to the rule, try asking me in game!

A good example of a hard earned status would be heroes like Thundrax, The Blue Bruiser.

A bad example of a hard earned status would be suggesting you're a Lord of Hell, Archangel, owning a Billion dollar cooperation, or boasting strength/skill.


Drake was born as an egg, and a dragonling. He was a tiny two foot tall hunched over creature with tiny arms, a huge dragon like face, stubby little legs and proportionately large wings used to wrap himself in to keep warm and ‘fly’ that involved flapping wildly and hoping on the correct outcome rather than any kind of skilled transition. Born in war, Drake’s design was to latch onto whatever creature he deemed as an ally at the time, and wait. When required, Drake would be hurled like a projectile at an enemy, impaling with his snout, before viciously ripping into them.

For the first three years of his life, he remained in this state, consuming every spare piece of flesh possible. After this three year period he had built up enough of a tough leathery hide, and entered the next stage of his life cycle, seeking out the nearest heat source. Some dragons find geothermal vents and bury themselves, some find hot springs… Drake found a volcano, hurling himself in to dwell in the molten lava for a period of months. Over these months, Drake matured into a sentient creature, a dragon though an adolescent version of one.

The adolescent version of Drake was sentient, but wild and incredibly powerful for such a young creature. He survived by hunting large game that other creatures could not eat, specifically supernatural in nature, being strangely drawn to sources of demonic energy more so than any other dragon. It was during one of these hunts that the black dragon flight decided Drake was (ahead of his time) strong enough to be put into service. He was brought in by a far stronger black dragon than himself, alongside his brother, Davidian.

Once brought in, Davidian and Drake were thrown into a pit together and forced to fight. Clearly showing equal strength, the outcome of the match was decided by Drake’s spirit, as even when they had concluded the fight was over and they would both be slaves, where as Davidian bowed to the dragon that had previously overpowered him, Drake relentlessly assaulted him, even so much to the point that he managed to (although lightly) wound the much more powerful beast.

Drake and Davidian were separated and it was ruled that due to their natures alone, Drake would be made a warrior and Davidian a slave. Drake and Davidian parted and for the next five years, where as training usually only takes two, Drake was forged into a fight. He showed spirit unlike any other and was utterly unrelenting to injury and fatigue, to the point that although he could never beat his trainer and master, he managed to tire the elder dragon. So impressed by Drake’s outstanding physical abilities, he was put into the royal guard for the black dragon primarch.

Wars between the dragon legions broke out as the black dragon’s role in draconian society was so far unneeded with their assault on demon kind all by over, as any of the wandering greater or behemoth style demons were out of sight or already dead, that most saw the black dragon flight as abominations. The largest of the dragon empires, the green dragons, who were the ‘common’ dragon, mostly, but made up for this in sheer number. Drake, at this point, being the best of the best in the black dragon’s offensive forces, was sent in mostly as a shock trooper. He was incredibly adept at his style of combat, as he was able to even at full size consume the blood of other dragons, to replenish his power. To this end, he never ran out of energy in a fight and was able to take on hordes of the green dragon.

Drake was rewarded for his efforts, but his fellow dragons were confused by him, as the more he consumed, the more docile he became, so that out of battle he was (short tempered) but an incredibly calm and caring being, wanting only to sleep and observe humans. Drake’s favorite past time was a certain village that he swooped down into, and where as most dragons would tear a village asunder, Drake merely sat (usually in the town center) and observed people.

This strange behavior caused Drake to actually earn a reputation as the villages protector. No human would dare disobey the law as threats with a dragon around, and the village was actually built around him, to the point that a few of them worshiped him like a god. He just used the center of their town as his bed, most days. So at ease with the teeny little creatures, that he would even allow children to play with him, tugging at his wings, riding his tail and such. It was here that he started to learn how to shape shift, as dragon kind were known to do so, however it had never been a priority for the black dragons, and thus no one had taught him.

Once he had learned to assume a ‘human’ enough form, he learned to communicate with the humans, and even learned to speak their language in his true form. Years past and Drake continued to spend his time protecting ‘his’ village and fight in dragon wars. At fifteen years old, he had matured (in power and mind) to that of a dragon twice his age. It was at this point that he stumbled on a nest of red dragon eggs. The black dragons only ally in the wars were the red dragons, as red dragons were natural warriors and understood the plight of the blacks.

Taking the eggs back to the village, Drake incubated them himself. Usually the work of the nesting female, Drake found it awkward incubating the eggs, and when he was away fighting he found himself leaving the eggs in the care of the humans, that built ‘ovens’ to house the eggs when Drake was away. Time passed and Drake found himself with a newly hatched family, that luckily grew up seeing humans as friends, not food. The dragonlings were raised thriving off the heat of Drake, who always came home brimming with energy due to his blood consuming abilities.

After the period of years as the hatchlings matured. Learning quickly to assume human form, Drake raised them as ‘people’ first and dragons second, so that they would not have to take part in the dragon wars. Two male hatchlings tried to follow in Drake’s footsteps to become warriors, the youngest female wanted only to become a dancer, and the middle child, a female, a scholar. More years passed and Drake was allowed to ‘retire’ from the black dragon army as the hostilities died down. A decorated war hero, he assumed semi-permanent ’humanoid’ form (Assuming his true form only if a greater demon surfaced) as to avoid any contact but with that of the gracious humans, who almost all of whom had learned to accept the gaggle of dragons as part of their village.

Drake defended the village from oppression from other humans, routing human armies that tried to ransack it in the name of whatever king or god with incredible ease. The village thrived, and Drake eventually, at the age of thirty fell in love with a young human woman named Bella. Drake and Bella’s relationship was a happy one, but the lines between human and dragon norms were incredibly different, and despite knowing only combat, Drake had a soft heart and would do his best to see to her needs. Bella lasted for a normal human life span and they had several children, but these memories are buried somewhere deep in the back of Drake’s mind, as he remembers them fondly but cannot deal with them being mortal and having passed on.

Disaster came in the form of a higher demon approaching Drake and his band, shouting about the soul of Bella, bursting in on her funeral. Drake and the dragons sprang into action to defend the village, but unlike any opponent he had ever faced, Drake was defeated. Recovering from his loss abnormally quickly, Drake took the battle away from the village into a nearby mountain range, where he could assume his true form. Arriving at mountain range, the young dragons attempted to battle alongside Drake, however they were defeated, and even in his true form Drake found it a struggle to match the higher demon, calling for his brood to flee.

Only the scholar of the group fled, and returned to the village that had been razed by demons. The battle between Drake and the higher demon lasted for some time, and eventually Drake was taken down with several mortal wounds, causing his physical form to expire for the first time he had ever encountered. Drake stayed dead for a full day, and when he finally awoke, his abilities far in excess of his age, he found his brood (minus the scholar) all dead, however unlike him, their lives had not been wrought with battle, and they were unable to return to existence like Drake had been.

Drake entered a great depression, tracking down the scholar of his brood, he clung to her as his own remaining ‘family’ and, out of love, started to train her. Having no village to return to and no other ties, the two dragons roamed, and Drake showed the younger dragon the hardships of life, forcing her to endure, with his aid, the hardest battles he could find for her. This lasted for one hundred and seventy years, split up between the scholar training herself in the art of magic against Drake’s will, not that he actively stopped her. Finally, they fought a battle neither of them could win against a demon of such substantial power that they were decimated. Both died, and yet both revived. Finally happy that she was strong enough to endure the hardships of life, Drake left her side finally allowing her to lead her own life, keeping in close contact with her via the telepathic bond that they developed over their years, and developed eventually into being able to communicate telepathically with anyone.

Times having changed, since Drake last settle, he perused the only life he could at the time that combined the few things he were good at: Fighting, finding gold and traveling. Drake became a pirate, using his superhuman senses to track gold and become a quite lucrative at his job. Becoming quite rich, he gathered a horde of gold that he keeps locked up in his apartment behind magical wards, to this day. Drake’s life as a pirate was vastly uncharted as well, as he indulged a more vulgar side of himself during this period of time.

When it came time to hand over his ship, as he grew weary of the pirate life, he came to America as it was still a ‘new land’ at this point in time. Living off his ability to find either gold or demons, he took part in the gold rush, and eventually moved onto full time demon ‘hunting’ as his knack for tracking them allowed him such an easy time. Drake was not licensed and hunted demons as it provided sport, mostly consuming them rather than hunting them for some zealous need to destroy them.

The industrial revolution rolled around and Drake found himself in an amazing amount of work, being able to transport tonnes of metal by hand, he found himself constantly in demand. Years passed and Drake settled in America. The red dragon scholar now calling herself Andromache arrived in America to reunite with Drake, and they settled down in Detroit.In Detroit they laid low, staying out of the superhero business as it “didn’t effect dragons” until the battle against Doctor Destroyer. Detroit were destroyed and both Andromache and Drake were killed in the blast. When they awoke, they decided it was time to take up arms against the super powered villains of the new version of Detroit, starting by fending off the Qularr invasion together.