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Player: @GLoRToR
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"Every journey begins with not wanting to go!"
Combat Focus: Specialist
Power Level: Classified
Meta Focus: Confidential
Personal Data
Honourifics: Ms.
First Name: Diane
Nick Name: Dia, Dinny, Dink, and a few dozen more that the sisters make up on a weekly basis
Last Name: Richardson
Known Aliases: The Rising Lotus
Species: Human, enlightened transcendental
Ethnicity: South-Robur
Age: 24.
Height: 5ft6in / 164cm
Weight: 133lbs / 61kg
Eye Color: Green, the irises emanating a constant glow. This emanation may turn into a golden or platinum glow on occasion.
Hair Color: Chestnut
Biographical Data
Nationality: United Planes Defense Directorate
Occupation: Specialist (Lotus Fist), Drill Instructor (United Planes Defense Directorate), Protector
Birth Data: Year of the Horse, Month of Libra, 20th Day, TERRA-8-020(designate Gaia)
Base of Operations: Lotus Fist Sisterhood HQ, Mayflower blvd. 172/a, 99117 Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Adam Richardson (Brother), Richard Stephen Richardson (Father), Carolyn Flynn-Richardson (Mother), The Lotus Sisterhood, Shauliel Ravenmoon (Mentor, Godmother)
Known Meta Abilities
True-Sight, Mind's Eye Sutra, Kundalini, Eight Trigrams Chakral Union, Unbreakable Mind, Absolution, Recall, Overwhelming Grace, Beguiling, Radiant Halo, Impervious, Repel Unholy, Sacral Bond, Heaven and Earth Sutra, Miracle, Benevolence, Truth's Guise, Planar Shift
Known Skills and Training
(Displayed so far but likely not limited to) Theology, Philosophy, Herbalism, Hand-to-hand combat, C-OPS, Medical Expertise, Hostile Environment Training, Stealth and Infiltration.
Known Assets
Lotus Fist Sisterhood (Specialist), UNTIL (Allied Operative)
"Diane is a sweetheart. A very tough sweetheart. For all her girlishness and seemingly easy going moments, there is one vigilant glance around, ever ready for battle. The roughness of her palm is nothing compared to what's in her head. She was raised in leather tents, bathed in cold spring water and wielded a claymore for the better part of her life. A 14 year old woman in her village is ready to have her own children and protect them with all her prowess. She's had ten years to practise that.".

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SUBJECT: Lotus Fist Sisterhood Specialist



Step one: Take a tomboy with a military background. Step two: Give her the look. Step three: Make her aware of it. Step four: Watch an innately rough and tough young woman bring out the best of both worlds. The recipe for Diane Richardson. She's one to champion the cause of the weak, stand up to bullies and still manage to do it with the endearing mannerisms of a girl and the harshness of a marine. She sucks at making decisions, but she backs it up with good will. She sucks at being social, but she backs it up with being genuine.
Growing up in barbarian highlands of a world vastly different to ours, genuine hardiness is something she simply considers natural. With a military father, a clerical mother and a twin brother she seriously needed that touch from the Sisterhood. She's got it now, at least on the surface. Not being scary for all but the most steadfast of men, that will have to wait a while.
-UNTIL Liaison Patil





Themes, Quotes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djMxEuT_vgY NICKELBACK - Hero : My way theme.
" I'm not gonna stand here and wait. "

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSvOTw8UH6s Starset - My Demons : Twin brother theme.
" We are one and the same, you take all the pain away. "


Character Ownership, Disclaimer and Copyrights

The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Diane Richardson (The Character) as an original character is my intellectual property and is submitted to this website and the game Champions Online under fair use disclaimer that the character does not advertise or hold any product or merchandise of which the owner of the character will gain financial or media value. The concept, name, likeness and design of the original vharacter is for entertainment purposes only. Using the character without my permission is prohibited. Please do not butcher my work. Thank you!