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Little Miss Duskwind
Player: @GLoRToR
Tammi coav.jpg
"A gentle soul does not make a soft heart much like a gentle embrace does not soften your passion." (Credits for the picture go to Cassandra Ventura with respect and adoration.)
Combat Focus: Support
Power Level: Classified
Meta Focus: Twilight Sorcery
Personal Data
Honourifics: Miss
First Name: Tamoril
Nick Name: Tammi, Tamtam
Middle Name: Lysenil
Last Name: Kor-Torad
Known Aliases: The Twilight Lotus
Species: Shade
Ethnicity: Shaedenaar
Age: Adult. Tamoril's appearance is that of a young woman in her early twenties.
Height: 5ft2in / 157cm
Weight: 130lbs / 58kg
Eye Color: Purple, the irises emanating a constant glow. This emanation may turn into a golden or platinum glow on occasion.
Hair Color: Natural black with a lavender hue.
Biographical Data
Nationality: Shaedenaar, United Planes Defense Directorate
Occupation: Disciple (Lotus Fist), Curator
Birth Data: Year of the Rabbit, Month of Libra, 21st Day, TERRA-8-020(designate Gaia)
Base of Operations: Lotus Fist Sisterhood HQ, Mayflower blvd. 172/a, 99117 Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: The Lotus Sisterhood, Royal house of Thothraegan
Known Meta Abilities
Ethereal Visage, Shadowsense, Twilight Embrace, Mind's Eye Sutra, Kundalini, Eight Trigrams Chakral Union, Unbreakable Mind, Absolution, Recall, Overwhelming Grace, Beguiling, Double Halo, Impervious, Repel Unholy, Sacral Bond, Heaven and Earth Sutra, Miracle, Benevolence, Truth's Guise, Planar Shift
Known Skills and Training
(Displayed so far but likely not limited to) Theology, Philosophy, Cultural lore, Hand-to-hand combat, C-OPS, Medical Expertise, Hostile Environment Training, Stealth and Infiltration.
Known Assets
Lotus Fist Sisterhood, UNTIL (Allied Operative)
Tammi doesn't make a lot of noise, and most of the noise she makes is pleasant humming of tunes reminiscent of oriental melodies. Clearly in love with culture and its trappings, she is one to spend time in concert halls, museums or other cultural sites. She's known to use her talent for constructive purposes more so than fighting. She may appear shy or withdrawn but she's simply just in her own little world, most of the time. .

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SUBJECT: Twilight Priestess - Curator


Tammi grew up as the daughter of a Shaedenaar curator and a celestial grand cardinal. The mother, Lysenil has taught her daughter about the importance of diplomacy and understanding those we interact with, from an early age. She has also inherited her talent and passion for the fine arts from her mother, and her father's affinity for divine magic. An unlikely pairing, the love of the late cardinal and recently deceased curator has been the subject of frantic prejudice and racist segregation in both cultures.
Because of this, Tammi has spent a vast majority of her life shunned and looked down on, but rather than becoming sour and jaded, she has been pursuing her quest for understanding among all cultures for years upon years. Young as she may seem, looks can be deceiving.


Gentle but firm, soft-spoken but stern, caring but capable of shrugging it all off. Tammi is not slow to warm up to people but she can be distant and many people may not even try. Their mistake: Tammi is known for her heartfelt hugs and genuine care for people around her. So much that it could be easily mistaken for an approach of private interest - most of the time it is not. Sensual as she may come off, demure as she may seem, this girly girl is hardly one to be taken lightly, and she is in fact honourable and steadfast.





Themes, Quotes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I30MZsZ1tY BOB SEGER - Turn the page : Wanderer theme.
"Here I go, playing 'star' again. There I go, turn the page."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J9hdcYsrOo G'N'R - Don't Cry (alt) : Father's Legacy.
"So many seem so lonely with no one left to cry to"

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAv7L3HnV1k DMX+MGK - iDon'TdAnCe : Battle healer theme.
"That dancin' shit's up to the rest o' y'all."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0EQlIzPowM BvB - in tHe eNd : Battle resurrection theme.
"I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid to die."

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-cxPIOAfSk BvB - gBye aGoNy : Brand new purpose theme.
"I'm letting go of what I once believed - so goodbye, agony."


The storm beating against her ashen skin and the waves beneath crashing against the moonlit seaside mountain cliff, she stood on the edge, determined to do it. With mother gone and nowhere to be, nothing to do and nothing left to see, she just wanted to end it. And then at that moment the image appearing off the ledge on the far cliffs, a glowing image of the winged man, a man she remembered from very long ago.
What are you doing, child? - A question so simple. Yet obviously enough, not a question at all. She'd at first be taken aback, though not frightened. She would shout against the storm, but her voice with not much strength to it, wouldn't carry too far. Or so she thought. She'd scream all that burdened her into the late night seaside storm, collapsing to her knees when her voice finally gave in and faded away. What am I doing... this is not me... I'll never give up, not so easily. - she muttered to herself. The warmth of a cloak wrapped around her shoulder, she'd look up finally. Father? - No, whom she saw was a woman with red curls cascading down her drenched shoulders, her green eyes cast unto the crestfallen girl with the care of a mother. He wouldn't want you to give up either. Come.

Character Ownership, Disclaimer and Copyrights

The concept, name, likeness and design of the original Tamoril Lysenil Kor-Torad (The Character) as an original character is my intellectual property and is submitted to this website and the game Champions Online under fair use disclaimer that the character does not advertise or hold any product or merchandise of which the owner of the character will gain financial or media value. The concept, name, likeness and design of the original character is for entertainment purposes only. Using the character without my permission is prohibited. Please do not butcher my work. Thank you!