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Jason Wayne Strong










Jason was born in a small town called Seagoville, Texas. His family lived comfortably. They didn't have everything, but they didn't not have anything, either. He lived an average life until his parents decided, rather abruptly to move to Oklahoma, when he was 11. Jason and his father moved first, his mother and brother staying to oversee the sale of their house in Texas. Jason didn't like being out in the woods but he managed to pull his strength together. For the first year he lived up there, he was completely terrified of living in Oklahoma. The thought of the wild animals was enough to scare him witless, but his imagination ran wild during the night. Every tree he saw was a monster looking to attack him. Each time the wind would whisper he'd think it was a spirit coming to eat his soul.

Then of course he grew up. He started spending more time in the woods, learning how to survive out there even though he had a house, a family, and food and shelter always waiting for him. But he liked living most of his life in the woods. It was in his blood, it seemed. He spent the next eight years in Oklahoma making friends and just living out his life like a normal, average teenager. And then he moved again. To Boston. He was 19, he could have refused to go... but he was still in School, and had no job. He hated he had to move but he did it anyways.

He should have stayed in Oklahoma. He knew something was off about St. Patrick's High school but he figured it wouldn't make any difference to him. It was his first day, and everything went to the crappers. His Biology teacher, Dr. Tischmak, used him and his entire class as lab rats. The Nutty Professor used some sort of Genetic Manipulation and Empowerment device, which gave all 54 students in the room super powers. It was suppose to put them under the good Doctor's control, however that part backfired. The students rose up and gave the Nutty Professor a good lashing, Jason included.

Present Day

Jason came to Millennium City November the 4th. Two months after the incident with Professor Crazy. He had been biding his time and competing in Super powered archery competitions. Why archery competitions? Jason was given Super-Sight and Enhanced Reflexes. (The lamest powers, in his opinion.) He did a bit of hero work on the side, as Eagle-Eye. Eventually, he was approached by PRIMUS and UNTIL together in order to get him into Millennium. They gave him a house, and as long as he agrees to go through Hero Training they'll continue to Provide him with shelter, and money for food. The only thing they didn't provide him was equipment to do real hero work. Instead, they shoved him off towards the Goodman Institute.

After a year of being off the streets, Jason is back under a new name: Snap Shot. He spent the entire year training, honing his body and abilities. Since he's been back in the spotlight, Jason has been working over-time on cleaning up Millennium City. Reporters have been going crazy, all trying to get an interview with the man known as Snap Shot, who's saved hundreds of Millennium's citizens from muggings and gang-violence in Westside, to breaking up DEMON rituals and putting the Lemurian's back in their places in Downtown.

The Goodman Institute

The Goodman Institute is a privately-funded corporation that provides scientific assistance to superheroes in the form of technical consultants, skilled manpower, equipment, and laboratory space in exchange for the rights to study and possibly exploit new discoveries for the benefit of mankind (and, of course, a reasonable profit). Founded by billionaire software mogul Horatio Goodman in 2003, the Goodman Institute has hired some of the world’s most famous superheroes and scientists and set up several facilities in the United States (and later, around the world). Among other things, the Institute provided crucial assistance to Millennium City superheroes during the Ophidian Plague attack of 2004. The Institute does most of its field work through Encounter Teams — groups of typically no more than a dozen Insitute scientists and experts handpicked to deal with whatever situation the Institute’s sending them into. For example, an Encounter Team sent to help cope with a super-plague would primarily consist of biologists and doctors, while one sent to investigate a crashed UFO would include engineers, linguists, astrophysicists, and the like. Peter (Amazing-Man II) Renton (formerly of the Sentinels) and Marcy (Electron) Gibson-Renton (formerly of the Justice Squadron) lead the Encounter Teams.


To his friends, Jason Strong is brash and arrogant. He acts on impulse and does and says whatever he wants. Often times this gets him in trouble with authority, however it never seems to bother him. He's not quick witted, and often loses arguments, this as well makes him an easy target for bullying. (His retorts often including just throwing back whatever someone said about him in a studder. No one picks on him physically because he's well built and as strong as the average man.)

However, Jason has decided he likes people thinking of him as brash, arrogant, and stupid. It gives him pleasure when he can outsmart his opponents and see the look on their faces. Jason keeps his ideas and plans in his head, unless its crucial to share. What people see as impulsive and brash, Jason see's as a chance to outwit and confuse his enemies. On the outside he's your average teenager. On the inside, he calculates his every move, every word, every decision. Often times people can see him staring at nothing, and just think he's confused. (Sometimes his friends think he's depressed. Sometimes he is.)

Jason was always the "black sheep" in his old schools, though he did have some friends. And when he moved to Boston, this didn't change. And if it did, it probably changed for the worst. Though Jason is in constant contact with the other 54'ers, he doesn't feel a real connection with any of them. Often times he finds himself looking in through a glass wall, seeing all of his classmates having fun but never him. Despite this, Jason isn't socially inept. In certain social circles, Jason is a hit. The friends he did have in his old schools all remember him and still stay in close contact with him via E-mails, phone calls and texts. Rumor has it that Jason's a hit with the ladies of his old school's, and even the one in Boston. And already several magazines in Millennium have published articles about Eagle-Eye being flirtatious with the ladies.

Powers and Equipment

Jason carries various tools with him, and has a few powers at his disposal...



Bird's Eye Armor: A highly advanced power armor which enhanced everything about Jason. He becomes faster and stronger. His eye sight becomes even better and clearer, along with a HUD that can pinpoint weak points in other armors and people. It can scan people and armor and provide information about their health, weather or not they have a broken bone and if Jason can exploit it. The B.E.A has received an upgrade, and is now more durable. Though Jason still prefers normal tights.

Nanoweave Temperature Tights: Jason's tights are lined with Nanowave fibers, keeping all of his tights at a comfortable, cool temperature of 65 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Grapple Jr: The Grapple Jr is a grappling gun based off an existing grappling gun. Dr. Grant had modified Jr to attach itself to the small particles in the air. Jason's not sure how, but it works.

Model X-24 Compound Bow: This model of the compound bow has a laser in place of a string. His laser has a physical form, and can shoot off arrows without much of a resistance, yet the same force.

F-22 Recurve Bow: The F-22 recurve bow has the same function as the Compound bow. The only difference between the two is the range. Unlike the compound bow, which can shoot further, the recurve bow has excellent power.

250-A Model "Tech" Bow The 250-a Model is designed for deadly force and accuracy. It delivers a power punch along with accuracy that would make even the best shooter jealous.

Mode T Quiver: Jason's quiver, much like his Nanofiber "Goldie" Telebelt (Below), is capable of teleporting arrows to him. He just has to think of what arrow he wants, and it can appear. Though its always stocked with the arrows Jason uses the most.

Eagle-Claw Arrow: Jason's arrows are not tipped. (Though his quiver can teleport tipped arrows to him.) Instead, their tips are shaped like eagle-claws, giving the effect of being punched when struck. The tips are normally made out of metal, however Jason has been seen firing off Questionite tipped arrows at the thicker skinned evil do-ers.

Nanofiber "Goldie" Telebelt: The "Goldie" Nanofiber belt was designed by Dr. Grant from the Goodman Institute. Its pockets use cutting edge technology to expand the inside of the pocket, without actually expanding it from outside. In addition, the buckle of the belt can be used as a teleporter. Attuned to a special frequency, it can teleport any thing into the wearers hand, so long as the item is attatched with the receiving device.

A-F Sonic Arrow: The Model A-F Sonic arrow his an arrow, equipped with a sonic device. Upon impact, the sonic device detonates and can stun the target, as well as any targets standing within three feet of the primary target. The A-F Sonic arrow also has a EMP setting, setting off an Electromagnetic Pulse which disables most electronic devices.

Model T Taser Arrow: The Model T Taser arrow is a taser, mounted onto an arrow. Upon impact, the taser activates and can shock its target into submission. Additionally, it can be set to a high enough voltage to disrupt the nervous system of those thicker-skinned villains. (Or heroes!)

Explosive Simon: The Explosive Simon (dubbed so because Jason's friend, Simon, made these for him-- Dr. Grant just modified them a bit) is an explosive attached to an arrow. The explosive normally detonates on impact, however other models exist within Jason's arsenal, including varying magnitudes of power within the explosive, and timed explosives.

Runeblade Watch: The Runeblade Watch is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. The watch itself is capable of turning into a rather large sword, with runes etched on the blade. Rumors circulate around the watch, claiming it came from a highly advanced Alien race, which the Goodman Institute is currently keeping under wraps and is trying to discern the aliens technology. However the blade isn't all the watch is capable of, it also can inject healing nanites into Jason, helping dull his pain and keep him working for longer. This device is still a mystery to even Jason and Dr. Grant. ~Update~ After a little more research from the Goodman Institute, they've found out another property of the watch. It can summon a small force shield in front of its user by pressing the face of the watch itself. After the button is no longer pressed, the shield wraps itself around the user and persists for a few seconds more. The Watch has also been modified recently, acting as a teleporter for Jason's armor, weapons, and civilian clothes. Now, no matter where he goes, as long as he has the watch... he's safe.

Field Projector A-6 A classified Goodman Institute project, with only one working prototype. The Institute has kept the project under such a tight wrap, that not even Jason knows what its entirely capable of...

Dot & Spot: Dot and Spot are two Healing Drones that follow Jason around. They're capable of preforming just about any task that normal painkillers, medicine and bandages can. They cannot, however, preform surgery and operations. The drones can also switch between Healing Mode and Attack Mode, as well as preform other minor tasks. Jason likes using them as video recorders and Music Players.


Super Sight: Jason can see far. Really far. If you where in a plane. And Jason was on the ground. He could read your newspaper, in the middle of your flight.

X-Ray Eyes: You know Superman's X-Ray Vision? Jason has it too. He can see passed mostly anything, and has yet come to an object he couldn't see through or in.

Heat Vision: You know Superman's heat vision? Jason has it too. Though its not as effective as it would seem, as it can't melt everything like S-Man's can. It does, however, burn. Really, really badly.

Enhanced Accuracy: Jason can see further than most anyone, allowing him to zoom in on his targets. He can fire his bow with incredible accuracy and hit most anything, anywhere he wants.

Enhanced Reflexes: Though they're not up to par with most super hero's reflexes, Jason can dodge a lot of attacks. As long as they're not bullets, fists, arrows, lightning, fire, ice, punches or-- okay, he can't dodge them. But he can make punches roll off him, doing less damage.

Defiant: Jason gets hurt a lot. There's not a day that goes by when he's not being shot, punched, kicked, or electrocuted. Even with all this happening to him, he still gets out there in the fight. Though its not a real super power, Jason forces himself to ignore the pain he's in every day of his life, and keeps fighting.


...Jason's natural hair color is actually black.

...Jason is built like an animal due to his rigorous work out schedule and constant heroing as Snap Shot.

...Jason goes to the gym each and every day, works out for three hours, showers, and then goes on patrol as Snap Shot.

...Jason only sleeps for about two, to three hours a night.

...Even though he drinks often, Jason has only been drunk two times in his life. Once after his father died, and just here recently after UNTIL gave him the mission to arrest his father.

...Jason's father isn't dead. When Jason was 15, his death was faked. No one but UNTIL knew.

...Jason has Monophobia, the fear of being alone. Oddly enough, this often times drives him to the point of being alone. He struggles with this every day, especially when on missions.

...Jason is a decent guitar player.


Rosanna Cash - Seven Year Ache

Frightened Rabbit - Keep Yourself Warm