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Ebon Whisperer
Player: @Nerathul
'The wheel keeps on spinning...'
Character Build
Class Focus: Support, Healer
Power Level: 33
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Thomas O'Neil (Current) Echinoam Elisik (Former)
Known Aliases: Murmur, The Ebon Whisperer or the Ebon whisper upon the wind.
Gender: Male (Currently)
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian, British descended Irish
Place of Birth: Dublin
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Babylon, Faerie
Relatives: Sister (Blodwen), Out of contact
Age: 21 (Body) 24 centuries (True age)
Height: 6' 2
Weight: 213 pounds
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: White (dyed) Dark brown (Natural)
Complexion: Light tan
Physical Build: Athletic, not overly muscular or bulky
Physical Features: White mohawk, Tattoos (An ouroboros around his neck, a serie of enochian characters that goes down his spine, An tiny ace of spade symbol below his left ear. Over his heart in white is the sigil of Murmur. it is barely visible. He also has a tribal raven at the base of the spine. The word Kallisti on the upper left arm)
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown face in the crowd
Years Active: 7 years (Current incarnation) Total unknown
Citizenship: Irish and British
Occupation: Sorcerer, conspiracy theorist, anarchist and artist.
Education: Various
Marital Status: Polyamorous relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Magical abilities, dimensional lord gifts, magical artefacts, good fighting skill with blades and hand to hand.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Modified coat, Many Foci, Long sword, high-tech motorcycle(Mirage),Handguns, Several magic items.
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Murmur is a character which deals with very mature themes, including drugs, alcohol, Sexuality, murder, human sacrifices and the likes.

Also known as Murmur or by his title in the magical world; The Ebon whisper upon the wind, Murmur walks the world as a street mage, Tathagata, Chaote, supernatural hunter and mage-for-hire. He frowns on authority of any type and works as a freelancer, playing all sides against the others.

He walks the line between light and darkness, keeping things the other worldly forces in check as an unlikely hero. When asked, he deny being a hero, in his mind, he's just a sorcerer, hailing from the time where mages where warriors and not simply scholars.

He entertains no delusions of being the 'good guy' of the story, he knows he's paid heavy cost to be where he was, sometimes chipping away pieces of his soul and humanity to get where he is. Blood magic, death magic and dark powers are part of his arsenal; He paid for them, so he might as well use them...

An old tale (Origins)

Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Echinoam Elisik

"Every story has a beginning, but there are no endings, only the point where the story teller stops talking." -Murmur

Ascension's gate

"Echinoam Died the day he jumped off that tower, it wasn't the fall that killed him, but the revelation. When he arose, Murmur had taken his place." -Murmur

Samsara Continues

"Samsara keeps on turning, spinning the same old yarn all over, not caring about our feelings..." -Murmur

Through the ages

"There are two constant to my life; Magical studies and brutal deaths." -Murmur

A lost child (The Current Murmur)

The makings of a Punk (Pre Awakening life)

The Atman Awaken (Initiation)

Current Wherebeing

Sterling Academy

Sojourn into Babylon

Back in Malkuth

The Yetzirah Agency

Gears in the head (Psychological)

The Face of a hundred minds (Physical info)

The Sigil tattooed on Murmur's chest, above the heart

The current incarnation of Murmur is within an Irish Boy named Thomas O'Neil. Tom has light brown eyes that used to glow with curiosity but now seem to gleam with cynicism and experience. His Brown hair has been dyed and glued into a spiked mohawk, he seems to sport a constant five o'clock shadow while the rest of his body is shaven clean (with the exception of eye brows and lashes)

He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches with an athletic although not quite overly muscular or bulky build. His Collar bones and slightly elongated jaw are somewhat prominent.

Ever since his awakening as Murmur, he has modified his body with tattoos and piercings, the former bering mystical meanings if not outright power. An oroboros circles around his lower neck, biting it's tail on the vertebra of his neck. Starting below the mouth of the serpent runs a series of enochian character reading "A man who's chains are comfortable is twice bound." Which ends at bit above the coccyx with a tribal raven, wings spread. On the upper let arm the words 'THI KALLISTI' where written (Meaning to the Fairest, referencing the apple of discord.) His last tattoo requires close inspection to notice; A the sigil of Murmur, tattooed in white above his heart.

His ears bear some small golden and silver studs, while his right eyebrow and the right side of his nose show scars from previous piercings that were removed long ago.

Murmur tends to favor practical clothing over style, always carrying something able to hold his magical focus, either his trenchcoat, harness or a small hip bag. He favors the color black, red, purple and gold.

Tools of war (Weapons and Abilities)

Forged by Hellfire (Equipment)

Magical Artefacts

  • Ashes of the Raven

A small vial containing ashes, when opened by murmur the ashes expands and form wings on his back. They are a gift from Father Crow, created by using the remains of the fire that turned his feathers from white to black.

  • Phantom Blade

Given to him by the Morrigan in a previous incarnation, around the 4th century, this dagger was enchanted to cut through almost anything and be able to strike beings that were not corporeal.

  • Defensive Bracers

A pair of magical bracers created by Murmur, they allow him to deflect energy and magical attacks somewhat easily. They however require activation and are thus not a passive method of defense. The bracers take their power from the gem fitted on the surface.

  • Mage sight Goggles

A pair of modified and enchanted by murmur, when donned, the goggles allow him to see into the astral plane, pierce glamors and illusions as well as beholding the true nature of the world around him.

  • Corpse Dust

An old necromantic recipe, corpse dust allows the magician to briefly raise a dead person's spirit in order to gain information.

  • Bottomless bottle

A small stainless steel bottle that seems to contain limitless amount of grain alcohol. It is engraved with a female figure image and blessed by Ninkasi, Sumerian goddess of alcohol.

Mundane Gears

Being a theurgist, Murmur has little offensive magical capacities that can be used on the spot. To supplement his magical skill he also uses several weapons when in tight spot.

  • Pair of 45. Caliber handguns. (Model H&K USP) He seems to prefer avoiding relying on firearms and use them for covering fire or when long range attacks are necessary.
  • Damascus steel longswong.
  • Leather Trenchcoat. Retrofitted to hold all his magical tools and weapons, Murmur's trenchcoat is also lined with graphene to protect against bullets.
  • Spray Cans. Murmur uses spray cans both for normal arts but also to create magical circles and sigils.
  • Tattoo equipment, although very rarely carried, Murmur is equipped (and knows how) to make tattoos, both mundane and magical using either mechanical or traditional methods.



Although Murmur holds little money himself, he has rather long hands and can get some help from contacts in Babylon if the need arise. He also owns a sizable collection of magical, historical or just valuable trinkets which he sells for quick money.

He makes most of his money from contracts with private clients, whether human or extra-planar beings.

Real Estate

  • Murmur's Sanctum/Loft

Located in downtown under a false name, Murmur's loft is heavily warded and hidden from prying eyes. He uses the place as a hideout and a stash for his gears and bulkier magical focus such as summoning circle.

Front of the Card
The back
  • Tattoo Parlor; Ouroboros Tattoo

Although it looks closed, the downtown parlor opens every once in a while for private requests. The place also serve as a secondary magical lab for more dangerous work he would prefer not having done in his own sanctum.

Murmur often hands out business card of the place for his contact, which can be seen on the right.


  • Library

Murmur owns a sizable library of occult lore that he has gathered over the ages. Although he presently own only a fraction of what he accumulated through time, his collection is still impressive.

  • Laboratory

Hidden in the panic room of his loft is a chemical lab he uses to produce anything from explosives, street drugs and magical focus.

Gifts of the most high (Abilities)

  • True form

Murmur can call upon demonic energies that he has bound within himself in case of emergencies, which allows him to channel magical spells with little regard for focus. This ability however has certain disadvantages, namely that it drains the user's psyche and makes him indebted to powers from the netherworld

  • Resistance to glamour and mind control

Although his mind is unprotected from readings, mental intrusion and psychic attacks (Unless focusing on psychic defense techniques such as the middle pillar ritual) he does seem to have high resistance to most form of supernatural influences, both psionic and magical. This does not shield him from illusions.

  • Magical aptitude'

Murmur is able to learn and cast any type of magic provided he has the appropriate tool and knowledge. He is also able to awaken the spark of power within certain people, such as he did with Aus and Xipe Totec

  • Past life regression

Having lived for the past twenty four centuries, Murmur has access to lots of stored knowledge and experience. However, unlocking it is a lengthy and psychically draining process which forces him to relive every moments of a previous incarnation in a matter of minutes or hours. The trauma from doing so range from disorientation and personality dissociation to mental scars, phobias and high amount of stress, depending on how much he stretched the regression. After a regression is finished, the knowledge comes back by small parts over the course of the following weeks.

  • Scrying resistant

Due to the multiple nature of Murmur and the details of his existence, any attempt at scrying and divination on him comes out as jumbled, contradictory if not outright incoherent, bringing bribes from his thousands of years of existence. Attempt at divining his future seems to fail outright, bringing back nothing or nonsense. Something he seems to enjoy, seeing as the opportunity to make his own destiny.

What should have been forgotten (Magical Arsenal)

Other threads in the loom (Allies, Contacts and Enemies)

Friends and Allies


Romantic Involvement

  • Austin A young member of the Sterling Academy that Murmur got close to in his short stay with the academy. Aus has also become his apprentice.
  • Tiger A cat-boy mutant.

Professional Contacts

Spirits and Extra Planar beings

  • Mirage, High tech motorcycle from babylon, Mirage as he was named by Murmur serves as both vehicle and ally. The two meet as Murmur was investigating a crime wave committed by Mirage's former pack.
  • Queen Mab, The faerie queen, Murmur was once her consort and she still remains the hope that he will come back. She occasionally offer some form of aid to persuade him to do so.
  • Pagan Deities: Having worked magic for so long, Murmur has forged numerable bonds with diverse deities including; Morrigan (Irish myth) Dionysus (Greek Myth), Father Crow (Native Australian) and Tlazolteotl (Aztec mythology)

Enemies and Villains

Human Foes

Xipe Totec Nemesis.jpg

Originally Murmur's apprentice in his previous incarnation, Xipe murdered his teacher for reasons that are only entirely clear to him, although he sometimes explain that he felt murmur was growing weak and only sent him back to the Wheel.

Xipe Totec is a magician utilizing ancient Aztec blood magic combined with Hindu teachings about Karma and reincarnation.

Xipe's favorite weapons are a long obsidian dagger, a rusted sacrificial knife and a mask of human flesh he use to become invisible to magic users (Hiding his aura, changing his appearance and even cancelling sympathetic magic)


Murmur has many issues with the council, which he prefer to avoid at all cost. He generally dislikes them for being manipulative while pretending to be good guys, as well as their own dislike of more morally questionable magic (Which Murmur has been a practitioner of for two millennia before their foundation.)

While he has no crusade against them, he would not ally himself with them unless the circumstances were catastrophically dire.


Although no sane mystic would strike a deal with the beings of the Anti-universe that is Qliphoth, Murmur is rather dedicated to fighting them and their minions, including DEMON.

The Dragon has been called many things; Satan, Tiamat, Apep, The midgard Serpent. What mythological sources omit (or did not know) is that the dragon truly dwells within us. He is the primal and animalistic instinct that are at the core of every human beings.He does not dwell in any specific place for everywhere mankind goes, so does he...

Murmur has had many run in with Dragon cult such as the Cult of the Red Banner and the Sylvestri Dynasty and fought with them for a long time.

The Archons are not quite of this world while also being part of it. They are infected part of the world, sickened by a spiritual illness that sneaked into our world long ago. Although they take many form, there is one thing that binds the archon; Corruption and Nihilism.

Unlike the Dragon, which is humanity's vices and weakest instinct, Archons are the part of our world that simply wishes for self-destruction, that have become perverted, they seek to spread a destructive form of order, homogeneity and mindlessness are it's goals, to convert everything to it's mode of thinking and ultimately bring it to annihilation.

Archons often take the form of gods, but twisted and obsessed into perversion of their usual trait, it sometimes affect mystics and even mortals, making them seek self-destruction and desire to conform and to lose all form of feelings, whether painful or good...

From the Archives (Metagaming)


Magical Circles

Although the names, Murmur, Ebon Whisperer or his title 'the ebon whisper upon the wind' have floated around the occult communities for the last two thousand years, there exist no consensus amongst mages about who it might refer to.

Popular theories include;

  • A shape-shifting dimensional lord
  • A legacy of magical users (Explaining the different appearance that Murmur is said to take)
  • An Immortal magician with a knack for misdirection
  • A fairy tale to amuse novices with too much time on their hands.

Somewhat reliable information:

  • Murmur is an expert in Theurgy, specializing in many different styles of pagan magic.
  • Has good ties to the quaternion planes of Faerie and Babylon. Although it's denizen avoid speaking about him unless forced to. Queen Mab of Faerie however seems to like speaking about her time where Murmur was one of her consort.
  • Murmur is known to fight against Qliphothic entities, The Dragon and more recently VIPER.
  • Is apparently a candidate for the position of Archmage, having secured the blessings of Faerie and Babylon.

The few attempts at divining more information has lead only to scraps of often contradictory information.

Mundane World

  • "Murmur? You mean the James bond villain?" -Pedestrian on the street.
  • "The graffiti artist? Sorry, I got no clue who he really is" -Punk at a skating rink.
  • "Let me tell you about Murmur, he's working with THEM! THE ENEMIES! You know, those that comes from the other worlds to enslave us! They poison our water with fluoride and broadcast secret radio signal to mind-control us! He comes on every so often and post some lies to obscure the truth..." -Crackpot on conspiracy theories forum.

Nothing is known of Murmur by the public at large, a few seems to have heard or seen his name around millenium city, mostly from occult themed graffiti he has tagged all over town. His name is also sometimes heard around conspiracies forum, sometimes coming and baiting people with info about shady dealings...

Super Heroic Community

"Murmur you say? I do remember a young man helping with a missing person case calling himself that. He called the spirit of a dead man and lead us to a DEMON lair. When we were done, he was already gone..." -Local vigilante Psychoactive

Only a handful of heroes have had contacts with Murmur, and as a rule he only helped when his own interest and crusades seemed to coincide with the heroes' own mission.

Murmur is currently not registered as a hero or super-powered being. Only minimal database seem to exist about him, only including alias, most basic of appearance and known powers (Which boils down to 'Magic abilities')

Traceable history

Ireland and London

The History of Thomas O'Neil begins in 91', Born without complication in a hospital in Dublin from parents Jeremiah and Lisa O'Neil. He remained an only son for 10 years until his mother gave birth to a young girl named 'Blodwen'

His school records show a very bright and talented young boy but who showed very little interest in the curriculum. Despite this and a habit of skipping classes, he passed all of his grades with good notes.in last days of 2005, After a fallout with his parents due to his sexual orientation, he leaves the house, never to return. A few weeks later he show up for a while in his aunt's flat in London and stays there for about a month.In February of 2006, he seems to have disappeared from the grid. Not showing up for the next five years.


In the beginning of 2011, a passport and a Visa are issued in his name, the address is a small drop box in a post office. About two months later, his name is enrolled in a social studies class in Millenium city's university. He seldomly attends but passes any test with remarkable scores. After two sessions, he drops out and vanishes again. Roughly a year later, he is issued a loan from a bank which he uses to purchase a small tattoo parlor downtown. The loan is quickly repaid in less than two months with cash, after which he closes his account. The parlor upon inspection seems closed although a number to take appointments is still online. In early 2013 he is briefly listed as a science teacher in Sterling Academy. He quits the position two weeks later for undisclosed reasons.

His current officially listed address in city directory seems to direct to a PO box in downtown. And no financial records exist to the name of 'Thomas O'Neil' at any banks at the moment.

Mental defenses

Explanations and Mythos

Magic in the Champions Universe

The ten sephirot and Da'ath, the abyss represented in the Kabbalistic tree of life, the map of the multiverse -- Source: Hero Games: The Mystic World P.7

Magic in champions is rather more unknown than what CO makes it to be, only a handful of people truly knows about magic. Mages are prone to secrecy and generally regard flashy usage of magic (such as spell battle in the open) to be rather gauche.

Even when people know and accept the existence of magic (After all, science makes sense, mystical powers not so much, and will sometimes be rationaled as aliens, psychics or mutation.) few of those generally understand the implication of magic (Master mages can have virtually unlimited power with the proper know how such as reaching Da'ath or Kether)

Magic is generally divided into four methodology;

  • Thaumaturgy

Miracle working consist of quick and dirty spell that are done on the spot, generally with little need for tools, a simple incantation, a wand or a few gestures will do to call the power.

  • Theurgy

The opposite of thaumaturgy, Theurgy involves heavy ritual work which may takes a couple of minute to several hours or even days. The advantage of theurgy comes from the large scope of power and different possibilites of magical work.

Theurgy uses elaborate foci, from long incantation, magical circles and trances. In order to use more rapidly magic, Theurges are known to enchant talismans and charms to have quickly accessed abilities.

  • Alchemy

Alchemy focus on using the natural and magical proprieties of ingredients to create magic which is stored in potions. (Which may take just about any form, including liquids, pill, pastile to burn and powders)

Alchemy has the advantage to be able to stack many, many magical effects at once without draining the mage's power but require extensive preparation and material.

  • Witchcraft

Witchcraft consist of a blend of all three other styles of magic. Unlike Theurges, witches generally use gods in a religious form rather than as metaphors and magical patterns.

Character Notes

  • The Poem in his Bio is part of T.S. Eliot's Hollow men, most well known for the part of "This is the way the world ends, Not with a bang but a whimper."
  • Murmur is rather rooted in Champions Mythos, which the player does not mind if others are not aware of. (And if asked, will gladly explain and even give links/references)
  • The Player is somewhat of a buff when it comes to real world magical practices and can be a bit sensible about it...
  • Chaos Magic is about the rejection of Dogma, rather than involving some kind of metaphysical chaos.


  • Atman: The true self, that is beyond material phenomenae
  • Babylon: The quaternion plane of technology and human ingenuity.
  • Ban (The): A magical interdiction forbidding deities from entering earth. Was weakened in 1938 with the birth of the heroic age. Gods may now enter the world but only with weakened avatars (The strenght of a common hero) or may come only temporarily with more powerful avatars.
  • Elysium: The amalgamation of all heavens where the Ethical religions deities are based.
  • Ethical religions: In champions lore, religions which focus on healthy livings rather than worship and sacrifices. Arose around 400BC
  • Faerie: THe realm of legends, domain of supernatural beings and pagan deities
  • Malkuth: The lowest realm in the Kabbalah, Where earth (and it's many parallel iterations) stands.
  • Netherworld (the): The combined hells of all mythologies.
  • Ojas: Life force (Sanskrit for Vigot)
  • Samsara: Reincarnation (Sanskrit for Perpetual flow)
  • Yetzirah: The Ninth sephirot of the Kabbalah, standing above Malkuth, Yetzirah contains the many astral worlds such as the Quaternion planes.

Roleplay Hooks

  • While investigating magical shenanigans, the character encounters or is directed toward Murmur for help by a contact.
  • Stumbling upon the rumors about Murmur floating around in the mystic world, the character tries to find out more about him using magical means and get some fragment pointing him to Murmur's apartment.
  • While in need to a tattoo (mystical or mundane) your character stumbles upon Murmur's shop and call for a session.
  • To gain the favor of a particular deity or spirit, the character is tasked to find Murmur and take him out/bring him back/locate him.
  • While looking into conspiracy theories, the character is found by or track down Murmur for his help and insight.
  • In need of some help, the character hires the Yetzirah Agency, which deals in finding lost artefacts and fighting paranormal threats (especially qliphotic beings, dragon cult and extra-planar menace)
  • Murmur is willing to take on apprentices that impress him. Although he will frown on people focusing sorely on thaumaturgy.

Into the Madness (OOC)

Musical Score


Book & Comics

  • Grant Morrison's The Invisible (Mostly for modern magical and initiation ideas and the enemies)
  • Hellblazer (Concept of anti-hero playing all sides)
  • City Magick by Christopher Penczak (Concept of city centered mage)
  • The Mystic World (Champions lore book)
  • Various World of Darkness books (Inspiration and some thematic for astral world imagery)The character is however unrelated to the mythos of WoD

Movies & TV

  • The Matrix: (Much like invisibles [which matrix was based on] the concept of alien/robotic secret overlord as enemies)
  • Dark City: (Just the feel)


  • Manu Militari: Révolte, Marée Humaine, Sultan Hotel, La tête dans les étoiles.
  • Psychic TV: Just Drifting, Message from thee Temple.
  • Coldplay: Hurts like heaven, Paradise.
  • Temple step project: Embrace the One.
  • Archive: Controlling Crowds, Kings of Speed
  • Morcheeba: Part of the Process
  • Pink Floyd: Keep Talking, Lost for words, High Hopes, Brain damage & Eclipse.


Murmur's Diaries and Notes


Notes on Magic and the universe;