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Elemento is a native Michigan boy who was granted powers over the classical elements through an alchemical accident. Though his powers are new, they continue to grow and are only made more effective by his sharp mind. Elemento has made a name for himself throughout West Side and with the MCPD. He is considered as a super-powered detective by those in the know. His successes brought him to the attention of Doc Hazard and Hazard Squadron, of which he is now a member. When he is not off perpetrating deeds of derring-do, Elemento is known as Stanley Hobart, a contractor with Millenium City Water and Sewer. He is also a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University in the field of criminology.

Player: @Mighty
Elemento poses for local newswoman, Julie Morgan.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Stanley Hobart
Known Aliases: Stan
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: White American
Place of Birth: Royal Oak, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Father, Mother, Younger Sister
Age: 36
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Lean, wiry
Physical Features: Tall and thin with a prominent chin.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: USA
Occupation: Millennium City Water and Sewage
Education: MA, Michigan State University
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities

  • Fire generation and manipulation
  • Wind generation and manipulation
  • Earth manipulation
  • Water manipulation
  • Temperature manipulation

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background and Origin


Stanley Hobart led a fairly normal life for a Michigan boy. He grew up in the thumb of the mitten, ran track in high school, and graduated in the upper middle of his class, primarily due to a lack of effort and boredom with a curriculum he saw as dull. Stanley puttered around his late teens and early twenties, eventually deciding a fresh direction was in order. He enlisted in the Army and became a Criminal Investigator. One tour of duty later, Stanley left the service and returned to Michigan. His dream of becoming a police detective proved difficult to achieve and he disliked being unemployed, so Stanley found a job with Millennium City Water and Sewer. It didn't pay much, but it did pay. He also used his GI Bill to earn a degree in Criminology from Michigan State University. Before long, Stanley settled into a normal life of believing he was meant for more but focusing on the task at hand.

The Transformation

The Millennium City sewers are a combination of old Detroit tunnels and new construction resulting from the Battle of Detroit. The place is a veritable maze. A tunnel-man getting lost every now and then is not unheard of. There is, however, a sharp difference between getting lost for a few hours and getting lost only to stumble into Doctor Alchemage's secret underground laboratory. There, amongst various and sundry attempts to extract the philosopher's stone, Stanley met his destiny.
Doctor Alchemage believed Stanley a spy. People get lost, but not THAT lost. Stanley, therefore, must have been a spy. A thief intent on stealing his secrets. In the resulting punishment inflicted on Stanley, he was bathed in a rudimentary form of the universal solvent, Azoth, and set aflame. The transformation was immediate. And explosive. When Stanley awoke, he found Doctor Alchemage's laboratory ruined and the villain gone. Over the next few days, he discovered he held sway over the classical elements. Being a good Michigan boy, Stanley did what he knew was right - he became a hero.

Stanley quickly discovered that crime-fighting could, indeed, be a lucrative proposition. Bad guys typically had large amounts of ill-gotten gains. The booty that could not be returned, became his. With his new found wealth, Stanley has been going to school and his mental muscles, previously under-used, have gotten some much-needed exercise. He is on track to complete his first doctorate.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Elemental Generation - Stanley can generate fire, blasts of wind, and water vapor. Although it appears as if he can generate earthen substances, this is actually drawing minerals from nearby structures.

Elemental Manipulation - Control over the four elements comes in a few forms. First, Stanley can direct his energy projections at particular targets. He also has limited control over their shape and size. Some elements afford greater control than others. Finally, he has shown an ability to control the temperature of the elements, especially air and water.

Tornado Flight - Some of Stanley's powers are actually manifestations of his first two abilities. His famous "tornado flight" is one of these. Using his wind generation and temperature control, Stanley rides a dust devil of warm air giving him the appearance of flying inside a tornado. Of course, a real tornado would rip anyone around him to shreds but he doesn't mind the bombastic name.


Sewer Knowledge - Stanley is a fairly accomplished plumber and understands the city's sewer and water system like few others.

Basic Alchemy - As a result of his run-in with Doctor Alchemage, Stanley has developed basic knowledge of classical alchemy... though he's not sure how much he believes in it.

Detective Work - As a former Army Criminal Investigator, Stanley now has cause to bring his old skills to bear. He truly loves detective work and hones his knowledge on procedures any change he gets.

Amateur Lepidopterist - Butterflied and moths hold an odd fascination for Stanley. He has a small but growing collection.


Attention to Detail - Stanley was known for his attention to detail in the military. It is probably why he did so well working for Millennium City Water and Sewer as well. He can .

Quick Study - Stanley is easily bored by menial tasks (like homework). This led him to be a mediocre student. Now that his mind is engaged in higher-level studies, he has proven to be a very capable student and a cutting-edge intellect when it comes to puzzles and mysteries.

Tough - Although he's lean and kind of wiry, Stanley has a high threshold for pain, shrugging off all but severe wounds while he's getting a job done.

Liked by Police - Due to his prior work as a criminal investigator, police tend to like the quality of Stanley's work and appear to trust his judgement when they collaborate on cases.

Gear and Equipment


Microbelt - As Elemento, Stanley wears a metallic belt with a round buckle. The buckle is actually a very hi-tech storage device that uses limited singularity technology to shrink and store items. He is able to store an incredible amount of equipment in his buckle. The origin of this piece of equipment is unclear at this time.




Stanley's family might be considered a little "back woods." They live far to the north for the hunting and fishing and still think cut-off jeans are cool. Dad and mom do not know of Stanley's transformation but his little sister, Glenda, does. She understands his need for secrecy and respects it.


Though Stanley's time is largely taken up by super-heroing, he maintains connections with Millenium City Water and Sewer as an independent contractor. His knowledge of the system and ability to solve problems has made him a valued asset. This has also given him a group of friends within the municipal workforce. As Stanley, it is not uncommon to hang out at McDurdy's Pub for a pint of Guinness with other tunnel-men.
As Elemento, he has developed several friends on the force. Officer Jackstone of the evidence room and Detective Verlazzo are two of his closest associates. He has taken care to look into both their backgrounds and trusts them implicitly.

Best Buds

Dr. Eugene MacAllister - Eugene is a forensic science professor at Wayne State University. Stanley met him through his studies and used him as a resource as Elemento. Eugene quickly deduced his secret and they have been fast friends ever since.

Darla Hershenbaum - Darla is a reporter with WCOC. Much like Eugene, Darla deduced Stanley's secret rather quickly (inspiring him to add goggles to his costume). As Elemento, Stanley had first approached her on a story she was writing on West Side corruption. When they ran into each other at a National Coney Island, Darla confronted him but promised to keep his secret.


Doctor Alchemage - While the good doctor is barely aware of Elemento, Stanley views him as his arch-enemy. He has dedicated a significant amount of time tracking down the villain but has been cursed with a string of near misses and dead ends. Should the two ever cross paths, Dr. Alchemage will likely have a fireball of fury on his hands.

General Perception

Elemento has a small but growing fanbase. His reputation with MCPD, particularly with invetigators, is sterling and respected. He has received only positive press coverage to date. Civilians tend to find him a bit aloof because he has an academic's vocabulary. He is known throughout West Side and has begun to receive recognition from some of his more famous peers.

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