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Player: PirateSpice
Thrum and thistle!
Class Focus: Archery
Power Level: 33
Research & Development: Mysticism (Arcana)
Personal Data
Real Name: Branwyn
Known Aliases: None known
Species: Faerie
Ethnicity: Not applicable
Age: Unknown, at least several centuries
Eye Color: Glowing green
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States citizen
Occupation: Scout
Place of Birth: Realm of Faerie
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Keen Senses (Vision, Hearing, Scent), Confusion Glamer, Will o' the Wisp (Teleport)
Known Abilities
Archer, Scout/Tracker
Sidhe Bow, Endless Quiver

Hero Data


Elfshot is generally a lighthearted and upbeat individual. She thoroughly enjoys hero work, and usually maintains a positive demeanor. She has great concern for the environment. She is particularly concerned for plant life, especially trees, which she treats very much as she would a normal person. Despite this, she enjoys the city and finds the modern world fascinating and exciting.


A creature of the ancient world who entered an enchanted slumber out of grief for a broken heart. Branwyn was reawakened in modern times by a careless sorcerer.

Once a scout of the Greenleaf Legion of Lord Elander, Branwyn has honed her bowmanship for centuries. Taking the codename "Elfshot," she has chosen to apply her archery skills and faerie gifts to defend the innocent and try to remind the world of the glamour of the mythic age.

Powers & Skills

Keen Senses: Branwyn can see and hear well beyond the human range. Her sense of smell is not as sharp, but still above average compared to a human.

Archery: Elfshot has exceptional ability with a bow, and is able to channel her faerie magic through her arrows to stun her foes.

Agility: Branwyn is extremely dexterous and light on her feet, dancing away from danger with ease.

Glamer: Among the faerie tricks she knows is a spell of confusion to disorient her enemies.

Will o' the Wisp: Elfshot can transform into a misty light for brief periods, traveling at incredible speeds while in this wisp form.


Anachronism: Branwyn was born in another age, and never quite gotten the hang of modern technology. It is also possible that she is being targeted by a gremlin.

Cold Iron: As a faerie creature, Branwyn is especially susceptible to iron (less so by steel and other alloys). Wounds caused by iron weapons can poison her, and take longer to heal.