Emerald Matthias

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Player: Demmome
"A smile means I'm doing my job. So let's see that smile."
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 9
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Emerald Matthias
Known Aliases: Em, Emy, The Bar Slave, The New Guy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Confidential
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: Renaissance Center and Downtown
Relatives: Was an only child. Parents passed away
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10
Weight: 185
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Jet Black
Complexion: Tanned skin color.
Physical Build: Athletic build. Well toned with muscles that are visible
Physical Features: Has golden hoop earrings on both earsn
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Lawful Neutral

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Identity: Publicly known in Caprice
Years Active: Two years
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Bartender
Education: High School Education with few college credits before dropping out
Marital Status: Single. Maybe looking
Known Powers and Abilities
Has no unique powers
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Has a golden watch that he usually wears or has in his pocket along with his cellphone.
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Quick OOC Notes

Up for MRP/Casual/Heavy RP with ERP to those whom are friends or extremely close to Emerald. If I do not respond, I am either AFK or I didn't see it in the chat box. Please send a PM to get my attention! Emerald Matthias is a normal human being. Please don't be to rough with him as he can be killed due to carelessness or because of ruthlessness. He is a normal employee to Caprice so you will most likely see him there more than anywhere else. Does not PVP/Will RP fight only if needed. Mostly to break up bar fights if he feels he should get involved. Please do not metagame as his life is well hidden from the populace unless he has specifically told you. Do not godmode as Emerald will godmode right back in order to avoid you.

Early History

Childhood to Young Adult

Emerald was a child that was born into Detroit City, prior to it's destruction caused by Dr. Destroyer. He lived a pretty average life as a single child, not having complaints and lived life freely. His parents treated with him love and care until he was four years old. That's when things would change for Emerald from a happy life to one that would begin to decline. In 1992, Dr. Destroyer made his move and the attack on Detroit City began. Around the time the first asteroid was stopped and the death of hero, Vanguard, the monsters unleashed by Dr. Destroyer caused destruction everywhere they went. In the wake of it, Emerald's father was killed in the mayhem and confusion. After the defeat of Dr. Destroyer, Emerald and his mother had moved away from Detroit City, which was in rubbles, in order to try and forget the horrific memories it held. It was a terrible year. Not only did it take Emerald's father away from him but also his happiness as through the next few years into adulthood, he would become depressed and fall into denial over his father's death, blaming his mother for all that had happened. Living at her mother's friend house, things were rather uncomfortable. His mother would try and take him to counseling. The Battle of Detroit was enough to make any man, woman or child become mentally unstable. Though he wasn't the only one to lose a love one, everyone was effected in a different want. Emerald was no exception...
Emerald as a child

When Emerald turned thirteen, his life had begun to take a turn for the better. He accepted his father's death. Seeing it was more along the lines of fate that took his life. "When he (god) wants to take you, he will take you." Emerald's relationship with his mother had also grew more and more, no longer blaming her for the things that had happened in his childhood and treating her more like the woman who loved him and protected him rather than the one who only sought to bring about sadness to young Emerald's life. Another few years pass, Emerald now at the age of 15, he and his mother would move back to the new Millennium City and all of its new glory. The buildings were new, taller and sleeker. Drawing in the attention of many people from across the country. However it wasn't just normal civilians that were drawn to Millennium City. Heroes from other states, countries and even planets would come and gather here. This also included villains as seeing the new city as perfect opportunity to stake a claim. Emerald tried his best to avoid all of it.

When he turned 18, just under a year of graduation, he would meet his first hero. Emerald was caught in a fight outside of school, the group making fun of his name for sounding to feminine. They also insulted the way he looked, being to thin with long hair, not to mention his facial structure was thin, and his cheeks full. He was in fact so handsome and pretty that he could almost pass for a female! Even his voice was soft which didn't help his situation. He was saved, however by a young man. At the time Emerald didn't know he was a hero until he displayed his power of ice, freezing the hoodlums in their tracks and sending them fleeing with little resistance. The man mistook Emerald for a woman but didn't openly discuss it with him. As he escorted Emerald home, he tried to kiss him in which he succeeded. The shock of the sudden motion, froze Emerald in his tracks. It was a good few seconds before he was able to snap out of his trance, shoving the man back revealing that he was in fact a male. The two shared an awkward moment and the two went seperate ways without so much as a goodbye. This would turn Emerald towards his sexual curiosity... he had many girlfriends growing up but the man whom saved his life triggered something in Emerald. Something that played into his adulthood today.

Two years later, Emerald turned 20. He was out of school for some time now and worked as a delivery guy for a local restaurant that focused on catering. During the two years though, he had worked out giving himself a rather athletic build, now with defining muscles that would certainly make him look more like a man but he kept the long hair. He also had new additions to his features. He often dressed in dark clothing and large hooded sweatshirts. Emerald also wore golden earrings given to him by a female companion by the name of Courtney as well as black tattoos along his arms and upper chest. He saw this as a way to differentiate himself from others around him. Some would think of his look as emo. Emerald casually decline the fact as he stated this is how he liked to look and dress. All the while, he continued his job as a delivery man, making meager money. Emerald has even told friends and family that he hated his job. Interestingly, Emerald would go through five more jobs just to try and be comfortable with what he did. Unfortunately, his life would take another hard blow like it did during the Battle of Detroit. Over the next few years, the Qularr Invasion occured, striking Millennium City hard. The mass destruction it caused left him without any family now, Emerald's mother dying in the initial wave. Her body was found by Sapphire, a female heroine that was part of the supergroup, Champions. Just as the invasion ended, Emerald's depression would start back up as it left him alone with nothing or no one to turn to or fall back on. While he had friends, he wasn't fully connected to them and did not trust them. The majority were drunks and had alcohol problems. Hell, they all partied everyday too, leaving them in such a stupor that Emerald was often left to clean up the mess and drive people home. He was saddened by this and eventually secluded himself to his home in Downtown where he would hide for months to come, trying to figure out his life and what he wanted to do with it... That was when he looked out the window towards a particularly flashy looking building in the distance. He would soon find out that this place was Club Caprice... a place that would help alter his life and bring back the happiness he once had.

Present Day


Emerald as an adult and ready for work.
Emerald was now at the age of 25, his life had slowly began to piece itself back together. He had managed to get a job at Club Caprice as a shipment handler, working the docking area as he unloaded boxes and boxes of glass, food and drinks. He enjoyed the work, it was so much better than being a delivery guy for a meager restaurant. He met a couple of interesting people during his time in the back of Caprice. One of them was Satsu Mitsuyumi, a strange Kitsune, female type. She was quite beautiful and seemed to have the hots for Emerald during the initial months of Emerald's employment. The two frequently visited one another outside of work and dated for a short time. It would seem that Emerald had finally settled down with a girl only for the relationship to fail when Satsu left Millennium City due to business that required her presence elsewhere. The second was a young man named Oliver Lopopi. He was younger than Emerald but it was obvious he was way more mature than the average 19 year old. It also didn't help the fact he had telepathic powers to help with the work. Emerald and Oliver would grow close to one another causing Oliver to move in with Emerald for a while. The two would share a rather happy relationship, furthering his questions about his sexuality. Then before he knew it, Emerald had Oliver in bed. The young man would question himself if this is what he really wanted and eventually lead to a falling out with Oliver. Oliver moved out and the two ceased all communication with one another. It was at this time Emerald decided to hold back on having a relationship as it caused way to many problems and only actually search for a special someone he felt he was ready. Not to mention he already had problems of his own with his car slowly falling apart and his constant getting lost in Downtown due to all the construction going on forcing him to be late for work. Looking more towards his career, Emerald tried his best to impress some of the higher authority of Caprice so he would get noticed. Emerald wanted to move up in the ranks of Caprice staffing. He would get his chance though after ten months of working the receiving area of Club Caprice. He was offered a position as a bartender due to the high fluctuation of patrons coming and going in Caprice. Eagerly accepting, Emerald found himself at the position he works presently.

Happy... he was happy. He worked the bar with high spirits, a smile on his face and a bounce in his step. Emerald has met various kinds of individuals since his coming to the bar be it normal humans, super heroes, villains, demons, manimals or even aliens. Emerald has met them all and has even treated them with respect. It wasn't until now he figured out that what he wanted to do was meet people outside his family and make them happy by sharing with them stories or even getting them a drink. Nothing opens up people like a relaxing day with a cold beer or fancy wine in their hands. The job has also left him with many opportunities for relationship but he declined the vast majority of offers. Now... his story didn't end here. While he was happy, Emerald did have problems of his own. During the Qularr Invasion, Emerald had developed an illness that caused his health to decline slowly but surely. He didn't notice until the coughing started and he went to get it checked out by a local physician. They were violent coughs, wracking his body in pain and tightly gripping his chest for air. Where it came from or how it developed was beyond Emerald's understanding. He didn't visit any hospital to have himself checked. Emerald lacked the money for any bills that would be thrown his way. It was hard enough to pay for his apartment in Downtown... with all the crime and countless injuries from innocent bystanders, hospital visits have skyrocketed leaving Emerald to resort to common cough medicine and tylenol to battle his illness. While he tries to not make it known to his friends at Caprice, it has hard to hide it once he starts having his coughing fits, forcing him to leave the room for the time being.

Emerald's cough would seem to be the only problem that the man had but that would be a miracle for anyone to have a single problem in Millennium City. His biggest problem is the fact that he is but a regular human with no astounding powers to protect himself. One too many times has he found himself under the foot of a villain or a large ray gun pointed at his face by a mad scientist. Often he has been the victim for demoness trying to steal his soul, vampires trying to feed off his blood or used in a sacrificial ritual to bring about an evil god. Luckily he had friends to bail him out that did have powers. This is why he limits himself to his home and Caprice, knowing that if he wandered around Downtown, one day he would be plucked from the streets and never heard from again. Emerald would joke that if such a thing would happen "Who would take care of ol' Joe and Ashleigh? Those two couldn't make a drink to save their lives..."

Today, he is still working happily as a Caprice bartender, making friends with anyone and everyone who approaches him for a drink. The man known as Emerald Matthias has finally found his happiness...

Notes about Emerald

*Emerald is 25 years old with emerald green eyes and black hair. He is 5' 10 and weighs about 185. He is single but is looking though will not openly admit it.
*Emerald is but an average human with normal to higher than your average human abilities. Please don't break him
*His personality is normally laid back and direct. He tends to be real gentle with woman, speaking softly and rarely showing aggression towards them. The same can't be said with men as he will treat them as 'One of the guys'.
*Emerald is bisexual (leans towards women). Due to his growing up and his exposure to both sexes, he finds both appealing and will flirt with both genders. This does not mean he is interested in a relationship unless he pursues after you.
*Oddly enough if someone tries to flirt with him first, he becomes shy and embarrassed. A strange quirk of his.
*His favorite drink is the Blance de Noir from the Novy Family Winery. He often calls it the Novy White for short.
*Suffers from an illness. While he is aware of it, he does not know the cause of it. If you are a healer who uses magic, you can surely try and find it. Don't expect him to reveal his problem though if its his first time meeting you.
*While it is hidden by his black gloves, Emerald has a golden watch that he commonly wears. Rarely will he keep it in his pocket due to thieves. He even keeps his cellphone in his shirt pocket due to suspicion of certain individuals.
*Being a normal human he has no mental barrier making him susceptible to most mind reading and mind control.
*Emerald is unaware but he does have an aura. It radiates innocence and a bit of chivalry. It is obvious in how he acts and how he treats woman with the utmost respect

RP Hooks

*If you attended Millennium City University you might of heard of Emerald and his frequent fights. Eventually he was dropped out for striking a professor about his appearance
*If you live or work in Downtown, Millennium City you might have seen him walking around and visiting general places of interests, IE grocery store, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Lives close to Harmon Labs
*Works at Club Caprice, if you're an employee ( new or old ) you might have noticed his work in the loading area as a shipment handler and presently as a bar tender. Likewise if you're a frequent visitor, you may see him around or he may have even served you a drink

Theme Songs

Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBpvsSeBh54 )
Everybody Talks - Neon Trees ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cA-Tqc3PYkQ )
Sonic Generations OST - Classic City Escape ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDjGefru5bY