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(Below are the dedicated playlists of songs associated with Engel. Each playlist corresponds to a specific event or the relationship a character has with Engel. The music chosen has been carefully selected by me over the years to best fit the situation or relationship. Playlists may update at any given time. If interested in reading and listening to playlist options at the same time, scroll through and open the links in a new tab. Some of the tracks/playlists are considered explicit.)

Engel's Playlists

Liath MusicPurple.png
Engel auf der Hölle
Main Playlist
Liath MusicPurple.png
Engel auf der Hölle
Photon's Gaming Playlist

Character Playlists

Liath MusicGold.png
[WIP] Chaos Theory
Liath MusicRed.png
Calculated Oversight
Death Excell
Liath MusicRed.png
Scarlet Copycat
Liath MusicBlue.png
Heart of Courage

Duo Playlists

Liath MusicPurple.png
Cackling Oblivion
Engel and Dimentus
Liath MusicGold.png
Element of Change
Engel and Zephinerahk
Liath MusicBlue.png
Doctor's Note
Engel and Mitzi (Pre-Redemption)
Liath MusicBlue.png
Engel and Mitzi
Liath MusicRed.png
Engel and Agraanahk
Liath MusicRed.png
Chaotic Catalyst
Engraanahk and Agraanahk

Arc/Event Playlists

Engel auf der Hölle
Player: @ph0toncann0n (Photon Cannon)
The Faded Angel
Biographical Data
Real Name: Engel V'taerak
Known Aliases: Engel, Engenahk, Angel on Hell, Bride of Chaos
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: German
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Mitzi Maheras (aunt), Mira Maheras (cousin), Miyaku V'taerak (daughter)
Age: 28 (aging slowed to 24/25 via implants)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 162 lbs.
Eyes: Brilliant green
Hair: Jet-black
Complexion: Caucasian; lightly tanned
Physical Build: Athletic, but soft
Physical Features: Faded scars on body: Forearms, chest, and a small one under the left eye
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: US citizen
Occupation: Owner of "Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets"
Education: K-11, military training
Marital Status: Married to Zephinerahk V'taerak
Known Powers and Abilities
Chaos element manipulation (Druidic magic)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Wristblades, implants in immune system allowing for a greater metabolism/quicker regeneration
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

WARNING: The information on this page is considered MATURE. Darker and heavier themes are utilized in this character's story.

NOTICE: Engel has existed since 2010 - Due to the maturation of all RPers involved with Engel, Engel's entire backstory, including all characters involved with Engel, are receiving retcons and being replayed ICly by the same group of friends! Due to major changes and occurrences, information on Engel will be scarce as new information comes through and is applied.

Engel storyline (2).png

Growing Up in Berlin

Information coming soon.


Information coming soon.

Engel social2.png

RP Hooks/Traits

  • German Accent - Engel has a German accent. It has watered down a little with time, though is still evident.
  • Kriegshund Disabled - Due to Engel's mother defecting on the Kriegshund blood inheritance, Engel did not receive any natural benefits, aside from her eye color.
  • Emerald Sheen - Engel's eyes are a radiant shade of green. Their color is extra rich, and slightly brighter than a normal human iris. This is characteristic throughout the Linden family's bloodline, on account of the Kriegshund influence making the pigments strong.
  • A+ Hair Care - Engel has maintained the health of her hair ever since she was ten years old. It reaches to her tailbone, and the bangs to her chest. It's very luscious, naturally straight, and soft to the touch!
  • Regen Serum - A top-secret serum to enhance metabolism and decrease physical aging, it was primarily used for the Lindens and other Kriegshund agents with the intent to enhance their abilities. Although Engel is not a Kriegshund, Mitzi installed the Regen Serum's system in her body, anyway.
  • Bride of Chaos - Engel best utilizes the elements of fire and water. Her elemental blessing has also granted her an extensive lifespan and powerful empath abilities, which she has only recently become aware of.
  • Timid - Engel can be quite timid around new people. However, it does not hinder how kind she is, even with strangers.
  • Nature's Whisper - Nature itself seems to be fond of the presence of Engel's gentle spirit. Wild prey animals are at peace around her, and domesticated animals bond with her easily. Any fruits or vegetables she grows in her garden also seem to thrive exceptionally.
  • Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets - Engel has a successful bakery and hair salon in downtown City Center! The building is split in half, allowing for either profession respectively, a healthy distance from each other. There are subscription programs which allow for goodie bags monthly, and permanent goods or service discounts.
  • Life is Hard - Also Engel's perk title in-game. Engel is covered from head-to-toe in various scars, whether they be surgical, or deriving from combat or self-harm. Surgical scars exist on her forearms, back, and sternum, as well as one under her left eye. Self-harm scars are most prominent on the sides of her neck and her forearms. Combat scars exist on her abdominal region and back. She tries to hide these scars with long-sleeved shirts and-or turtlenecks.
  • Smells Like a Strawberry - Engel smells about as sweet as she acts. Between her extensive hair products and body lotions, she produces scents of shea butter, wild strawberries, mandarins, and pink jasmine. Her hair sometimes smells like gummy bears...
  • Multilingual - Engel's first language is German. She also knows English and limited Japanese.
  • Sassy - With individuals whom Engel trusts, she has been known to show a bit of playful sass. This primarily shows around Cyclos, who typically joins in with her own sass.
  • Zephinerahk's Engagement Ring - Zephinerahk crafted a joined, four-ring band for Engel when he asked for her hand in marriage. It occupies all four of Engel's fingers, leaving out the thumb.
  • Young and Beautiful - Between the Regen Serum in her bloodstream and the Chaos blessing, Engel does not appear to have aged from 24. She is currently 28, however.
  • Dainty Housewife - When Engel is not busy running her shop, she spends her days at home, humming and cleaning the house or resting and reading a book.
  • Traumatic Spiral - Engel suffers from PTSD, depression, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).
  • No Doctors Allowed! - Engel has developed both acute Tomophobia (fear of surgical operations) and Nosocomephobia (fear of hospitals). Her Nosocomephobia is triggered by hospital smells in particular.
  • Perfectionist - Driven by her depression and anxiety, Engel suffers from intense perfectionism. She often feels inadequate in what she says, does, or creates. This results in her maintaining physical appearances (contrary to a common symptom of depression) and putting out genuinely good products without fail.
  • The Best or the Worst? - Although Engel is extremely skilled with her hidden blades and martial arts--even renowned for it--she attempts to avoid combat as much as she can these days, and if forced into a corner, she relies on disabling the other party rather than going for the kill.
  • Lawful Good + Neutral Good - Engel is a well-balanced Lawful Good, though she will fall into Neutral Good on occasion. Her Lawful Good side is driven by the promise she made to Wilhelm to live a long and happy life, and she does all that she can to make this happen. However, she will still reach out and help others, as helping others makes her feel happy--thus, her Neutral Good secondary alignment.
  • Traditional Dishes - There's no denying that Engel loves to make and eat traditional German dishes. It reminds her of home, and allows her to stay close to her culture's culinary standards.
  • Hammock Bed - Zephinerahk crafted a large hammock for him and Engel to sleep in at home. It's cushioned well with pillows and blankets, so Engel doesn't notice the holes or rope material.

Engel Caprice2.png

Information coming soon.

Various Quotes

Some quotes may contain mature language.

"Hasn't anyone told you not to play with pointy objects?"
Dimentus,, Event Roleplay ((CoH, 2010))

"I don't understand. Why would you protect her? Didn't she take you away from your aunt?" "...She is my aunt."
Dimentus and Engel,, Storywriting ((Archives, 2010))

"Pie is not an element." "YES IT IS"
Zephinerahk and Engel,, Out of Character ((CoH, 2011))

Engel,, Event Roleplay ((CoH, 2011))

"She's so much fun to play with." "I SAID GET AWAY FROM HER!"
Agraanahk and Zephinerahk,, Event Roleplay ((Archives, 2011))

"[Local] Zephinerahk: ... I will break this forcefield to get to you.... anything else in my way too.... I can't stay away from you..."
Zephinerahk,, Roleplay ((CoH, 2011))

"*Engel is used to Zephinerahk eating grenades.*" "*Zephinerahk flails a bit.*"
Engel and Zephinerahk,, Casual Roleplay ((CoH, 2012))

"Wife." "Husband."
Zephinerahk and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((Champions Online/Discord, 2012-2019))

"Vhat do you take me for, Engel?" "A WHORE!"
Engraanahk and Engel,, Storywriting, Scarlet Copycat chapter ((Archives, 2012))

"Can I go just one RP of Zeph not interrupting Engel's visits and carrying her away like King Kong?"
@ph0toncann0n,, Out of Character ((Champions Online, 2014))

"Engel, put on a shirt!" "Tantchen, I am wearing one! It is fashionable!" "I won't have my niece wandering the streets dressed like that!" "I am twenty-four years old, Tantchen!"
Orb Weaver Cyclos and Engel,, Casual Roleplay ((Champions Online, 2017))

"Oh hey, it's the Nazi" "Zem, I will end you."
@zemmax and @ph0toncann0n,, Out of Character ((Champions Online, 2017))

*Engel continues to put the sass in assassin.*
@ph0toncann0n,, Casual Roleplay ((Discord, 2018))

Miss Moxie,, Casual Roleplay ((Champions Online, 2018))

"If Mitzi makes Engel cry I am going to pick her up and throw her at the ocean as hard as I can"
@ph0toncann0n,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2018))

"Yeah, that's what I know Engel as, the bakery assassin"
@WarTrain,, Out of Character ((Champions Online, 2018))

Spookoholic,, Out of Character ((Discord, 2019))

Retcon Stage Quotes

"[GER] You bother me. Being near you bothers me, but I could never inflict you on the world with your condition. Be happy that I'm willing to deal with you. Because nobody else would. They would take one look at you and that horrible goo that comes out of you and declare you unfit to live. I'm trying to fix you and nothing is working."
Orb Weaver Cyclos,, Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"[GER] Stop moping. Get excited! We're going to get you fixed soon! You have defied me for so long in this regard, just slipping out of the way of each of my attempts to cure you. But, we're getting there!"
Orb Weaver Cyclos,, Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"[GER] I want to eat solid foods. I want to chew. I want to smile. I cannot smile. I want to talk. I want to talk to you. Please talk to me. Please do not hurt me. I want to help. I just want to have my voice, Aunt Mitzi."
Engel,, "A Right to Her Voice" Event Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I see that. You have a small voice. I must listen very hard for it."
Zephinerahk,, Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

"I haf' wanted to ask you, what you are." "I am everything." "Ein Gott?" "...a god...? I don't think so."
Engel and Zephinerahk,, Roleplay ((Discord, 2019))

Relations, Friends, & Enemies


Zephinerahk V'taerak

  • Status to Engel: Husband
  • Aliases: Zeph, "Agent Orange"
  • Elemental Type Chaos
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Texthere about best elemental husbando.

Information coming soon.

Braekenahk V'taerak

  • Status to Engel: Brother-in-law
  • Aliases: Braak/Braek, Elemental Tailor
  • Elemental Type Chaos
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Braek.

Information coming soon.


  • Status to Engel: Childhood best friend
  • Elemental Type Water
  • Aliases: Undertow Samurai, Tsuboki
  • Crystal Shaper: Shaper Maels'turum the Negotiator
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Tsuboki.

Information coming soon.


Orb Weaver Cyclos

  • Status to Engel: Aunt
  • Aliases: Mitzi Maheras, Mitzi Linden, Weaver Red
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Aunt Mitzi/"Tantchen."

Information coming soon.

Death Excell

  • Status to Engel: Uncle-in-law
  • Aliases: Darren Maheras
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Takes care of her aunt for her.

Information coming soon.


  • Status to Engel: Friend
  • Aliases: Jenna Ainsworth, Brightblade
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Sponsor for Angel's Scissors 'n' Sweets. Does artwork for Engel. PRIMUS officer who promotes the health and safety of Engel's establishment.

Information coming soon.


  • Status to Engel: Best friend
  • Aliases: Cackling Oblivion, Darius
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Was the first person to open up to her.

Information coming soon.



  • Status to Engel: Banished
  • Aliases: Agraan, Red Zephinerahk, Das Karmesin
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Zephinerahk's rejected (and separated) Absorb instincts in material form. Corrupted Engel's Omnimental blessing. Sexually abused her and made an attempt on her life during his rampage to destroy all that Zephinerahk left behind. Permanently scarred her.

Information coming soon.


  • Status to Engel: Banished
  • Aliases: Engel Mimic, Chaos Succubus, Scarlet Copycat, True Bride of Chaos
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Assimilation of Engel's suffering and grievances. Result of Agraanahk's corruption of her Omnimental blessing. Attempted to kill Engel in her sleep. Threatened to kill everyone Engel cared about. Took control of Engel's body during the Scarlet Copycat arc.

Information coming soon.

Cenadyne (Red)

  • Status to Engel: Frenemy
  • Aliases: Cena, "Red Pepper"
  • Relationship:
  • Key points for Engel: Attacked Engel when they first met during the Desperate Measures arc. Bullies Engel to let off some steam. Can't actually harm Engel unless Engel is managing the mimic of Zeph's Monolith form.

Information coming soon.

Engel events3.png

Roleplayed Events

  • Cackling Oblivion: Texthere

  • Victim of the Violence: Texthere

  • "Chaos Device...?": Texthere

  • Meeting Zephinerahk Texthere

  • Her Darling Mercenary: Texthere

  • A Right to Her Voice: Texthere

  • Desperate Measures: Texthere

  • Angel Wings: Texthere

  • Das Karmesin: Texthere

  • Scarlet Copycat: Texthere

  • Opening The Haven: Texthere

  • Fernweh: Texthere

  • Message From the Sea: Texthere

  • Bride of Chaos: Texthere

  • A Simpler Life: Texthere

  • Shinshoku: Texthere

  • Becoming a Mother: Texthere

Developments, Retcons


  • May ???, 2011 - Dimentus and Engel meet
  • June 16th, 2011 - Engel has her mouth sewn shut again following the battle with Dimentus
  • June 23rd, 2011 - Dimentus leaves F.I.N.A.L.
  • June 24rd, 2011 - Engel meets Zephinerahk
  • June 28th, 2011 - First version of Engraanahk is debated as a concept; this version is simply access to magical fire control granted by Dimentus.
  • July ???, 2011 - Engel and Zephinerahk officially become a couple
  • Aug. ???, 2011 - Original RP with Agraanahk, at the time known as "True Zephinerahk," occurs
  • Sept. ???, 2011 - Engel receives the Omnimental blessing from Zephinerahk
  • Oct. ???, 2011 - [RETCON] Agraanahk encounter is revisited due to certain character retcons or inaccuracies. This time, Agraanahk corrupts Engel.
  • Dec. 4th, 2011 - Engraanahk's first RP occurs
  • Dec. 22nd, 2011 - Zephinerahk fixes Engel's wings
  • ???, 2011-2017 - Information coming soon.
  • Sept. 28th, 2012 - Engel's and Zephinerahk's private wedding occurs. Friends were invited and attended!
  • Oct. 19th, 2018 - Official name for the Kriegshunds is established
  • Nov. 5th, 2018 - Engel receives her full name: "Engel Yvonne Linden."
  • Nov. 11th, 2018 - Engel finally gets her ears pierced. They are three pierces along the earlobe.


  • Feb. 24th, 2019 - Engraanahk is given a new costume in-game. Design is revisited and perfected.
  • Feb. 28th, 2019 - Engel and Cyclos go on a F.I.N.A.L. infiltration mission with Squadron 5-C; Engel sees Zephinerahk for the first time
  • March 1st, 2019 - Engel formally meets Zephinerahk
  • March 4th, 2019 - Engel convinces Cyclos to let her keep the mouth stitches off
  • April 11th-17th, 2019 - A character was created to level up to 40 and earn the Jazzercise emote. Character slot was repurposed and made into Engraanahk, strictly as a non-RP, Fire-based farming PvE character.

Engel artwork2.png

Real-Life Comparisons


Gameplay Artwork/Screenshots