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The Amazing
Member of Sub Naribus
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"A Light Unto the World"
Player: @amontillado
Super Group
Sub Naribus
· Other Affiliations ·
PRIMUS - UNTIL - The Silver Guard
Real Name
Scott Granger
Scotty, Scooter, Equinox
Feb 17
Panama City Beach Florida
Millennium City
St. Thomas Catholic School's basement
Legal Status
No Criminal Record
Marital Status
Not Married
· Known Relatives ·
Daniel Granger(Father), Deborah Granger (Mother), Shannon Granger (Sister) Danielle Granger (Sister)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Flight, Illumination, Blinding Aura, Blinding Beam, Laser Beam, Spotlight, Solar Punch, Light Immunity, Enhanced Vision, Solar Blast, Hard Light.
· Equipment ·
Globe Com, Sol Saivo Suit.
· Other Abilities ·
Rock Climbing, Surfing, Motorcross.

"Cursed" by an ancient magic, Scott has been granted the powers of the sun.


Scott Granger aka Equinox.

Scott is five foot eight inches and a very fit and trim athletic looking 165 lbs. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and golden complexion. Scott doesn't spend a lot of time on his appearance, but he is clean and well groomed where it counts.

Given the choice, Scott prefers to dress in simple jeans and either t-shirts or polo shirts, but Millennium City is often too cool for him and he layers up with a sweater and / or a jacket. Most often though, Scott does not have a choice and is instead found in the St. Thomas school uniform of khaki pants, white shirt and blue blazer.

Early in his heroing career Scott donned black sweatpants and a black t-shirt with a star emblem on it as his crime fighting costume. Selena quickly designed a more proper costume (and one that she was not horrified by) and, working with Sol Saevio, was able to provide Scott with his current black, white, and golden Equinox costume. His Equinox costume makes Scott feel like a hero and he tends to stand taller, with shoulders square and an air of confidence about him. When in civilian clothes, Scott appears friendly and approachable.


Scott Granger is a friendly, but uncompromising sort. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, responsibility, and the value of being kind. He likes people, and it's his goal in life to be a kind, thoughtful and compassionate person. He wants people to like him and tries hard to be likable, but this does not outweigh his sense of proper behavior.

Scott finds his sense of self worth through others, judging himself by what he believes his friends and loved ones think of him. A result of this is a great deal of introspection and taking rejection very hard.

He has a need to be a part of something, to belong and believes heavily in the concept of team with tendencies to be overly concerned with the behavior and actions of teammates. Divisions within his closest friends between him or each other cause him stress to the point that he might be considered uptight and controlling.

Scott is a Christian, a member of the United Methodist Church and this has shaped his set of morals and uncompromising values. He believes in the inclusive love of Jesus, that all are sinners, and leading by example rather than condemnation is the right path. He has little tolerance for what he considers "mean" behavior.


Panama City Beach.

Scott Granger has spent all of his early years growing up in Panama City Beach Florida. His father, Daniel Edward Granger, is a retired Air Force pharmacist who continued his career as a civilian, finding a job as a pharmacists at the local AllMart, near to his final assignment. Scott's mother,Deborah Susan Brown Granger, is a Dental Hygienist. He grew up with two older sisters, Shannon Elizabeth, and Danielle Meghan. His childhood pet, a parrot named named Polly, died when he was 12.

Just before the beginning of Scott's 2013 summer break from school his then girlfriend, Rebecca, ended their relationship. This had a profound effect on the young man who had imagined his future with the girl and he quickly spiraled down into a depression. He withdrew from his normal activities and friends and spent most of his time alone. In an effort to help him before turning to medical solutions, they enrolled Scott in a summer "Student Ambassadors" program that was headed for Mexico.

Their first outing after orientation in Mexico City was to the nearby ruins of the pre-columbian Mesoamerican city, Teotihuacan. The children were given time to look around and explore for themselves, and Scott took the opportunity to wander off on his own to see what he could find.

It wasn't long before he found himself at the dead end terminus of an ancient alleyway. The impeding wall was less that 20 feet tall and had plenty of handholds. Wanting to see the view from up there he began to climb.

He was nearly to the top when he heard the voice telling him he shouldn't be up there and that he was going to fall. He looked down to see Selena Moyan as she started to climb up after him. Selena was a fellow Student Ambassador and easily the most striking student on the trip. Not only was she a fit and attractive girl his own age, but she was also an albino. Distracted, Scott promptly fell, tumbling into the girl and causing them both to plummet to the ground.

Neither is certain what happened. Scott recalls flailing about trying to find a handhold to arrest the fall and figures he must have pulled some lever or pushed some secret switch on the way down, but as they reached what should have been a bone jarring end to their tumble, then found themselves rolling in a tangle of limbs down a ramp under the earth. A grating rumble and the ensuing darkness told the pair they were now sealed in under the ancient city.

Once their eyes adjusted to the dim illumination provided by a small, angled shaft high on the wall, the two students were able to make out the chamber that they were in. It was large room, obviously manmade with stone walls covered by dust, dirt and a few growing things. Carvings of strange and unrecognizable symbols, along with beings that were perhaps gods or figures of authority were etched into the stone.

They searched for what seemed to them like hours for a way out. Shouts went unanswered, the ramp they'd come down was too steep and blocked anyhow, they were trapped. As afternoon turned to dusk the light from the shaft shifted and the two were able to discern two stone doors flush with the wall where there had been none before. Only when both were pressed simultaneously would they give way, to reveal another room behind them. beyond this room was a corridor and the way out.

The two teenagers followed the dark, slimy passages back to the surface and were soon located by the search parties. The police had been called in by this time and there was a mix of relief and anger at the day's events.

Scott and Selena were being led to an ambulance to be checked out when Scott collapsed to the ground, clutched his chest and then exploded in a flash of blinding light that started a small and short lived brush fire. When the smoke cleared, a groaning Scott lay curled up in tattered and smouldering clothes. The paramedics soon had him lifted onto a stretcher and getting oxygen.

As Scott was being attending to, Selena sat nearby being interviewed by a police officer. How long had she known him? Had he exhibited powers before? Where had they gone off to? It was then that the dizziness overcame her and she clutched the officer's arm. The world was swirling and.. things, dark shadowy shapes... were starting to appear.

Scott sat up in terror as he say Selena and the officer turn translucent. He jumped off of the stretcher and grabbed at Selena's hand, almost expecting to pass right through it, but the hand was solid and his grasp was strong. A soothing coolness washed over him in a wave and he saw Selena and the startled Police Officer solidify before his eyes.

That's when they called UNTIL.

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Equinox's superhuman abilities are based upon the mystical powers of the sun.

  • Flight Equinox can fly at high speeds with a good degree of Manuverability
  • Illumination Can generate light sufficient to illuminate an area around him.
  • Blinding Aura Can intensify his illumination to the point of blinding those with normal sight.
  • Blinding Beam Can focus a beam of light intense enough to blind
  • Laser Beam Can generate laser beams from his eyes and hands that create enough heat to damage and/or ignite
  • Spotlight Can generate and direct a beam or cone of illuminating light
  • Solar Punch can transfer heat and kinetic energy via physical contact
  • Light Immunity Does not sunburn, can look at bright light without pain or needing sunglasses
  • Enhanced vision can see in near darkness, can see into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges
  • Solar BLast can shoot heat and kinetic energy blasts from his hands
  • Hard Light: Can form a "hard light" shield that is capable of deflecting some incoming threats

Equinox's powers wax and wane depending on his exposure to sunlight. His presence in sunlight charges up the mystic power within him, and both time and his use of that power depletes it's potency. At some point during most nights, his power levels drop to near zero and he is unable to generate any metaphysical effects.

Curiously, this seems to be unrelated to his ability to control his power or to help Selena control hers. Even with little to no exposure to the sun, he is able to stabilize Selena's lunar power with physical contact. Likewise.. even when kept out of the sun, deprived of contact with Selena's will cause him to lose control and "explode". The degree of this burst is dependent on his power level at the time and even if there is no visible effect, Scott is still aware of his release and the discomforting weakness it leaves in it's wake.

St Thomas

Facilities & Equipment

St. Thomas Basement Lounge

Globe Com

Scott's friend (and Selena's roommate), is a member of the Super Group "Young Sentinels". She arranged through them to supply Equinox with a comm device linked to the GLOBE network. This gives Scott the ability to contact a wide variety of powerful people should he need to. He uses the device infrequently.

Equinox Suit


There are simply too many friends and allies made to list them all here. Below are a highlighted few.



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