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Player: @alexicare
Class Focus: Support
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms (Ordnance)
Personal Data
Real Name: Geneviève Fontaine
Known Aliases: Canadian Mind, CM, Gen
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 29
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde, dyed pink
Biographical Data
Nationality: French Canadian
Occupation: World-class superhero
Place of Birth: Montréal
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: François Fontaine (father), Rose Gravel (mother), Jean-François Fontaine (brother), Simon Leduc (husband, deceased)
Known Powers
Empathy and low-level clairsentience
Known Abilities
Degree in anthropology, minor in french literature, UNTIL combat training, with specialization in jujitsu, kickboxing, and semi-automatic weapons
Environmentally adaptive costumes, multiphased submachineguns


Esper is an optimist at heart. She loves to work as part of a team and relishes the excitement that her life as a superhero has brought her. She is dependable and caring, but she does have a certain tendency to take unwarranted risks. One of Esper's defining trait is her great intellectual curiosity. Gen can sometimes be an impressive font of knowledge on subjects as varied and unrelated as ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, computer hacking or even indie rock. Finally, Esper has great respect for the freedom of others and always lets others make their own decisions (a very good thing, considering her particular gifts), but she can be a bit motherly around those she considers "less experienced" in the hero line of work.

Despite this motherly streak, Esper is no leader. A number of past events have proven that she has some difficulties taking hard decisons when under the pressure of field operations (ironically, her empathic powers can do very little to help managing her own stress). For all her love of freedom, Esper tends to default to her superior's decisions when faced with confusing or stressful situations. As a result of this, she makes a much better team player, serving merely as en empathic relay for the real leadership when in the field.

However, when given time to think and relax, Esper can have a tendency to question authority (although in a constructive manner)and shows signs of a very acute comprehension of complex ethical and legal matters. Accordingly, she has a tendency to write extensive field reports and has often been sent as team delegate to testify in matters of the court. This ethical streak did cause her some minor troubles in the past, when relating with more military-minded individuals and organizations.

Abilities & Powers


Canadian Mind has immense empathic powers, as was demonstrated by her ability to resist Menton's direct mental assault without any formal training. Esper's most important power is essentially the ability to sense, project and alter emotions in those around her, and she has honed a certain number of mental feats centered around this ability.

She can empathically manipulate her foes and incapacitate them by literally suppressing their will to fight. Esper can also reinvingorate her allies with renewed determination and allow them to tap into physical and mental resources they didn't even know they had, effectively making them continue to fight even after having suffered injuries that would have otherwise knocked them out. As she mastered her empathic powers, Canadian Mind eventually learned to separate her empathic presence from her body and travel great distances to face foes miles away from her physical form. However, she is unaware of her own physical state when projecting so, if her physical shape were to be attacked while she is empathically projecting, Esper would be defenseless. With that said, Esper's greatest talent remains the empathic ability to help fellow teammates to focus and control their emotions in the midst of action and, ultimately, work as one mind.

Past events have demonstrated that Esper is prone to strong headaches when she depends heavily on her powers for extended periods of a time and she has been known to lose consciousness from overexertion.


Gen also has very minor clairsentient abilities. As such she his sometimes visited by precognitive dreams and has demonstrated the ability to sense the outcome of a battle before it even occured. Although Gen's natural martial arts skills would be very low when compared to many superheroes or oriental masters, it is the alliance of her clairsentient and empathic abilities, which allow her to predict her opponents’ moves a split-second before they are even launched, that makes her a surprisingly deadly adversary in close combat. When she is fully concentrated, it is almost impossible for attacks to connect with Gen.

Combat Training

Geneviève Fontaine was taught basic weapon handling and military martial arts while she worked with UNTIL, she eventually specialized in jujitsu, kickboxing and semi-automatic weapons. As a full-time superhero, she maintains an intensive training regimen and constantly works to develop and adapt her natural fighting skills.


Gen underwent a degree in anthropology with a minor in French literature at McGill University, and graduated with honours, she was also taught the rudiments of international laws back when she served with UNTIL.





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