Evergreen Wind

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Exiled Fae
Evergreen Wind
Field Medic
Evergreen Wind
Super Group
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Real Name
Gaoth Siorghlas (pron. GEE SHYORglaz)
Gale Pine
Summer Court Fae (Exiled)
A small triptych west of Renaissance Center, Millennium City, Michigan, USA
Legal Status
Resident Alien
Marital Status
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Physical Traits
Summer Fae
Apparent Age
Over 600
80 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Pointed ears, butterfly wings, a tufted tail
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Empathic healing
· Equipment ·
English longbow
· Other Abilities ·
Archery, Fae magic


Natural Form

Gaoth Siorghlas (lit. "Evergreen Wind") is a diminutive fae of the "pixie" type. She has an obvious plant and life affinity, as evidenced by the leaf-like growth that serves her as a dress, and the still-living flower in her hair. Her tufted tail and small stature are indicative of a relatively low standing in the Courts of Fae, and her coloration and affinity for life magic would seem to affiliate her with the Summer Court.

"Human" Form

"Gale Pine", a normal human

Gale Pine is a small woman with very pale skin and flame orange hair. Her slitted, cat-like eyes, green-tufted tail, and pointy ears would be a dead giveaway that she is not human, except that no one seems to question them.


The Summer Court

Prior to the 15th Century, Gaoth was a member, albeit of relatively low standing, of the Summer Court of the Fae. A minor noble who served her Queen as a healer and sometime warrior, she was resigned to a life of mediocrity within the Court. As is common with Fae, life was a routine, each day much like any other... until he arrived.

Tam Lin

Tam Lin was a human knight who caught Titania's eye. Not one to be denied, the Summer Queen set about bringing him into Her Court, wherein he caught the eye of nearly every Fae who saw him and heard his voice. While at first, he was satisfied with his lot as a pampered pet of the Queen, eventually his heart began to wander. First, to other members of the Court, and then beyond.


As Tam Lin began to stake claim to the woods around Carterhaugh in an effort to relieve the boredom of life among the Fae, Gaoth found herself experiencing a new emotion: heartbreak. Being relatively young among the Fae, and as passionate as all of her kind, she was among the first to notice Tam Lin's wandering fancy. Being naive by Fae standards, she sought to make him happy in the only way she could. She would unite her love with one of his own, desiring his happiness above all else.

She began to plant the seeds of revolt in his heart, spreading rumors about the fate of those who lingered overlong in the Fae Courts, while at the same time traveling incognito among mortals looking for someone who would catch Tam Lin's wandering fancy.

Had I But Ken'd

When Tam Lin and Janet made good their escape from the Summer Court, Queen Titania was as furious as only one of Her kind and power could be. She commanded all who had knowledge of Tam Lin's dalliances to come forward, and it wasn't long before Gaoth's role in the events was uncovered. Livid, she transformed the errant Fae into a living tree, then had her best craftsman carve that tree into Gaoth's likeness.

There, Gaoth would remain, imprisoned, aware of all that passed around her and unable to exert her influence beyond the small amount of magic naturally emanating from her form, for centuries.

The "Dancing Fae"

The "Dancing Fae" statue

O I forbid ye, maidens a'
Who wear gold in yer hair
To take the road tae Carterhaugh
For young Tam Lin is there.

These were the words inscribed on the base of the wooden statue known throughout occult circles as "The Dancing Fae". The true title and artist of the sculpture were unknown. It has been sighted multiple times since the late 15th Century, but not even the most die-hard scholars of Celtic Fae lore know how many of those sightings were legitimate, and how many might be forgeries.

Despite its whimsical name, the Dancing Fae was a transcendently realistic depiction of a female Fae holding up her hands in apparent terror. Among the mysteries surrounding the statue, it showed no signs of wear and tear, and appeared to be brand new. Several legends were told about the statue, to wit:

  • It is believed to possess healing powers, curing illness and wounds of its possessor and anyone in proximity to it for any length of time.
  • When in the light of the full moon, the shadow of the statue is said to move as though being lit by a flickering firelight. It is from this phenomenon that the statue derives its name.
  • It has been said that faint, muffled screams can be heard from whichever room the Fae is kept in. This, too, is said to happen on the night of the full moon, and only if the statue is unattended.
  • The Dancing Fae is believed to tie directly into the legend of Tam Lin.
    • Some say it is a depiction of the Queen of the Fae, upon learning Tam Lin intended to leave her.
    • Others say it is meant to be one of Tam Lin's many Fae lovers.
    • Still others say it is meant to represent Janet, from the same poem, and that the wings are simply artistic license.

The statue remained a highly sought-after artifact, until recently. Upon request from the Millennium City Museum of History and Art, a team of superheroes (Man at Arms, Steam Maid, and others) were sent to verify what was believed to be the authentic Dancing Fae statue. During their investigation, they were set upon by a woman claiming to represent the Golden Dawn Society, claiming ownership of the statue. The woman attacked the heroes, who quickly dispatched her.

Man at Arms released the fae from her imprisonment and offered to send her back to Faerie. Declining this offer, she set out to explore the New World and the 21st Century.