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Player: @thesilverserval
"I know..for someone who works with the Earth, I sure love the sky."
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged Tank
Power Level: 10
Research & Development: Science/Mutations
Biographical Data
Real Name: Antoine Lemmond
Known Aliases: Shocker, Shaker
Gender: Male
Species: Human Mutant (Homo Superior)
Ethnicity: French-Canadian
Place of Birth: Saint-Lambert, Quebec
Base of Operations: North America
Relatives: Robert Lemmond (Father), Maude Lemmond (Mother), Anna Lemmond (Sister).
Age: 23
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Complexion: Medium
Physical Build: Fit
Physical Features: Some defined facial features. A light French-Canadian accent.
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Secret Identity
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: Canadian
Occupation: Pilot, Adventurer
Education: High School Diploma, Pilot Licensing and qualifications
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Seismokinesis, Seismic Sensory, Terrakinesis, Environmental Manipulation, Earth Affinity, Unarmed Combat, Pilot, Bilingual
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Shock Absorption Gloves, Shock Absorption Boots, Shock Absorption Belt, CommunicationLink, Protective Wear
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Antoine Joseph Lemmond was born and raised in a suburb of Montreal, the youngest child and only son of Carole Lemmond, a homemaker, and Robert Lemmond, a long-time supervisor of the Montreal HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service). Unknown to the general public Antoine's father was born with a mutation, his latent ability first manifesting while he was a teenager himself. It was with this power in his possession that Robert excelled at his chosen career path, and though once moonlighting as a costumed hero himself in the past (Robert utilized the alias of 'Triage' while under the affiliation of the short-term Canadian group known as The Snowbirds) he quickly discarded the identity when his daughter was born, timed with a received HEMS promotion.

His concentration directed and focused strictly upon his own family and city, even during the 1992 Battle of Detroit and events leading to such a climax by the hand of Doctor Destroyer that shook the entire continent, if not the world. Antoine enjoyed a relatively stable and loving childhood, though inconspicuous to the rest of his family he would express a variety of similarities to his father. From an early age, his father's occupation fascinated him and prompted a healthy interest in helicopters. Compared to the day his own latent mutant ability first surfaced, the interest in his father's work deemed normal. It was a known possibility and not certainty that the mutant gene would pass down a generation as it occasionally did as a legacy.

Antoine's power manifested at the young age of thirteen, and so Robert ensured that his son was able to finish school and continue his life without his status being revealed to the public. With the assistance of some former members of the Snowbirds, Antoine was able to be educated on and secretly grasp a control of his terrakinetic utilization from an early point in his life to avoid ignorance and dangerous instabilities later, without the interference of his education. His strengths and weaknesses were pin-pointed and dealt with; special equipment being developed to prevent self-injury. Robert 'retired' from the HEMS once his son turned fifteen, and at this point enabled him to accompany the much praised helicopter pilot on commercial flights.

Antoine sought the opportunity to apply and officially qualify for his helicopter license (despite the fact that his father had already coached and taught him basic procedures and care for a few years prior) the first chance that presented itself, and even after successfully graduating from secondary school, remained adamant and focused in becoming a pilot. Touching into his early twenties Antoine was already proud to be a commercial flyer with many qualifications, though with his primary ambition conquered he would turn to his secondary focus - referring to his abilities. The young man wanted to help others and become a hero like his father; a great inspiration that he acquired when Robert first revealed this past life of his predating the birth of his sister and himself.

Having a suit and heroic identity tailored to his abilities Antoine (by then utilizing the codename Foreshock) would join the ranks of The Snowbirds and gain valuable experience and training within combat and rescue situations, taking on solo generic and established criminals, and at one point assisting Justiciar and StarForce during a large raid of a Northern Ontario VIPER base. Such action was seen during their last days before the small group was deemed officially disbanded in July of 2012. The young hero worked locally around Montreal as a solo presence until responding to a distress call across the border toward the end of that year.

Current Timeline


  • (January) Foreshock makes his temporary base of operations in Millenium City under the brief direction of PRIMUS, and is introduced to the Champions after assisting them along with other heroes in fending off another Qularr threat.


The Civilian

The first impression Antoine always carries with him is that of a generally mellow, grounded (pun intended) and easy-going man; from the way his calm, accented (and sometimes described as 'spaced out') voice flows in no hurry, to his subtle body language and facial expressions. His strength of character does not originate from being aggressive or overly ambitious, but stems from his silent stoicness and ability to persevere and work hard on his best of days. Conversely, those closest to him will know like anyone else, he isn't perfect - his bad side brings forth laziness, over-indulgence and a rather tyrannical loss of temper while eventually provoked to such a point.

The Hero

Foreshock somehow balances that smooth sailing attitude with just enough force to do what he knows has to be done. For the most part, he believes in his own abilities and strives to do his best to do what he believes is right. The earth-shaking mutant is known to work well with others, and while not directly seeking attention, he couldn't lie to himself and tell you he doesn't enjoy it once in a blue moon. Foreshock isn't violent by nature, and so seeks quick ways to deal with criminals with the least amount of force possible; he is very conscientious of the potential injuries he can cause others.


Known Super Powers

Foreshock is able to manipulate the earth and its various phenomena through many methods, all stemming from his earthbound mutation.

Seismokinesis and Seismic Sensory: By generating powerful vibrational forces through the earth or influencing tectonic activity, he is able to initiate localized tremors, earthquakes or seismic disturbances through weaker or more powerful magnitudes; concentrating the seismic vibration within a specific direction, or causing this force to radiate outward from his own point of origin. As a side-effect of his ability to project this vibrational force, Foreshock is naturally attuned to this force, and sensitive in perceiving surrounding seismic activity. This particular ability is his most developed and prominent as well as carrying the most potential instability; he is currently more skilled in the generation, direction and perception of these vibrational energy projections than his direct psionic control in moving or shifting rock matter.

Terrakinesis/Geokinesis: His control and influence of rock compositions (minerals/mineraloids, and to a more indirect, reaction-based or lesser influenced degree sand, metals, crystalline and magma) and the general landscape through various degrees of physical matter and geothermal manipulations. He is able to focus and directly move, shatter or alter the shapes and some densities of earth-matter; projecting rock at enemies, causing stone pillars to erupt, liquefying or disintegrating rock matter, accomplishing self-levitation by 'riding the earth' at high speeds, or even surround targets in stone prisons and more elaborate shapes and creations. Wide-scale manipulations and alterations of the general landscape can also be accomplished by Foreshock's hand, conjuring or influencing a variety of phenomena including but not limited to the creation of quicksand, sinkholes, fissures, landslides, rock avalanches, eruptions and cave formations.

Earth Affinity: Regular contact with the Earth itself, or a substantial portion of matter affords him with enhanced strength and durability that slightly surpasses human peak capacity taking into account optimal conditions. He has proven to be able to physically lift rock matter equivalent to one ton at any given time where circumstances deem appropriate.


Unarmed Combat: Foreshock acquires some hand-to-hand combat ability, being able to hold his own against the common enemy through street brawling and evasive action. He is still generally under skilled however against opponents whom thoroughly study one or many forms of martial arts.

Pilot: Growing up as the son of a pilot, he possesses knowledge in piloting and maintaining Helicopters - having been coached and guided by his father since the age of fourteen. Despite his youth, he has obtained private and commercial licenses and training, night rating and type ratings; familiar with many types of HC aircraft. Foreshock retains recurrent qualification.

Bilingual: Foreshock speaks, writes and generally communicates in English and French with equal fluency.


Shock Absorption: His gloves, boots and belt all possess the latest in shock absorption technology, necessary to prevent self injury while utilizing his powers for extended periods of time.

Costume: The material of his costume is equipped and laced with basic heat resistant and bulletproof material for general protection under his heroic identity. His belt is equipped with communications technology used for mid-range frequencies in police scanners and communication links.

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Foreshock is vulnerable as any other man when completely cut off from the influence of his powers and abilities.
  • As stated earlier, it is known that he is capable of potentially harming himself while using his powers for extended periods of time without wearing his associated equipment.


Group Affiliation



None Notable.


None Notable.


Those Hooks

  • Foreshock may or may not be recognized by Ontario and Quebec-dwellers as a former member of the Snowbirds.
  • As a fairly proud mutant, his identity (while publicly voyeured) may be recognizable or especially relate to other mutants or metahumans.
  • His older sister may have a little 'heroic' interest herself. It is unclear whether she also inherited the mutant gene or not.
  • Foreshock isn't the only active offspring of original and/or past members of The Snowbirds.


  • The person that would accurately enough portray Foreshock visually is Ethan Reynolds.
  • He was born on May 11th.
  • Foreshock is a revisited concept from an early and previous character made for CoX. While his powers, costume and namesake remain relatively the same, his background has been completely altered to better fit the setting.
  • It is fair to say that he is considered an 'openly gay' hero in terms of his lack of caring and effort into beating around the bush.
  • Aside from piloting, his other hobbies and talents include being a decent cook, staying in good shape, enjoying occasional nightlife during days he doesn't love being a homebody, and collecting movies.