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According to the in-game info, "Foxbat is the world's greatest supervillain. His crimes are comic masterpieces and are always successful. He lives life with legendary panache and a tastefully sexy style that movie stars and other supervillains can only envy." This information is followed by a note that Foxbat can hack into game files to edit his in-game biography... not that he would ever do such a thing, of course.

In combat, Foxbat relies on his Foxbatgadgets.

Personality wise, Foxbat appears has a preference for flair and the dramatic. He does not seem to be a bad person deep down and comes across as a man who just wants to live out his dreams for the sake of adventure and drama.


Freddy Foswell was born into a wealthy family. He studied at the best schools and collected every action figure made. However, the things he loved most were comic books. One day, his butler said that his mother does not want him to have any more comic books. Foswell's father's business was about to go bankrupt, resulting in the money used for his comics disappearing. Foswell began thinking about becoming a hero, but thought that heroes are boring, so he decided to become a villain.

Foswell, now Foxbat, raided the bank accounts that belonged to his family and mastered forty-seven different kinds of martial arts. He also learned gymnastics, sleight of hand, electronics, computers, chemistry, lockpicking, security systems, and much more. He then started designing his Foxbatgadgets to terrorize society.