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Barbara Nelson was living a happy and carefree life on the third floor of the Millennium City Mental Health Center. An orphan by the age of five, Barb's mental health slipped away like a raft down a waterfall after what could be presumed to be a severely turbulent early childhood. She was first admitted to MCMHC at the ripe age of 10 after somehow managing to train her pet gerbil to devoir an entire teacup poodle! Though she appeared to develop a tourrettes tick (in the form of an occasional squeak) during her first stint at the mental health clinic, the administrators felt she was safe enough to be let back into foster care. Three weeks later, she painted a portion of the neighbor's wooden fence with her foster mother's menstual fluid, via used maxi pads she found in the garbage. A couple less-discusting incidents followed shortly after and she was once again admitted to MCMHC.

Years passed and Barbara seemed to fit nicely into the society of drooling and gaping lunatics, earning her permanent residence on third floor only a month after her second admission to the center. Her life would suddenly find meaning at the age of 19, when Foxbat accidentally plunged through wall of the third floor while fleeing a more tactful superhero. Foxbat ranted about his genius as he tried to locate an exit other than the hole he just created, as is his usual schtick. Barb was forever affected by the gallantry of the man she thought to be the most clever, sexy, and amazing superhero Millennium had ever seen!

Thusly, Barbara escaped the mental health center via the hole in the wall and tried her best to follow in the steps of the mighty Foxbat! Owning no martial prowess or technical ability, Barbara did the next best thing: she managed to successfully break into Westside's Ordinance Store and steal what she considered to be an "acceptable arsenal" as well as other accessories a vigilante would need. After tailoring up a costume resembling the bumbling supervillain's and taking some spray paint to her newly-acquired weaponry, Foxybat was born!