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Player: @LilDruid
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 10
Research & Development: Arcana
Personal Data
Real Name:  ??
Known Aliases: Goo, Goop, Goos
Species: Goo girl
Ethnicity: Goo
Age:  ??
Height: Varying
Weight: Varying
Eye Color: Yellow-White
Hair Color: Purple goo shaped to hair
Biographical Data
Nationality:  ??
Occupation: None
Place of Birth:  ??
Base of Operations:  ??
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives:  ??
Known Powers
Assaults enemies with her darkness-powered goo, Extremely resilient.
Known Abilities
Can alter the size of her body.
Can create simple tools from her goo.
While posessing reasoning skills and intellegence, both are not as advanced as a human being.

Origins? Who needs em!

Seeing as how Gooey can not speak, and can only commune through poor body language, as well as odd, wet sounds, any attempt at discerning her origins has been met with no success. Lacking a true 'brain' as well, any telepathic communication is utterly pointless.

Quite simply, for the time being, there is no possible way to tell where this odd creature has come from. Nevertheless, the feminine goo seems to be on the side of justice, always working for the good of whatever may need her aid.

Everyone, That's Who

Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Deep in an underground cave, a lone magus works diligently around a large, blood-etched circle inscribed upon the ground. Near a dark corner, the room barely lit by only a few ceramonial candles, lays a prone body. The corpse, for what else could it be with a gash going from chest to back, barely seems to be in it's teens. Hours stretch on, the cloaked figure weaving her intricate spells.

Slowly, the tone begins to grow more profane as the hours carry on, the light slowly growing far more demonic; evil shadows(Or are they spirits, perhaps?) flickering across the jagged walls. The ritual is nearly complete before, without warning, a howl fills the caverns. Quickly, the mob uses the sound to locate the figure, having been hunting her for weeks. Their torches reveal far more bodies, all young and withered, drained of blood, no doubt used to draw the many intricate circles.

The axe rose, gleaming in the demonic auras surrounding the area, coming down with a sickening thump. But it is far too late. Time had stopped for just a second, though what seemed like an hour had passed, as the axe dropped down. The woman's eyes reflected the horrid vissage that rose from the circle, some sort of otherworldly demon from not even God knows what plane. It's slithy tendrils crashed about, the revolting slime composing the beast slathering across the walls. It was in these mere moments that the woman made the deal. The soul of her dead daugther was traded for the dozens she had sacraficed; the villagers' children.

Still, the axe cut the ritual short. While the creature, old god, demon, or something more, whatever it was, had indeed returned the young girl's soul to her body, as well as part of it's own essense to bring her life, the disruption banished it before it could finish. What the villagers now stared at shocked and horrified them. The creature, the girl, rather, stood. Though no girl was she any longer. Her body dripped, her every feature gone to make way for the slippery, thick slime that now composed her. Her eyes glowed blindingly, the only part of her body that allowed those to glimpse at what now powered her; some sort of feverishly defended, yellow nucleus that rested somewhere inside her.

Disoriented from the ritual, and not entirely as intellegent as before due to the botched ritual, the girl stared at the villagers, confused. A few shots were fired from crude flintlock pistols, the bullets sinking harmlessly in to her body. Even the flame from the torches seemed completely ineffective. Scared for their lives, despite the girl not taking even the slightest hostile motion to the villagers, the mob ran. Sealing the cave with a man-made landslide, the cave served as her prison for decades, surviving in a rather morbid fashion off of the many corpses.

After years, nobody is certain how many, the last bit of the corpses had been disolved and, no longer having any food, she simply left. The boulders proved pointless, simply slithering through the cracks, reforming herself in the new world, curious of the many sights and sounds, the towering mountains of steel and blinding torches surrounding odd pictures.

Setting off, the story of poor Gooey began.

Sticky, Gooey, Slimey Thing!

The girl, simply known now as Gooey, her real name lost to the ages, looks like a normal girl if one only gives her a quick glance. Save for the fact that her entire body is made of a dense, semi seethrough goo. The slime dosen't normally drip, or even leave any sort of trail as a slug would, and unless she wills it, stays entirely on her body. Her hands end in near fish like fingers. Her fingers taper off in to slimy points, goo draping between each one.

The goo constantly shifts, her form almost looking like a sort of psychedelic lava lamp. Her face flows freely, the goo sliding about slowly beneath her cheeks. Missing from her face, though, is a nose, though the rest of her features remain, albeit lacking most distinguishing features. Resting above her slender cheeks are two large glowing orbs, her eyes, a peircing yellowish-white. Through these orafices gleam her inner nucleus, that powering core shifting inside her as well, usually between her chest and head, though it could very well be anywhere at any given time.

She dosen't seem to have any problems swimming, as one may think. Rather than simply disolving in the water, she is so in control of her body that she can expell the water and keep every cell(If she even has cells any longer) together. This ability, matched with her "webbed" fingers and smooth, light form, actually make her quite an excellent swimmer.

Taste Her Goo of Justice!

Employing her deadly tendrils.
Gooey's very body is her weapon of choice. Lacking what most super heroes call the power of Regeneration does not stop her from naturally regenerating her goo at an alarming rate. Her goo is also imbued with netherworldly powers, causing the otherwise annoying splatters to become quite dangerous as she hurls them at her foes.

Her signature attack, though, is not throwing the goo, but rather using it as a whip. Extending her arm, she expells a large amount of her slime up her arm, creating long, dangerous tendrils. Barely even moving her arm, the tentacles whip and thrash those in front of her, destroying anything they can reach.

Thanks to her slushy body, damaging Gooey is quite difficult. Most often in her battles, one will see her toe to toe with the enemy, absorbing the blows diligantly, barely even flinching. Even after enough punishment, her nucleus simply shuts off for a short while, regenerating any damages before quickly charging back to the fight.

It Ain't Easy Bein' Goo

No longer requiring normal food, or even drink, Gooey survives off of something most would rather frown upon. Every few days, the girl requires the nutrients from another being. She can survive off of a dead body, though this dosen't give even close to the nutrients a live one does.

Don't be fooled, though, as she certainly dosen't kill her food sources, but merely takes what she needs. The feeding can take place in one of two ways, and if she takes an entire feeding off of one source, she simply leaves the being quite tired, and most of the time asleep. Should she only have a small "snack", the source only finds themself a bit tired.

The first way of feeding is simply enveloping her target and absorbing the nutrients through their skin. The feeding this way is almost always an entire one, and can take anywhere from half an hour, to half a day, depending on her level of hunger. Those "inside" gooey quickly relize the goo she's composed of is rather special, as they can breath completely normally through it, and the only drawbacks being that it is incredibly difficult to pull out of without her permission, and that their vision is rather blurry inside.

The second way of feeding invokes rather suggestive thoughts in many, in that she only allows a small part of her food source inside her. This way of feeding is almost always intended as a small snack, or if she is intending to feed off of many sources. This sort of feeding generally lasts no longer than an hour at most, and is far more casual than the previous one.

Another drawback the girl faces is that her form seems to have a much more limited ability for reasoning, and a slightly limited intellegence, compared to a normal human. She is entirely unable to speak, only able to communicate through crude body language and odd, wet sounds.

Motivational Blob

It leaves many to wonder just why this odd, sentient slime pursues the way of justice, hunting down villains and championing the ways of heroism. Of course, there is no way to exactly dertermine what drives this girl, as when asked she does not even attempt to explain why as she usually does to a question. Most assumes this is simply because it seems natural to her, and the question makes no sense to her.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Even if something were to happen to Gooey, whether it be partial melting through some means, dismemberment, lack of nutrients, or whatever, she can only be truely killed by few means, her form simply congealing together after a time otherwise.

The first is her nucleus; damaging the orb can result in grave injuries, though with enough willpower, she can survive it even being split, simply housing two of them, then. The orb would have to be severely damaged to end her "life". Making matters difficult is the fact that the orb constantly flows around inside her body, able to be in any part at any given time. To finish off her defense, the area around the orb is coated with an extremely thick and hard layer of jell. Few attacks are capable of damaging this layer, much less penetrating it.

The second means of truely destroying Gooey is by inciting the very creature that had given her life. This strategy is very rarely considered for the fact that nobody seems to even have the slightest clue as to what plane of existance the being even came from. What makes it even more difficult is the only people who seen it other than her mother, was the briefest of glimpses the villagers caught as the axe fell, and even then they never, as far as anyone knows, spoke of that night again.