Gorilla Gunslinger

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Gorilla Gunslinger
Player: @monkeyhead
"Monkeys have tails, you imbecile!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Munitions, Brawn
Power Level: 28
Research & Development: arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Hamilton Gargus
Known Aliases: Gorilla Aethernaut, Gorilla Detective, Gorilla Musketeer, Gorilla Templar (possibly others)
Gender: male
Species: Genus: Gorilla Gorilla
Ethnicity: presumably Asian
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: unknown
Age: 30
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 375
Eyes: blue
Hair: black and grey
Complexion: dark
Physical Build: muscular, apelike
Physical Features: Gorilloid
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: public
Years Active: 9
Citizenship: American Citizen (pending)
Occupation: gunfighter, time traveler
Education: unknown
Marital Status: single
Known Powers and Abilities
firearm proficiency
Equipment and Paraphernalia
a variety of historical firearms
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Gorilla Gunslinger Logo.jpg


Overdoing it on the streets of Millennium City.

Hamilton Gargus, AKA the Gorilla Gunslinger, is for all intents and purposes, an adult male silverback gorilla with exceptional human-level intelligence. He differs in point of fact from a manimal or another anthropomorphic in that he is an actual gorilla, and not some gross hybridization, or amalgamation of animal and human. Moreover, his physiological make-up is apparently supranatral in origin if one considers his enhanced speed and agility, his apparent longevity, and his genius level IQ.

Currently, Gargus is an acknowledged law enforcement consultant with ties to the Millennium City Police Department, the Champions, and U.N.T.I.L. He has applied to be a licensed private hero and the application is pending.

Recovered deguerrotype of Gargus in action (photo taken as promotional item for Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show)

Most of what we know about Gargus has come from his autobiographical work, "Confessions of an Evolutionary Mishap." This agent finds the entire book suspect, for it makes a number of contradictory claims about established history and in point of fact, cannot be verified in any way. Regardless, there are a number of facts that this agent uncovered in the course of his investigation (see below) that has caused me to recommend this file for active surveillance.

According to Gargus, he is a time traveler who has been instrumental in urging mankind forward in its creative and imaginative thinking, and in this capacity he has been seen in a number of time periods throughout our history. The last such time period was the Old West, where he became known by his current appellation.

He allegedly jumped forward in time from they year 1901 in a city called New Orleans (?), where he literally splashed down in Vibora Bay, six years ago. He was fished out by the harbor patrol, and sent to the Champions, specifically Dr. Silverback, for examination.

Gargus' book jacket photo.

Upon being given a clean bill of health by the Champions, pronounced sentient, and as such, under the protective aegis of the Edward Palomino Act of 1964, Gorilla Gunslinger went on the talk show circuit where he became a minor celebrity. During his three month stay in Los Angeles, Gargus was offered a book deal from Random House. "Confessions of an Evolutionary Throwback," published in 2008, sent Gargus back around the talk show circuit. The book sold exceptionally well, thanks to a bump from his appearances on Oprah and The Colbert Report. The paperback edition of the book, now remaindered, is still available on Amazon.com. Gargus applied for his private hero license shortly after his book tour ended, and it was around the time of his initial competency hearing that he became instrumental in fending off the Qulaar Invasion in Millennium City.

From that day forward, he has been celebrated (if not outright worshipped) by local law enforcement. He was hired as a consultant by the Millennium City PD in dealing with the West Side gang problem, and even lectured on 19th century criminal pursuit tactics, owing to his alleged working relationship with lawman Wyatt Earp. Again, none of these claims can be proven, but most people insist on trying to work with him.


Gargus is fond of drink, and spends most of his off-hours in Club Caprice, in Millennium City. Once in his cups, he becomes quite chatty about his life and times. Under the influence, he has let slip the following facts:

--He is part of a five man team of simians who operate as "Simian Singularities" (his phrasing).

--He works for I.C., which he claims is an office of the inner workings of the universe known as the Infinite Coincidences Department.

--Furthermore, he claims that the inner workings of the universe are completely run by primates.

--He also alleges that he is somehow being punished for failing in his previous assignment.

Clearly this is all blasphemous nonsense and should be treated as if the subject were sociopathic and/or psychotic when dealing with or apprehending.

(Director's Notes: Lighten up, Frank. This isn't the weirdest case you've worked on, nor will it be.)

The pop cultural irony of this picture is completely lost on Hamilton.

Gargus continues to enjoy free reign in Millennium City and elsewhere, and is mostly accepted by the super hero community, despite his obvious character flaws and inarguable animal stature. There are rumors of several alleged liasons between Gargus and female members of the super hero community. Should these rumors bear out, I would recommend an immediate arrest of both Gargus and whichever deviants were implicated in the investigation. These situations, if allowed to progress, would have grave long-reaching effects on contemporary society. See my attached report: "What is the Law? When the Animals Run the Farm, and How to Stop Them," indexed as PD-OSA0004671.

Bewilderingly, Gorilla Gunslinger appeals to a number of powerful women.

When not carousing, running amok, or flaunting his alleged superior intelligence, Gargus claims to be actively studying 20th century history in an effort to fill in the gaps on the years he says he missed out on.

Most recently, Gargus was contacted by Dr. Tyrell Donaldson as an authenticity consultant for the proposed relaunch of Snake Gulch Amusement Park. Gargus' honorarium is rumored to be in the six figure range.


If you are interested in using Gorilla Gunslinger or any other aspect of this character in your back stories (Did you read Hamilton's Book? Are you a time traveler? Or a historic figure from the Old West?) Please contact me in-game. I'm happy to work with you on this! --Monkeyhead


You can read about Gorilla Gunslinger in the story, "A Hop, Skip, and a Jump."