Grace Walker

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Grace Walker
Player: Vio-Lena
'Grace out of Uniform'
Biographical Data
Real Name: Grace May Walker
Known Aliases: Gracie
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Vibora Bay
Base of Operations: Vibora Bay
Relatives: Liam Walker(uncle)
Alessa Walker(Cousin)
William Walker (Father)
Age: 23
Height: 5.5
Weight: 154lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Complexion: Light Tan
Physical Build: Petite/Slim
Physical Features: Thick Silver Earrings
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Lawful Evil

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Identity: Unknown
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Yes
Occupation: Hunter
Education: None
Marital Status: Married
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Laser Stringed Curved Bow.
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The Family

Vibora Bay.

The Walker Family is a clan of pure bred humans created over the centuries through selective breeding. The Family originated in the early 1500's after a large winged demon attacked a small village in the area now known as Vibora Bay. The demon attacked the people of the land on a daily basis, devouring those who tried to stand and fight. He would often demand tribute of a sacrifice from the village just to leave it alone for a day. As time went on, the people began to just give in to the demands of the demon, like mindless slaves. However, a small group refused to allow themselves to be nothing more than toys to the beast. In an effort to remove the demon from their land, two families joined together creating a small militia. The group stood together against the demon, vanquishing it with flaming arrows and blessed water that they had been sneaking in to the village over time. They were unsure of what the demon was as it was the first they had come across such a thing. However, from that day, they believed any creature not from their world was to be killed on sight, feeling all of them are the same in attitude.


With the two families joined, the Original founders of the family had their wed to create the starting line of pure human breeding. As time went on, a child from each line was chosen to carry on said line. Those that past were buried in the family crypt to keep demons from desecrating their remains. Past relatives are brought back to life should a spouse of the head line dies and the survivor needs help raising the offspring. They use a type of voodoo like magic to complete this, brought over from another land. To keep the line pure, they will also blood test any potential male or female who has been interviewed to wed the son or daughter of the head of the line. Those who do not pass the test are not given a chance and are quickly pushed out. Even after a child is born, the child is to be tested as a secondary precaution. Those who are not chosen to carry on the line are able to date, wed, and bed with any creature they see fit as they are not bound by the rules.
Grace in Uniform.


After dealing with several Holy Wars since the Family's creation, they do not believe the church. The Family feels that Demon's have took on the role of trying to create lies and falsehoods of the words of the Lord. Due to this, the Family has their own way of marriage. As soon as a suitor is found, he/she must agree to take on the last name (Walker) of the family. As soon as they agree, they are considered to be wed at that instant. Should the person brought in to the Family abandon it at any time, they are to be killed on sight. So, watch what you say should a Walker as you to take their last name.


The family is known widely for using Bow and Arrow. Other projectiles have been added to their arsenal over the years such as Guns, Catapults, Cannons, and more. As time passed, the family adapted their weapons. Though, those raised from the dead still enjoying the weapons of their era.


Leftovers from a demon hunt are used to its full purity. Demon horns are grounded up and used as a neurotoxin for future hunts. The wings are used for hide for arrow quivers, bags, tarps, as well as clothing to help cover scents of the hunters from other demons. Bones are used for potions as the flesh is burned, feeling eating it would not kill, but taint the one who were to eat it. Before the burning, they would bless the wood as well as the remains of the demon slayed. Their tails have been used as bow strings and as home-made whips. Their claws often used as knives.

About Grace

Grace was born a single child to the Head of the Family. She is to carry on the family bloodline and thus has to wait for a husband to be chosen for her by her Father. While her mother was pregnant with Grace, the doctors found complications that would effect the birth. The mother, a direct bloodline of the family decided that carrying it on was more important than her own life. The birth of Grace caused her mother to pass to the next life, as if giving her own for the child. The Father, a man who was chosen to wed in to the family felt he was not able to raise Grace on his own. He asked the elders for assistance. In return, they raised a past relative, Liam Walker. Liam Walker by this time was much skin and bones, his face eaten away by time. However, being raised with a creature had no effect on Grace's upbringing. The Uncle was loving and fun to play pranks on as she would randomly steal his shin bones and bury them in the back yard, or give them to the dog.

As she grew, Liam was there to train her in the ways of the hunt, her Father, a non-hunter himself was there to just teach her how to create potions and read to her from books on how to identify demons.She was soon joined by her cousin Alessa in her learning and training. The Uncle took both children on for training in archery and combat tactics. As time went on, Liam and Grace grew close. It felt as if Liam was more of a Father to Grace then her own as he normally now hides away in the Mansion. Being unable to hunt, he just sits around, making decisions on what the family should do next. As for Alessa, she has become somewhat of a sister to Grace. Grace herself, looks up to Alessa, amazed with how frontal she can be with -EVERYTHING- she says, while Grace is unable to do such since she is looked upon as the last family line until being wed. Grace is also seen as the 'Black Sheep' of the family. She feels not all demons are bad after her Father told of a story when he was saved by one.

In Game Info
Name: Grace Walker
Age: 23
Status: Single
Occupation: Demon Hunter

Theme: [1]Angels - Within Temptation (If you need to imagine what Grace would sound like, it would be the Lead singer)

Grace was born in to a 10th Generation family of Demon Hunters. While Demons are their main target, Werewolves, Vampires, and the unusual monsters are also looked at.

Grace personally does believe there are both good and bad demons in the world. She has been known to trust very few to the point where she would gladly drink and joke with them. She however has a huge dislike for any female demon in the area. She feels they only wish to pleasure themselves by mating with anything and everything. She will often call them 'Succubitches'. She often is asked why she hunts and she will generally respond about keeping balance as well as the human species alive. She enjoys long range combat, excelling at the use of her bow. Close quarters combat is her one major weakness, the other, her easily angered attitude.She is very frontal, not afraid to speak her mind to other humans, beasts, or demons. She may offend some but she does not care. Be prepared to see your profanity filter light up. She however, at the same time, tries to watch what she says, for fear of embarrassing the family.

Other Info

The Demon that Started it all

What Oth'rois was said to look like.
The demon that started it all was a winged named "Oth'rois". He tormented the village for years before they would rise up and slay him. His pieces where the first to be used to help the hunters learn how to work with the carcass of a demon. His scales where made in to shields and armor for them to wear. His teeth in to knifes and arrow heads depending on their size. His wings became lining for a boat they would end up building to carry supplies between lands and his skeleton was saved. It currently hangs in the family mansion to other lands where the family tried to branch out.

The Story

Come all, young and old,
For the story I am to tell you is very old,
Listen carefully at the words I speak,
For the first demon's life was bleak.

His body, his size,
Not for man's eyes.
He ravaged,
He terrored,
The villagers bewildered!

Families uphold!
Justice be bold!
Rise up brethren, for the future unfolds!

With arrows in flight,
With true justice might,

With a crash,
With a roar,
Othr'ois fell to the floor.

We Demon Hunters saved the day!
Our pride will now never to fade away!