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The Academy

Origin and Creation

Grim's Academy for Aspiring Supervillains was conceived in 1963 by the relatively unknown supervillain known as Master Grim. Master Grim had a short stint terrorizing Detroit, his final defeat occurred at the hands of his arch-nemesis Atom Smasher, who stopped Grim from building a weapon that would allow him to focus his "Grim Gaze" on a scale that could level cities. Grim escaped from what could have been a catastrophic defeat however, and went into hiding. Convinced that had his minions, and henchmen been better trained, equipped and learned, he would have succeeded; Grim became enamored with the idea of opening a place of learning, where aspiring criminals and villains could learn their trade in relative peace, away from the prying eyes of heroes.

The volcanic and tropical, Isla Sombria

In 1965 Grim found the perfect location for his vision, a volcanic island in the Bahamas, well within the Bermuda Triangle. Upon discovering the uninhabited island, Grim declared it Isla Sombría and using his surviving resources, and criminal contacts, set about securing it's location from the rest of the world. By 1970 the island was equipped with state of the art technology, hiding it from all known means of detection, a vast net had been cast over the island, essentially erasing it's very existence. With the island well hidden, Grim put his resources towards finally building the school he had dreamed of for years.

Grim's Academy for Aspiring Supervillains opened in 1979, initially only taking in 30 students, young individuals who Grim had handpicked due to their potential. It wasn't long before Grim brought in more students, and other Supervillains began to see the school as a place for their own children. The student body grew exponentially over the next few years, as villains and organizations began to sponsor students to attend, paying for their enrollment with money or resources, all of which were used to improve the school, and the learning experiences of it's students. By 1999 the school catered to almost 300 students at any time, with a plethora of state of the art facilities that wound deep under the island, a wide array of monetary sponsors and a high grade point average.

Today, the school continues to be run by Headmaster Grim, and continues to grow and improve at an exponential rate, due to the mysterious and illusive Board of Directors that have been backing Grim since 2002. Grim's dream of a school for the villains of tommorrow, continues to live on.


  • Headmaster Grim's Office - Grim's office is located within the center of the active volcano that sits in the middle of Isla Sombria. A rather spartan looking office, a simple desk and a bookcase overlook the window pane that peers into the ever flowing magma of the volcano. From his office, Grim can over-watch much of the school's security, and manually control the functions of the entire academy. There are many rumours about students sent to Grim's office for breaking school rules, none of them are pleasant, and do a good job themselves in dissuading any serious rule breaking.
  • The Labs - Located in the Science Wards, The Labs is actually a series of half a dozen, large scale laboratories, with industrial resources. The Labs are most commonly used for various classes, but can also be used for extracurricular activities by students.
  • The Arcane Library - Located in the Mystic Wing of the school, The Arcane Library is at the disposal of the magically inclined students, and boasts a wide variety of ancient, mystic tomes. The towering bookshelves are patrolled by a somewhat mean spirited living suit of armor, who has been lovingly named Lancelot by the students.
  • The Workshop - The Workshop resides in the Science Wards, and features a wide array of manufacturing technology, used for classes ranging from Forge, to Woodwork.
  • The Battle Hall - The Battle Hall is part of the school's Commons, a vast hall that is sectioned off into various dojos, and arenas fit for different kinds of combat. Students have access to firing ranges, training dummies and an extensive collection of weapons. The Hall is used both in classes, and for recreational purposes, and students are encouraged to work out any issues they have with eachother in the arena, everyone needs to blow off steam!
  • Danger Room - The Danger Room is an extension of the Battle Hall, and is used to simulate hazardous situations. The room is controlled by a teacher, and features innumerable traps, hazards and automated enemies. Lava pits, swinging blades, giant deathbots? It has them all, and more! It's not uncommon that first year students try their hand at getting a high score, only to severely injure themselves. Because of this, the room is more commonly called the Dangerous Room by staff and students.


  • Villainous Communication - Oratory and communication is an important part of being a villain, being able to give a terrifying speech to your enemies, or a morale raising rally to your minions. Even being able to correctly offer an alliance to a fellow criminal, or offer your ultimatum to law enforcement! This class teaches it all.
  • Combat - Combat is essential for villains, and is a mandatory class for all students. They're taught self defense, as well as how to handle combat situations. Often bringing aspects of other classes together, including mockery, distraction and improvisation. Combat however has many supplementary classes that students are encouraged to take. Including -
    • Signature Moves - All villains need their own special moves!
    • Team Combos - If you're in a team, you better know how to combine your skills and abilities into one devastating attack!
    • Dirty Fighting - Many heroes might fight fairly, that doesn't mean we have to!
    • Dance - Dance class helps refine your combat techniques, as well as adding a certain flair.
  • Vehicular Maintenance & Upkeep - Everyone has their own signature vehicles once they become a full-on supervillain. This class teaches how to maintain, create and generally ensure the quality of those vehicles of death and destruction. Both henchmen and villains alike are welcome to learn all they can in this class.
  • Seduction - Aspiring femme fatales need to know all the tricks and secrets of luring in easily swayed heroes. The class is predominately offered to female students, although males may sign up as 'subjects' for the lessons. No one beyond first year males signs up, oddly enough, but every year they have more than enough willing subjects for the class to continue. It is taught, along with Sex Ed, by the school nurse Surgeonatrix.
  • Math - Math is an important class for Supervillains. Thinks nobody. No one is entirely sure why this class is even available, as no one has taken it in years. There's also something of a mystery regarding the illusive, and never seen Professor Zero who apparently teaches it.

Extracurricular Activities

Due to the unusual nature of classes, and the school as a whole, students at Grim's Academy often find themselves with a lot of downtime between lessons. During this time, they're able to take advantage of all of the school's facilities and resources as they see fit, to supplement their learning or to keep themselves entertained. Students are also permitted free travel to the outside world, using the school's various tele-transport devices, many students use this as a way to visit home regularly, whilst others simply use it as a way to relax and enjoy a small sense of normality in their secret identities. There are few rules in regards to these visits; "You may not give away the location of Grim's Academy under any circumstance." and "No fraternizing with heroes.".

It should be noted that students may also use these visits as a way of attaining extra-credit, and improving their grades. Whilst not encouraged, students visiting the outside world may choose to commit crimes of their own volition, which can be viewed by the school's monitoring systems, a successful crime, or even a battle with law enforcement may result in credit rewards. Should a student be arrested, Grim can, and in most cases will, arrange for one of his contacts, or many sponsors to bail the student out. These dangerous and risky ventures however are not encouraged, due to the threat they pose to students, and the secrecy of the school.

Students are strongly encouraged to take part in one of the schools many extracurricular activites, clubs or sports, in favour of practical villainy.




Headmaster Grim



  • Furnace - An upperclassmen at Grim's Academy, Furnace has the ability to generate large amounts of heat at will (though not actual fire). While normally not an impressive power by itself, he augments it with a suit of armor that is powered by this generated heat, thus the name. This gives him both incredible strength and durability, as well as his natural powers, making him quite the force to be reckoned with. Personalitywise, he's a bit of a quiet and reserved guy, rarely seen outside of his armor when he doesn't have to be and not really 'meshing' well with any of the cliques.
  • Deep Freeze - Furnace's twin brother, with a similar ability to generate large amounts frigid air at will. He wears a suit of armor that is powered off of this intense cold, granting him super strength and durability, along with his natural abilities, just like Furnace. The outgoing member of the villainous duo, Deep Freeze enjoys a good amount of popularity.
  • Skullf*ck - Missy Rose is the star Grimball player of Grim's Academy. Her powers allow her to loosen the bindings between molecules using extreme vibration - she can quite literally liquefy people with a punch. She wears gigantic, oversized armored gauntlets on both arms at almost all times. These are her trademark weapons, and she keeps them meticulously clean after every match. Missy is a senior year student, almost on her way to graduation - she already has had several offers from supervillains to come and work for them after her graduation. Most of the student body are wary around Ms. Rose, as she has a volatile temper and an incredibly dangerous mutant power.

Cliques and Teams

It has become something of a school tradition, that the cliques that often form, are formed around the smaller groups of students that make up a team. As such, these cliques tend to be a banding together of similarly themed students, whether that be in style or power. Because of this, it's not uncommon that students do gravitate to a clique that they can easily identify with.


The Asgardians are currently one of the more popular cliques at GAASV, the group features a wide variety of students that have styled themselves in a Nordic fashion, as well as those that have taken on a "heavy metal" style. Despite the vast majority of the students who identify with this clique not being associated with the Norse gods, or mythology in any way, it stands as a unifying theme. Female Asgardians are often called Valkyries by others, whilst males are known as Huscarls. The social group is headed, and was initially styled after three students:

  • The All-Daughter - Supposedly descended from the Norse god Odin Allfather, the girl known as the All-Daughter is the de facto leader of the Asgardians. Her main attributes involve immense strength, durability and endurance, as the divine blood running through her veins imbues her with supernatural power. Despite being at a school for villains, the All-Daughter is relatively, well, nice. She prefers honorable combat to bar brawls, and can always be trusted to hold to her word, when it is given.
  • Shield Maiden - Shield Maiden may not be descended from Gods, but her weapons more than make her a formidable opponent. Armed with a technological harness, belt and gloves styled after those of Thor, she gains incredible speed, flight and speed. Her Mjolnir Gauntlet capable of summoning lightning, and her shield arm more than able to withstand most blows, Shield Maiden strives to build a legend worthy of her armors namesake. She's a very sociable person, enjoying the company of others. Especially when it comes to parties, and loud music.
  • Troll -


The Creepers are the students of Grim's Academy that...visually don't fit in with the others. A ragtag group of monsters, mutants, ghosts, ghouls with particularly unusual, or scary appearances. Generally considered rejects or weirdos, the Creepers find solid friendship in eachothers company.

The Fear Squad

An all-female team, the Fearleaders are the Academy's version of a cheer team. They are rising stars amongst the masses of students that attend the academy, and many a young villain has lost his heart to these dangerously devilish gals. While they bicker and quarrel with each other, they are all close friends, and are a bit stuck up when dealing with other people.

  • Riot Girl - Patty Griffith is the team leader of the Fear Squad. She's a spunky sophomore student, who is never found without her punk inspired costume and giant arm flamethrower-slash-howitzer cannon. Riot Girl has no powers on her own, but she is immensely talented in siege warfare, even in situations where heavy artillery is not required. Actually, especially in those situations.
  • Kelly Varite - As a young child, Janet Mars was struck in the head by a chunk of kelvarite, nearly killing her before embedding itself into her brain. When she came out of her coma, she found she had the ability to expel brilliant green bolts of plasma from her hands. Clearly, this meant she was better than everyone else, and after almost landing herself in prison, she enrolled at Grim's Academy to learn how to better abuse the powers she had been given.
  • Lynx - While some might imagine Lynx should have fallen in with the Menagerie, she would be the first to tell you that unlike them, she's not a no-life loser stuck looking like a primordial throwback. Instead, she uses razor sharp claws woven into the gloves of her costume to enhance her deadly training in several martial arts. She is also an accomplished gymnast and loves to play piano.
  • Switchblade Sonata - Emily Walters was born with a unique gift - a Siren's voice. She could entrance anyone she wanted simply by singing, and thus, drove her family to bankruptcy and ruin by commanding her parents to get her anything she desired. Almost destitute and days away from being homeless, she robbed a bank for $45,000 and got herself into the Academy. Nowadays she mostly uses her voice to trick other students into embarrassing acts.
  • Kid Dragon - Sponsored by VIPER, Kid Dragon is an amalgamation of several important members of Dragon Branch. The Snakebites were INCREDIBLY surprised when, instead of choosing to hang out with them, the young 12 year old chose to chill with the Fearleaders. And so was born a burning, everlasting hatred between the Fear Squad and the Snakebites, who are total douches anyway.
  • Slay Belle - The second recruit to the official Fear Squad, Victoria Rimes is a mutant with superb and immaculate control of the winter season - ice and cold. Despite her chilly powers, Vicki is a personable girl, although she is incredibly tired of all of her boyfriends being terrified of her powers. She's not THAT cold, you guys. Man up.
  • Tsunderstorm - Newly recruited Isabelle McGuire is a terror to behold...when she's feeling right. She developed the unique power to control the weather with her emotions (not that she's in very good control of THOSE...)! And, being the massive nerd that she is, she took up the name Tsunderstorm. Boys everywhere are terrified that she'll develop a crush on them, with good reason.


Hex Girls

The Hex Girls are a small group of magically inclined girls. The Hex Girls are fairly popular, and particularly well known for their love of using magic to play tricks, or beguile others. It's not unusual to see them together brewing up some new potion, spell or trick. Best not to accept an odd looking drink from a Hex Girl!

  • Miranda Hex -


The MVPs are the 'jock' crowd of Grim's Academy, a clique of aspiring supervillains with a general sports theme. The members of the group often enjoy such leisurely activities as giving swirlies to the evil geniuses, throwing kickin' rad keggers, and heading to the gym to engage in some completely platonic, non-homoerotic group exercises. Members of the MVPs include:

  • Thomas "Two Pint" o'Toole - A brick with an ego at least twice as big as he is, Two Pint o'Toole is a boxing themed villain that barely measures in at ~4 feet. What he lacks in size, though, he makes up for in spirit, and is always looking for a good time (which, unfortunately enough for the other students, usually means a fight).
  • Homerun/Strikeout - This telekinetic duo has a baseball theme, with Strikeout serving up destructive fastballs and Homerun knocking them out of the park. While they aren't an incredibly threat when faced alone, when paired together, the two are easily capable of knocking over buildings with relative ease. Too bad they don't have an incredible track record in actual fights.
  • Brutaliser - The newest member of the MVPs, and the only girl so far, Brutaliser's name suggests something far different than what she actually is - a tennis player. Mostly outgoing and friendly towards others outside of combat, she's not afraid to smash her tricked-out balls into an enemies face if a fight starts.

The Menagerie

A clique composed of a wide variety of young villains based around animals: were-creatures, man-animal hybrids, and those with an animal theme.

  • Megalodon -
  • Gatorface - Once a boy that was bitten by a magically cursed alligator in the dead of the night, Alfred York found himself with the sorta-alright ability to shift into the form of a half-man, half-alligator! When going about his criminal career, he goes by the name Gatorface, and is gifted with increased strength and regeneration. Gatorface is a boisterous man full of bravado, always telling stories about incredible acts that someone else performed or that never happened in the first place, with him as the 'hero' of the story.
  • Kangaroo Smack - A kickboxing kangaroo with a silver belt and a black heart. Driven to villainy after he was robbed of his championship belt, Kangaroo Smack is a recent enroller at Grim's, and almost instantly fell in with the Menagerie. He has only one goal - to prove once and for all that he is the best.
  • Bluebird -
  • Screech -
  • The Real Cobra Lord -

The Millionaires

The Millionaires are sometimes considered a clique, however this is something of a joke, as there are technically only three people, all of them with the ability to duplicate themselves. Together they can potentially total at over one hundred duplicates, and during school hours can often be seen mingling in several social circles because of this.

  • Max Million -
  • Repli-Kate -
  • Adam Nauseum -


Snakebites is the catchall term for the students who have come to Grim's Academy under a VIPER sponsorship. They do tend to band together, encouraged by the assumed superiority of their fellow sponsors. Snakebites tend to be a little bit unpopular with the other students, and usually keep within their own circle. They're never afraid to start a fight though, or to cause tension between rival cliques. There's definitely a reason other students coined the term "Slimier than a snakebite."

The Terror Team

The Terror Team are considered to one of Grim's up and coming villain teams, mostly in part to the inclusion of "Abby" a powerful psionic. The team are all close friends, and whilst they have not come across much practical success in the field, their grades and training promise something greater. They tend to get on fairly well with other students, though do prefer to socialize with eachother rather than others.

  • Thunderstruck - Thunderstruck is a junior at Grim's Academy and is often seen with his close friends, Monster, Ricochet, Black Spot and "Abby". A fairly quiet person with a penchant for dark colors and trenchcoats, Thunderstruck has the ability to create large amounts of crimson electricity, and project it from his body in the form of bolts and beams.
  • Monster - Monster is a freshman at the school, and very much lives up to his name. Monster is covered in a thick green hide, spikes adorning his head and back, and thick muscles, all in all giving him a very intimidating appearance. Despite this, he's a very light hearted, and quite immature person, prone to excited outbursts and loud exclamations.
  • Ricochet - Ricochet is a normal human, and puts a lot of effort into keeping pace with his super powered classmates. He has an affinity for thrown weapons, and has worked hard to attain a high level of accuracy, and speed. He takes his classes seriously, and would very much like to get the best grades he can.
  • Black Spot - Black Spot has taken a very relaxed stance when it comes to her classes, and has luckily made it through her freshman year so far on natural talent alone. She has the ability to create and summon black voids that operate as weapons, and portals.
  • "Abby Normal" - One of the youngest students at Grim's, at 10 years old, Abby is also one of the more powerful. She is an exceptionally powerful telekinetic and psychic, something that may be worrying if it wasn't for her sunny disposition and love for her friends.