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Player: @Fared
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"I wonder wha' song I can come up wit'."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Helga Velinstrim
Known Aliases: Guitar, Helge
Gender: Female
Species: Enhanced Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Dallas, Texas
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Bowie-John Velinstrom (Father)
Age: 25
Height: 5'4 (Before the Protein Enhancement) 6'8 (After the Protein Enhancement)
Weight: 120 lbs (Before the Protein Enhancement) 478 lbs (After the Protein Enhancement)
Eyes: Greenish Blue
Hair: Dirty blond with a tint of blue streaks
Complexion: Slightly Tanned
Physical Build: A medium Bodybuilder with many Amazonian features
Physical Features: Her hair in a punkish hairstyle
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Public
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: US Citizen
Occupation: Novice Musician
Education: Graduated from high school
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Increased muscle mass, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Stamina, ability to jump 30 miles with her leg strength, Superhuman Durability
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A Hohner HAG250P 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar
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((Special thanks to GLoRToR! :D ))


Helga Velinstrim was born in 1989, as love-child to musician parents: a mother she never knew, and a father who raised her on his own. Helga's father Bowie was the guitarist of an unknown band in his youth, with a female vocalist that Bowie is reluctant to name, or even speak of. Bowie and the vocalist of the band fell in passionate love. The circumstances of the birth are unclear, but it is well known that Helga was left to her father to raise, and the fact that he was never married.

Helga grew up being bullied at school both because of her tomboyish nature and her weight. Eventually she got fed up with the way she was treated, and she paid a visit to the local library, searching for books on self-defense. Such visits became more frequent, and this is how she came across an aged book titled "The Boxing Manual", containing basic techniques, such as the defensive combos and even advanced techniques like the Dempsey Roll. She spent long afternoons and weekends training herself, with one single purpose on her mind: to show those kids at school what she is made of.

The day of the confrontation came and Helga challenged the bullying girl to a brawl at the school ring. As expected, she was laughed at and mocked for it, but her overconfident opponent accepted the challenge. The viewing area's seats were packed with both parents and students, everybody wanting to see the bully get what's coming for her while some wanted to see Helga pay for her insolence to challenge the toughest girl at school. Helga's classmates were of course siding with their own, while the former bullies would root for their leader. As the fight would commence, Helga's formal training became very apparent as she would immediately go on the offense, seemingly overwhelming her streetwise opponent in the first round. After a nearly successful bout, Helga was caught off-guard by the hoodlum's dirty tricks, faced with her own doubts and worries, and sent to the ground. Immediately on her feet and hearing all the people cheering her on, she would prepare for a successful second round and bag the match with a superior knockout.


The bully, angry that she has been beaten and humiliated by Helga, would make a vow that no matter what it takes, she would take her revenge. She even knew just how to go about it, thanks to next week's science fair. Helga, wandering around the isles and looking at all the experiments, was found by her former bullies who claimed to have changed and just wanted to be her friends. Their true goal was however to find out about her weaknesses and to set her up for their petty revenge. Just as Helga accepted their offer of friendship, it was Terrence Darrow's turn to introduce his revolutionary invention, the Protein Enhancer Capsule. The plan was ready: the bullies would not believe the capsule to be anything but another malfunctioning device and it was high time Helga got what they believed she would deserve.

The "former" bullies would dare Helga to enter the capsule for a closer look on the inside, and as she did, they revealed their true colors and closed the capsule door, trapping her. Terrence, unaware that Helga was trapped inside of the hermetically sealed chamber, turned on the capsule for some routine testing. Helga felt strange as she developed considerable bulk at a rapid pace and her height increased exponentially to a point where she could no longer remain conscious, fainting as the muscle growth would consume too much of her body's reserves and leaving her dehydrated.

Helga woke up in her hospital bed, feeling oddly confused and disoriented. She made her way to the bathroom to wash her face and refresh herself, when she saw a monster - in the mirror. Frightened, she would jab at the mirror, crushing the glass and leaving a large dent in the wall right behind it as well. Her fright would turn to utter surprise as she'd realized that her muscle mass - and with it her strength - has increased to superhuman levels.


Leaving the hospital she would wander aimlessly, trying to find a use for her newfound might. Just then, as if by fate, she had noticed a pair of bandits holding an innocent bystander at gun point. Her enormous leg muscles would bend and then stretch as she'd leap at the attackers and subdue them with powerful strikes before even a single bullet could have been fired. The man she'd saved turned out to be a very thankful guitar instructor.

Fascinated with the art of guitar play, Helga would ask for nothing else as her reward for saving the man, but to be taught to play! After many lessons, the anonymous teacher and the kind-hearted student would come close enough for Helga to ask why he never told her his name. Revealing his identity as Shamus Clay Rutgior, also known as a legendary costume hero and detective The Guitarist, Helga would gape in awe at a crime fighter who never had any superhuman powers to begin with. He would divulge that after he lost his sister to cancer in 1977, he had simply chosen to retire from crime fighting and live his life as an ordinary teacher and musician. Shamus, empowered by the girl's faith and trust in him, gave Helga his own guitar, coming up with the code name Guitarstring as a homage to the unbreakable strings of her instrument.

Helga always dreamed of living in the big city and she always wanted to make a difference, and so she left for Millennium City, to continue where The Guitarist had left off.

@Fared's original story edited by @GLoRToR


Helga stands at 6'8 feet tall, her tallness is often supported by her amazonian-like body, large muscles encompassed her frame and her stature at fullest. Helga has short dirty blond hair that streaked with a purple-ish color due to her tomboyish attitude, she, to the most people, represents that of a southern amazonian fighter who knows that the word "defeat" isn't in her vocabulary.



Helga, due to the protein capsule, has the ability to bench over 300 to 500 tons of harden steel, her amazonian body would harden to that of a unbreakable diamond and would shield herself from many bullets and deadly blows from enemies with superhuman strength. Helga also has a much moderate healing factor due to the energies from this capsule and would heal from much severe wounds plus, it would make Helga immune from diseases and sickness. Helga's legs propels her to jump in superhuman heights while not taking any damage from falling, her increased leg muscle allows her to cushion the fall in the process.


Helga, although very bulky, is skilled with her guitar that's been given by her mentor, Shamus, she could also sing while playing her said guitar at the same time and she could write songs although very quickly as a result. Helga, while not playing with her guitar, is also a boxer, her memorization with the boxing manual allowed her to learn some basic and advanced moves like her favorite Dempsey Roll and her corkscrew punch, her brawling skills although not perfect, is impressive, Helga can learn some moves from her enemies and can use it against them. Helga's detective skills are not shabby, while her guitar mentor is teaching her the guitar, at Shamus' spare time he teaches her how to gather clues to know who the perpetrator is and where he or she can be located.


Helga, due to her bulkiness isn't quite very stealthy when it comes some missions, she's quite recognizable due to her figure by the foes of hers. Helga has a weakness for nano technical poisoning, if she is infected by it, it would weaken her healing factor, her superhuman strength and her durability, even the worst of all, a very heavy doses of nano poisoning could at the very least kill her.


Helga is at best, friendly, humorous and well-meaning, she can be kind to those that repays her but her humor is very witty in her own right. Helga is a lover of music, regardless of her bulky figure, she could buy some classic rock from some stables while writing her own. Helga is on the other hand a tomboy, she can play some video games, play basketball like a normal guy should and has short hair to suit her tomboyish nature.