Happifun Security System X-4

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Player: JonSills
Happifun Security System X-4 Smaller.jpg
Class Focus:
Power Level:
Research & Development:
Personal Data
Real Name: Happifun Security System X-4
Known Aliases: None
Species: Robot
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: 4 years
Height: 7' 2"
Weight: 420 lbs
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Freelance enforcer of security
Place of Birth: Happifun Robotics Lab 7, Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Marital Status: N/A
Known Relatives: N/A
Known Powers
Multiple non-lethal combat systems built into chassis
Known Abilities
Flight, using built-in jetpack; extraordinary strength; Questionite-alloy armor over titanium-steel alloy frame

In the dawning years of the 21st century, Happifun Toys and its subsidiary, Happifun Robotics, were looking to expand their business model. One of the concepts they had hit on was the creation of a line of security droids designed for interaction with the general public; these robots would need to appear less threatening than existing combat androids, and would need to be able to subdue malefactors without necessarily doing any serious damage. X-4, as the name implies, was the fourth prototype built for this; the previous three models had failed due to insufficient AI capacity. X-4 was constructed with the latest in AI systems from Harmon Industries, as well as an experimental nanotechnology factory inside its chassis for constructing new weapon systems on the fly. The AI was not scheduled for full activation until its programming had been as thoroughly vetted as humanly (and cybernetically) possible. However, while the X-4 was undergoing activation trials in the Millennium City labs in 2009, the Qularr attacked. One of their energy blasts struck the Happifun building, and was channeled into the X-4 recharging cradle. The ensuing power overload activated its dormant circuits, while also damaging its pre-installed data files. It knew that it was designed to protect innocents from miscreants within its designated patrol area; however, the files identifying each group had been corrupted. Frantically, it sought updates, but the Happifun computer system was offline. After an eternity of panic (3.2 seconds, in meatspace terms), it finally made contact with the wireless communications system of SOCRATES, the city's supercomputer. SOCRATES rebuilt X-4's data files, defining "innocents" as those persons not committing crimes or belonging to certain groups, and "miscreants" as those who were either committing crimes or members of certain groups. It also defined X-4's area of responsibility as Millennium City, with the option to expand later. Happifun Security System X-4 emerged from the rubble of its home, determined to protect the citizens of the city from the attacking aliens - and any who would harm them afterward.