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Player: @Jhereg66
[[Image:Harbinger CO.png|300px|]]
The Harbinger of Death
Character Build
Class Focus: Tank
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Harbinger of Death (Spawn Name), Ultio Azramir (Adopted Name)
Known Aliases: Harbinger
Gender: Male
Species: Qliphothic Demon
Ethnicity: Unknown
Place of Birth: Azothad, Qliphothic Realm
Base of Operations: Unknown
Relatives: Countless Qliphothic Horrors
Age: Several hundred years.
Height: Fluctuates from 8 ft. upward.
Weight: Varying.
Eyes: Red
Hair: Unknown
Complexion: White
Physical Build: Bulky
Physical Features: Colossus-esque wings, Demonic horns/face as a result of Qliphothic heritage
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Chaotic Good

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Identity: Ultio Azramir
Years Active: 2009-Present
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Full time hero, former Azothad Harbinger of Death
Education: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Immense Strength, Near Invulnerability, Minor Regenerative Abilities, Scythe Proficiency, Flight, Light Speed Running, Fluctuating Size
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Reinforced Battle Armor, Azothadian Scythe
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Back when I made Harbinger, I was actually still a fairly younger kid, and his story, although similar to what it is now, was much more simplified, non-sensical and somewhat bland, much like his original costume. Truthfully, at first he was created because I had just obtained the Jack Fool mask and wanted to make a character using it, specifically using the face combination that the villain Rockjaw uses. I had also wanted to make a Tank character, as at the time the only character I had was Wolf, who was a Savage AT character, as well as my first main and first level 40 toon. Since I've made Harbinger I've enjoyed and mained him since, adapting his build to be much more effective, and his backstory to be a little more detailed and unique. Even now though, his story is a WIP, hopefully not to be finished in the foreseeable future. ;)




Ultio Azramir was not always who he is now. Originally, Ultio was an Azothadian Harbinger of Death, as such he was bred and thus named for. As a Harbinger of Death, his role was to function as an enforcer and hand of the Azothad Despot Maggonath's will. This consisted of various acts of murder in the name of the Despot, executing those who were determined to be within violation of Maggonath's will, or a threat to his position as Despot. Harbinger was also deployed with other Harbingers to act as almost a riot control guard, breaking up potential uprisings within Azothadian cities and capturing and kill "rebellion leaders" or those seen as collaborating or conspiring with such movements. Given the chaotic and authoritarian nature of the realm, many who, by more civilized standards and worlds, would be considered innocent, those who simply spoke their mind of the destructive realm, were killed. Eventually, this reached a boiling point within Harbinger, who could very clearly see the wrongs of the actions of the Despot, but could not risk disobeying, risking limitless torture and eventual death should he dare rebel. So, when a squadron of UNTIL scouts arrived within Azothad, Harbinger did the unthinkable and sought them out. Pleading, he offered his allegiance as well as his knowledge of Azothad and other Qliphothic realms in exchange for escape from Azothad. After much back and forth communication between the squadron leader and higher-up officials within UNTIL, it was determined the extraction would be a go, with extreme caution taken. After a several day campaign through Azothad, the UNTIL group as well as Harbinger managed to escape through a portal to UNTIL HQ, with Harbinger being greeted by armed UNTIL soldiers and several local heroes. After intense interrogation to try to find any ulterior motives, it was determined Harbinger would be given an opportunity to prove his worth within Earth by applying his powerful demonic abilities to a life of heroics. And thus, Harbinger took his title as his hero name, and became a protector of innocents rather than their executioner, and continues to build his powers and experience in hopes to one day return to Azothad and free it from the oppression of Maggonath.


-Harbinger's main abilities, strengths, and overall combat form comes from his proficiency with his Azothadian Scythe, Argus. With his scythe, he can slash through his foes, knock them off their feet, throw them through the air, as well as generating Qliphothic flames when smashing the hilt into the ground with enough force.
-Harbinger alone is naturally durable, but the addition of his battle armor brings him to a near invulnerable state, to the point where he can fairly comfortably tank damage from more powerful entities.
-Harbinger's naturally immensely physically powerful, as a result of his demonic origins, with his battle armor giving him a slight boost in strength as well.
-Harbinger possesses a few other minor abilities as well, such as Flight, Light Speed running, minor regenerative abilities, and the ability to project a powerful sound wave via shouting, that grows stronger as he fights.


-Harbinger's weapon of choice is his scythe, Argus, The Reaper's Own. Argus is infused with the souls of those whose life it has taken, which, during his career as an Azothadian Harbinger of Death, was many, and with his career as a hero, an unfortunate amount of others as well. Given that, Argus has become immensely powerful, with being able to even slash through beings of cosmic power, and glowing with the might of the souls contained within it during combat. Even if Argus doesn't take the target's life, it still absorbs some of the foe's essence and power, piercing their very soul. Argus is directly soulbound to Harbinger, making him the only one who can effectively use the true power of the weapon.
-Harbinger wears battle armor infused with materials harvested from the Qliphothic realms, as well as empowered by the modern sciences and magics of Earth. This battle armor brings Harbinger to a near invulnerable state, as well as giving him a slight boost to his physical strength as well.




-Power Set: Dual Blades
-Personality: Mastermind
-Anarchy is a demonic bounty hunter employed by Maggonath to hunt down, capture, then publicly kill Harbinger, aiming to claim the high bounty placed upon his head, and willing to stop at nothing to get the job done. On June 13, 2021, he was defeated within his volcanic lair after creating a death ray to lure Harbinger for a final confrontation. His defeat lead to his imprisonment at Stronghold Prison, though he has since gone missing, with camera footage last showing him communicating in his cell and leaving with Shadow Destroyer. His current status is unknown.


-Power Set: Might
-Personality: Savage
-After news of Anarchy's defeat and imprisonment reached Azothad, Maggonath decided it was time to deploy one of his own, and sent out a newly, recently developed Harbinger, the Harbinger of Destruction. Bred to be ruthless, emotionless, savage, and outright powerful killers, Maggonath assigned the Harbinger of Destruction to head out to Earth with one goal in mind, and not to return until it was done: bring the former Harbinger of Death to his knees, and kill him. Painfully.




-Power Set: The Dragon Spirit