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Player: @Heillder
Sassman by zenophrenic-d53llnj.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Tanking, Receiver.
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism, Avatars
Biographical Data
Real Name: Still untold.
Known Aliases: Heillder
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Ethnicity: Wrath
Place of Birth: Netherworld?
Base of Operations: Millenium City, Vibora Bay and the Moon.
Relatives: None
Age: 235
Height: 6'8
Weight: 230 lbs
Eyes: Shiny green
Hair: Long, black and red.
Complexion: Hard to see.
Physical Build: Athletic and a bit larger.
Physical Features: Quadruple horns on his head. Spikes on his shoulders, arms and legs. A long black demon tail. He almost always wear a black scarf. He has a sign on his chest. Black tendrils seem to show a bit around the sign.
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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: Depends.
Years Active: 1 year in Millenium City
Citizenship: Demon.
Occupation: Scientist and sorcerer working for no one. Takes contracts. Also pretty rich.
Education: Demon school?
Marital Status: Single and flirty.
Known Powers and Abilities
Being a demon, he can use dark magic and energy. He can warp by using shadows to go anywhere he's already visited. He can use the same shadows to communicate with people he knows. He can also drag people using those shadows. He also excels in earth and natural magic, which he uses to fly. For some reason, he has divine magic, which is weird for a demon.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Only weapons are his claws. As for armor, he only wears leather clothings. His spikes and horns could be used as weapons but, he's never done so so far, except on himself. His clothes are made of demonic energy and so, even when they're ripped to shreds, he can bring out a new set anytime. Being a scientist, he sometimes has weird tools with him. One of them is a spray gun that grow everyone who gets in contact with the spray.
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The Netherworld

Not much is known of the time Heillder was living in the Netherworld. He was living somewhere in the Anger layer, also known as Wrath. There, he was a lot more reclusive than he is in the human world. Mostly because of the violent ways of the demons living here, he would sneak out of where his place, moving through the shadows, to get around. His favorite place was a bar called 'The Angry Hippo'. They say the name was a play from the name of a toy in the human world. In there, he would stay in a corner and listen to the conversations or fights that took place. That way he learned a lot about the human world and, one day, of a way to get out of the Netherworld.

One day, he heard of a Crack outside of town which was a one-way ride to Earth. Something inside of his mind pushed him to look for that Crack and head to the human world. Using his 'wits', Heillder ran through a platoon which was guarding the Crack on the order of a Demon Lord.

Heillder's Notes: Ahhh... Wrath. That place was quite painful. Whenever I was found, most of the times, I was ripped to shred by angry demons. Other times, I was raped and thrown into a garbage bin. Good old times... I miss The Angry Hippo, I must confess. There were a lot of studly demons there and I was never noticed, even when I grabbed another demon's ass. As for the crack, the say I used my wits to get past the platoon but, actually, I only had to pull my pants down and run towards it while yelling biblical quotes. The look on their faces was priceless!

Life on Earth

For some reason, Heillder easily got used to living on Earth. Arriving in Canada, he quickly got his bearings and itched a ride on a jet, inside a military base, which lead him to Millenium City. Sadly, he was caught by soldiers and easily apprehanded. In there, he met a member of an organization called the 'Council of Shadows', a demon-only organization who wanted to collect as many human souls as possible. They also had a black market. They helped them out after he signed a contract that would make him a member of the organization. For a while, he worked for them, piling up bad deeds until a certain mission, commonly called the 'Emchaoth Family Nightmare'. After this event, Heillder left the organization and started working with what he liked to do: Science and magic.

Heillder's Notes: I'm just... quick to adapt, really. There's no other reason than that! None at all! I remember that time in the jail cell. The soldiers didn't know what to do, as every attempt to hurt me just turned me on. Was even worse when they saw I could regenerate. Poor guys. Although, That Jason guy was seriously hot. I should look for him again. I'm not proud of my work for the Council and, I won't say more than that. It was just... a dark time.

The Now and Then

Many events filled the life of Heillder during this time. He made many friends, contacts and gained a lot of money with his work. It seems that three major events happened, each changing Heillder's form and/or mentality. During the first phase, Heillder was uncaring, insane and 'annoying'. He was what everyone would call a 'normal demon'. Striking fear in the hearts of men and women or making them go crazy.

This part didn't last long as something happened which changed his mentality. He became more humane and actually started to do some heroic work. His experiments helped to build up a nice stash of money. This part lasted a long time before another event occurred. Not many infos were given about this part, except that Heillder 'wasn't himself and did things he would've loved to forget if it was possible'. He paid a lot of people as an apology for cases of disappearances. After the event, his form changed and his personality became less social. Money came even faster as he kept to himself a lot.

The last event that happened wasn't explained at all. The demon of pain disappeared for a while before coming back under another form and yet another mentality. This time, Heillder was even more socially acceptable than ever. Still considered 'Insane', he's been a bigger help to the people around him. Up to this day, his form and personality haven't changed and he seems to be staying like this.

Heillder's Notes?: The beginning of my real life on Earth, I could say. Who could've guessed it would be so full of pain? And, not only physical, I can assure you. Physical pain is good, after all. Memories shifted a lot. I remembered, I forgot, I ignored. When I look back at all of these events, I wonder if these days were the best, or the worst. Maybe, one day, I'll give this database more information. People always hit the mask when they see a demon and don't care about learning more but, none of them probably know the path these demonic beings need to take to live through what they are... Be it a choice, or not. I'll let you decide which mine is. Either way, I'm proud of who I am now and heaven, I'll just keep on being myself, as crazy as I am!


Heillder uses demonic powers, a few divine and earth magics. He also has a few animal skills. He rarely uses his fighting abilities, as he rather get hit in any kind of battles. When he does fight, though, he is quite sub-par, being of a low demon rank. Also a scientist, he's made a few tools he uses when he feels like it.

Demonic: Heillder's demonic powers aren't all powerful. He can channel shadow energy which he shoots as shadow balls. He can also channel it into a shield which he holds on his arm. The shield absorbs part of the hits he receives and heals him, as well as hurting the attacker slightly. When surrounded, he can hover shadow balls around him and send them all around in a burst of energy. He can release his demonic aura to increase his power. The aura is of a dark purple color and projects a slight feeling of pain and dread around him, mostly to those who are attuned with auras. He also has the power to move through shadows, which he uses quite frequently to go around the places he's used to seeing. He can reach anyone he knows in this manner, but cannot warp to an area he's never been to. He can bring other people into these 'Shadow Tunnels' without any trouble. They can easily make someone sick if they're not used to this mean of transportation. In battle, he can use this power to warp short distances. His last demonic power is a sort of regeneration. When cut, stabbed, mauled, bashed, ripped or any other violent actions, his limbs heal. Any lost member or organ can be healed with this power and when his body is mostly destroyed, his parts melt into shadows to reform.

Heillder's Notes: Demonic Powers 101! Demons channel their powers from the Netherworld as much as they want, unless the link to their homeworld is broken. When that happens, they can't use them anymore! Happened to me once, never want it to happen again. Brrr...!

Divine: A one of a kind, Heillder seem to be able to use divine magic. So far, they haven't hindered him in any ways. The one he uses the most is an healing wave he channels using his own energy. After some training, he is now able to channel itusing his demonic energy, even if it's not demonic at it's base. This magic can also be used to bring back people who are unconscious.

Heillder's Notes: Divine magic 101! Only a few select demons can use healing abilities, as it's almost a 'sin' to be able to wield it. Not that I care, of course!

Earth: So far, the only earth power Heillder used is the ability to lift a rock from the ground and use it to fly.

Heillder's Notes: Earth Magic 101! Well, I haven't used much of my earth magic yet but, it'll come in due time. I have a feeling it will!

Animal: Heillder can use a few animal abilities. His nose is much like any canine: He can easily pick up people and object's scents who are far away. He also has superior hearing, which is shown by his long pointy ears. He also has long sharp claws, as well as fangs. Compared to most demons, they're more animal-esque which are longer and thinner, his are wider and more meant for close-combat. He can also summon two wolves to his side, named Geri and Frekki, which help him in battle. They're rarely seen outside battles, and probably live in the Netherworld.

Heillder's Notes: Animal skills 101! Always be good to your pets, or comrades. They will remember if you're mean to them, even more if you're good. Also, claws are so useful. When you pick your nose, they pierce through the nostrils and out the other skin! I'm probably one of the only person with a skull who was able to poke his own brain, teehee!

Science: Heillder is a scientist, and made a few tools to 'help' him in his everyday life. The on he uses the most is his spraygun. Using a certain element found on a 'Weird' friend of his, he can make anyone who's sprayed by the gun to instantly grow in size and mass for a limited time. He also made X-Ray glasses for personal use. He also knows four different languages: French, English, Draconic and Demonic.

Heillder's Notes: Swos zhlourif ez oqyzaty! Odswairw, E wojyf's baifk o hlopsepod izy bal es uys... Sorry. That came out in demonic. Erm. Right. MOVING ON!


- Heillder's body can recover from any dismemberment, from light to extreme. Even if his body is considered to be completely gone, he'll reappear, coming out of the shadows. The time it takes for him to recover seems to vary from mere seconds to hours. The gravity of the dismemberment doesn't affect the time, for some reason.

- He wears a metal plate instead of his left eye, which he lost after a certain deal. Even his powers cannot heal back his eye. Nothing if it's because of something else, or simply because he doesn't want to. The left brow isn't actually here either.

- His visage looks more feral than human. His hair is long and wild, like his chin. His torso is actually quite hairy. It covers his chest and goes down the middle of his torso around his navel, and down into his pants. It's the same color as his hair, which is black and red.

- His clothes are made of demonic energy. He can remake them, or make them disappear at will. Before, his clothes were covered with a thick layer of slime, which came out of Heillder's mouth. Lately, though, he has decided to stop covering himself for reasons he alone knows.

- His eyes are a bright and green. Demons are known to have shiny piercing eyes like this.

- His build is mainly that of an athlete but, he seems to be more muscular than the average. He doesn't train much, though, so his build is probably due to his demon's strength, which let him lift even large trucks. His height changed a few times so, it might just be linked to his demonic abilities.

- He has a Canadian accent and seems to have many Canadian habits. His voice is gruff but, when he sings, it actually sounds pretty good, unless he forces himself to sing badly.

Heillder's Notes: I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt~ So se- GAH! Let me finish! I WANT TO FINI- *Line cut*


- Heillder's mind is odd. Their seems to be a sort of council living inside of it which works out all brain activities; from his memory to his reactions. The council can be called and can also be used to talk directly to Heillder.

- Because of the council, his mind is very hard to read and would require the reader to go through the council's papers.

- Heillder's insanity is now at a lower level. He still does odd and crazy things but, they're 'controlled'.

- He mostly seems to live by the day. He doesn't mind what happens to himself and has as much fun as he wants. Still, whenever someone he cares for is in a bit of trouble, he starts being reckless and goes out of his way to help them. It takes him a while to respect people.

- He hates people who give up or depress. He dislikes kids, mostly those who think they're big shots and, even more when they can back it up. He has an extreme reaction to certain interactions: Can become violent when he hear about trouble in families. Will be oddly kind to people who were once caged or bound and will become extremely violent if he IS caged or bound.

- He loves chicken and bacon. He loves all men and once said that they are all his property. He seems to react more to males who are large but, will flirt with any men, even synthetics. He loves jazz and blues. His favorite color seems to be green but, only his underwear show this.

Heillder's Notes: Pffff. People say I'm crazy? The nerve! They probably never saw someone in Caprice's lounge eat all the potted plants! ....Wait. That was me, wasn't it?


Main Theme: Tom Lehrer - The Masochism Tango

Flirt Mode: Bayonetta - Let's Dance Boys

The Past: White Knight Chronicles 2 - The Battlefield Flower (English version)

Insanity: Sonic and the Black Knight - With Me

Serious: Tekken 6 - Fallen Colony

Funny: Dynasty Warriors 7 - Kid Around Ska

Vs Leoone Ull: Tales of Vesperia - Fury Sparks Arrangement

With Divael: Aqua - Barbie Girl

With Slick: Tales of Symphonia - Relic Mode!

With Jonathan Emchaoth: Touhou - Sakura Mission 34

With Shockdrop: Prairie Cats - Kiss the Bottle

With Drifter: Disgaea 4 - Puppet Smile

Unknown time: Tales of Vesperia - In Pathetic Silence


Here, anyone can write comments about Heillder's page if they want to! For players, feel free to say anything you want. For characters, please detail what the character thinks of Heillder.

"Heillder's like... Well, he's like a cuddly demonic teddy bear with spikes, that happens to like pain. He's also... Odd. I never know how he'll react, unless stating "bacon". But, really. Even if a flirt with any existing male population, he's a nice guy, and I consider him as a good friend of mine... And I always wanted a homosexual friend, soooo yeah. That's Heill for you, flirting pain demon with a penchant for science." - Natasha Roy (Divael)

"Heill brings out my inner Japanese. Don't know what I mean? Imagine one of those crazy Japanese game shows. You know, the ones with the wacky games and stuff? Whenever I'm around him, I feel like that kind of Japanese. Like I can just let loose and be as silly as possible around him. I suppose he has a way of lightening up a mood, yeah. Which is odd, considering most demons I've met have been trying to kidnap me." - Trouble Maker

" Geezerbrain? Thot's ah difficult une. Sumtimes, ah dun't miond him. Other times, Ah'd loike ta shove ah shotgun vith flamin flechette pellets up his demonic arse, shoot the trigger, and throw tha fuggin remains to some hungry sharks. An then tape da carnage. Prublem is, ah'm fairly sure he'd enjoy thot. Ah'll get 'im someday, though." Gary Lelik

"Hmm? Oh. Crasssszy pain man. He'sss funny. Kinda like him- or at leassst, he doesssn't pisssss me off like everone elsssse doessss." - Seren