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Hell Knight
Player: @rogenocide
Hell Knight Drak for primus.png
"Good, I like a challenge."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Drak; Full/true name unknown
Known Aliases: Hell Knight
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Ethnicity: unknown
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Biological Parents - unknown
Age: Unknown; Appears 20
Height: 7'6"
Weight: 371lbs.
Eyes: Glowing red iris with black slit-pupil and black sclera
Hair: Jet Black
Complexion: Ash blue-grey
Physical Build: Muscular and fit
Physical Features: Black bones (nails, horns, spikes, etc.)
Two prominent horns on forehead
Shoulder Spikes
Fleshy spade-tipped tail with a mouth
Furry bestial legs with hooves for feet
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: ~5
Citizenship: Non-citizen; Limited rights

Extradimensional being

Occupation: Mercenary, regular combatant in the Arena
Education: Confidential
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Powers and Abilities


  • Darkvision
  • Enhanced Smell (blood and fear)
  • Hellfire Breath
  • Soul Absorption
  • Supernatural Durability
  • Supernatural Endurance
  • Sword Summoning (always the same giant sword)
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Youth Preservation (w/ blood)


  • Berserk Mode
  • Levitation/Flight
  • Regeneration/Self-Resurrection
  • Supernatural Strength
Equipment and Paraphernalia

  • Hyper-durable fabric with some flashy armor for his limbs
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Background, Appearance, and Personality


Drak's childhood is a mystery, but his adult life is well established as a bloodthirsty mercenary. Most of his work has been overseas. It was only the past couple of years that he's been working with supers. When he was confonted with his violent past and offered the chance for redemption, he took the noble route and made efforts to change his ways. After cruising through training programs designed to prepare him for hero life, he now works alongside some of the brightest the city has to offer.


Standing at 7 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in around 370 pounds of pure muscle, Drak casts an impressive shadow. His hair, horns, and nails all share the same quality; being an ashy-black color. Unlike the rest of his bones, though, his teeth are a dull-gray. His eyes comprise of a glowing red iris, a slit for a pupil, and sclera that are completely black and veinless. The dull blueish-gray of his skin is covered head to hoove in a ridiculous quantity of scars and has developed a respectable amount of black hair. He also has slightly pointed ears that poke out the sides of his medium length hair. The ends of his fingers are clawed with sharp black nails. Behind him sprouts a fleshy spade-tipped tail that opens into a monstrous mouth and is even equipped with a tongue. His legs are furred and bestial, ending in hooves.


Drak isn't all too reserved when it comes to giving his opinion. His sense of humor can even be a bit crude at times. For a creature that hangs around hero-centric areas so much, he doesn't seem too interested in saving anyone. Yet, when people, or even the world, is threatened Drak isn't one to run and hide.



He often sounds confident, calm, and slightly sinister; distinctly otherworldly and occasionaly intimate.


Smells of ash, blood, and demon; his body constantly emitting musky pheromones.


Extreme body temperature eminating in the gut/torso, radiating outward towards his limbs at more human-like levels.


Vulnerable to reading and manipulation, but even simply reading his mind makes him aware of your face(or mask) and surroundings.


Unseen to normal eyes, he's surrounded by a dark and hungering pressence.

Powers, Attributes, Immunities, Resistances, Weaknesses, and Skills


Berserk Mode(gained) - When challenged to his limits or struggling to protect those he cares for, Drak can enter a rage state. His mind becomes focused on only destruction and his body ignores all its limits. His regeneration works as hard as it can, but he doesn't become any more durable than he already is. In Berserk mode, his mind is less vulnerable to manipulation and terrifying to read.

Flight(gained) - Drak has acquired the ability to levitate in mid-air and fly at high speed; He's been witnessed flying at approximately 200mph.

Hellfire Breath(natural) - Emanating from his stomach, Drak is able to release a gout of green fire. The fire itself only persist for as long as there is still acid, for Hellfire is actually a demonic acid that burns so hot it emits its own flame. As a breath attack, it turns into a gaseous flame, usually only damaging organics. He can, however, launch it as a spray, doing more damage to armored targets and the surrounding area. This substance is even known to harm spectral beings.

Regeneration/Self-Resurrection(gained) - Drak now heals very rapidly, even on the spot. Limbs and severe wounds take hours to heal(limbs can be reattached if done quick enough) while minor/flesh wounds take mere seconds to recover from. While absorbing a soul, limbs can regrow in minutes. Broken bones reset themselves automatically and foreign objects are expelled from his body. After acquiring this ability, Drak's body has been permanently stuck healing into the state he was when he acquired it; he can no longer receive scars or permanent wounds, but the ones he already had will never go away. His healing even prevents diseases and mutations from permanently harming him, his body quickly undoing the damage and destroying the source. Every so often Drak will rip out one of his two hearts, this reduces his ability to heal but allows him to resurrect from any of the hearts he's left lying around; as long as it's in contact with blood.

Soul Absorption(natural) - With concentration and force, Drak is able to feed on another being's life force, temporarily enhancing his regenerative abilities. Doing this for an extended duration can kill the target. Killing a demon with this ability steals a unique power, if they have one, binding it to himself.

Sword Summoning(natural) - Drak has the unique ability to summon a massive dual-bladed sword for use in combat. Seemingly from the same realm he is, the gap in the middle of the blade fills with gaseous hellfire which builds up the more it's swung. The weapon itself seems to respond to Drak's gestures, returning to his hand or flying one-directionally towards an enemy. When he's enraged the gap in the blade emits an even more intense flame, even when it's not moving. Any chips and cracks in the blade are repaired when any part of the weapon comes in contact with blood.

Youth Preservation(natural) - Before he gained the ability to regenerate, Drak relied on blood to heal and still does to some extent. Most wounds heal quickly when he drinks blood and his rapid aging was countered by this, restoring him to peak youth. Now his regeneration greatly slows the effects of aging, leaving this feature mostly obsolete.


Darkvision(natural) - Drak is able to see normally in dark conditions. He's even able to see in pitch black, but doing so requires some concentration and causes his eyes to glow much brighter. This natural ability to see in the dark leaves him vulnerable to temporary disorientation when quickly exposed to bright light.

Enhanced Smell(natural) - His sense of smell is particularly keen, notably able to detect blood and fear from great distances and the direction from which they originate.

Supernatural Endurance(natural) - While he does sleep, there is absolutely no reason why he could not be active near-indefinitely. A week of constant activity is certainly within his capabilities.

Supernatural Durability(natural) - Drak is sturdy enough that his bones are incredibly difficult to break on top of having skin that is impervious to bullets and blades; unless the weapon is either blessed or enhanced through supernatural means.

Supernatural Strength(gained) - He is strong enough to lift and hurl an empty space shuttle, weighing in at 170,000 pounds/83 tons.


Disease(gained) - (from regeneration)

Mutation(gained) - (from regeneration)

Radiation(natural) - Drak's biology cannot be altered or adversely affected by radiation.

Thermal Damage(natural) - Drak is immune to being frozen or burned by natural sources of thermal energies. He is unbothered by cold environments, although he prefers hot ones. Only supernaturally enhanced thermal attacks can harm him this way, and even then only divine beings are known to be capable of this.


Pressure - Drak is resistant to damage from being crushed, smashed, or flattened, and especially sudden pressure changes; thus preventing severe damage to his internal organs. His bones and muscles are the keys to this high pressure resistance, his bones being unnaturally difficult to break and his muscles fibers being incredibly densly packed.


Holy/Divine - Drak is vulnerable to items that have been blessed or enchanted/enhanced with holy/divine power. Such attacks temporarily reduce his regeneration and weapons can pierce/cut through him as if he were human.

Mind - He is also vulnerable to having his mind read or manipulated. This is much harder to accomplish when he's enraged.


Driving - His handling is decent, his parking is fine, but it's better if someone else drives; he likes to ignore the street lights.

Hand to hand combat - Drak is very experienced using his whole body as a weapon, including his tail.

Engineering - While not an expert, he is fully capable of repairing small vehicles; such as hovercar engines. He's specifically trained in working with motorcycles.

Piloting - While traversing the Galaxy, Drak managed to learn how to fly small scacecraft. With this knowledge, he might even be able to pilot some aircraft and hellicopters.

Singing - Although rarely heard, he makes for a decent singer.

Gear and Equipment


Drak has taken to adorning himself in highly durable fabric and bits of armor. In combat he quickly summons a massive dual-bladed sword, rather than having a holster for the weapon, he simply returns it to whatever dimension he drew it from.






Sorceress Supreme

Ex-boss, nemesis. Sorceress Supereme was the head of Hellspawn Syndicate until Drak destroyed the organization. Now she gathers together what minions she can and wrecks havoc on the world Drak is so fond of.

General Perception

Hell Knight/Drak deals with his problems head on. He despises stealth and subterfuge, instead leaving it to those naturally suited to it.

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